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Teaser Trailer for Season 5 of The Wire

Cannot fuckin’ wait!

Cannot fuckin’ wait!

I’m in the same boat. Last season was great, and with McNulty drinking again

this season’s gotta be top notch. I hope HBO puts season four on Demand

sometime soon.

Glad to see that someone else on this forum appreciates the show. Most everybody else just tends to dismiss it.

Yeah, totally underrated show. Kinda sad that this is the last season, but

at the same time it’s kinda run it’s course and a five season run isn’t bad

at all. Especially for a good show on HBO.

I actually just checked the cable and HBO actually has the first six episodes

of the series on demand right now. I wonder if they’ll play them all leading

up to the season opener.


Totally agree. The small bits of info that have surfaced about the final season are mostly promising. However, the new version ‘Way Down in the Hole’ that Steve Earle has done sounds just a tad too polished and overworked, but depsite this one minor discouraging detail this season looks to be the best yet and will most likely do complete justice the narrative.

I didn’t even know the new theme had leaked, I’m gonna have to track that down.

EDIT: Guess it’s not leaked at all, it’s on his new album. It instantly reminded me of

Law & Order’s theme. I gotta agree with you on the clean and overworked thing too,

but I think it kinda fits with the media being a big part of this season.

Great twelve-pager by Marge Talbot of The New Yorker titled Stealing Life. Best portrait of the show that I’ve seen thus far in a print article.

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New-Invitation to the set Promo.

Nice. I just finished watching Season Two again on demand. I think

they’re putting Season Three up sometime soon. Can’t wait to see

what McNulty’s getting himself into.

Damn straight, he looks like he might be taking a turn down the excessively alcoholic route, and I’m increasingly interested to see just how the Baltimore Sun’s newsroom will factor into the overall equation. The one character that I’m still wondering about is Prez, though I suppose there wouldn’t be much else they could do with his character since the school system storyline from last season will probably be left as a one season arc. Similar to how the stevedores were, in the case of season 2.

Character Promos!





I started watching the first episodes of Season 1 just recently. I already love this show.

I started watching the first episodes of Season 1 just recently. I already love this show.
Another ,albeit new, follower of David Simon’s epic envisionment of Baltimore. Glad to hear it man.

Thanks man. :wink:

I can’t believe Season 5 hasn’t leaked yet.

I can’t believe Season 5 hasn’t leaked yet.
I know. Amazing isn’t it. Not a peep for months, and now just recently they’ve been flooding the audience with info.

Another couple of new promos.


Season 5 doc. and Retrospective doc.-

Something tells me Bubbs is gonna get himself clean but die sometime before

the season’s over.

Nothing to do with the final season directly, but I though these were rather entertaining.

It’s a set of promos featuring characters prioir to the series, and how they came to be.

Prop Joe (1962)-

Omar (1985)-

McNulty (2000)-

Never seen those before. I gotta say Omar’s was my favorite but he’s

probly my favorite character on the show. McNulty and Bunk was hilarious

too though. I like how they worked in the display of cut ties. It’s funny, I

literaly just got done watching the season three finale before I read this

post and it just so happens to be the episode where they show that for

the first time. It’s also the episode the quote in your sig comes from.