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Tarantinos Best Film

tarantinos best film?

  • pulp fiction
  • jackie brown
  • reservoir dogs
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I couldn’t decide where to put this, so I figured this place would be best for the all around best film. What do you think Tarantinos best film is. I’d prefer we stick to the official Tarantino films, as opposed to those that use one of his brilliant screenplays, but if some one really thinks something like True Romance is his best, thats cool.

I’ve have to think about this for a while before I give my pick. They all have so much going for them. All of them are on a level beyond compare. I’ll post my pick a little later.

With no question Pulp Fiction.

I say Jackie Brown because its just my personal favorite, I could watch it a million times with different people and love it still. But I’d say overall Pulp is his best film. Honestly its hard to compare them to each other because they’re all the best, in their own way. Not really a fair question now that I think about it.

[quote]Honestly its hard to compare them to each other because they’re all the best, in their own way. Not really a fair question now that I think about it.[/quote]

True dat. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Looking back this was kind of an unbalanced question.

With no doubt, I would say Reservoir Dogs is the greatest movie ever made for a debut film…

My personal favorite is also pulp fiction, but I cant really decide. I saw both films more than a lot of time and they are both unbelievable.

But if I have to make a choise I’d prefer to take Reservoir Dogs.

I think Tarantino’s best movie thusfar is “Pulp Fiction”. It’s just about flawless. I’d give it a 9.9 out of ten (.1 point deducted for the overly-long Butch/Esmerelda scene. Dig the scene a little…love the projection shot in the background…but it run just a LITTLE too long and kind of dragged the story a little).

As for his most well-written script, I’d have to say “Reservoir Dogs” or, from what I’ve read on-line, “Kill Bill” (of course, reports state that most of it’s completely different from the version that leaked onto the web last year, but there can only be improvements to the already classic screenplay if Q.T.‘s involved. The man doesn’t regress. He improves with each effort. That’s why you gotta love him).

As far as my favorite Q.T. film, I simply adore “True Romance”. Next to “Taxi Driver”, it is THE BEST MOVIE EVER FUCKIN’ MADE. I know, it’s a pretty bold statement, and there are a lot of other movies that are probably techincally better, but for my personal tastes and my money, “T.R.” is perfect. Just my two-cents. Later.


I walked out of the theatre for Pulp Fiction and my love for movies was pushed up several levels. I saw it three times in the theatres when it came out and was just engrossed by it all.

Then I went back in watched Reservoir Dogs and have watched it at least 80 times and just love the dialogue in that movie - the best dialogue in any movie EVER!

It’s a tough call as I enjoyed Jackie Brown also but I will say


For personal reasons would be Reservoir Dogs, but really all Tarantino’s movies are fucking great compas!!!


My personal favourite is Jackie Brown. But all of them are great.

Despite that I find that everytime he (decides) to make a movie he makes a better movie from his previous effort. I take reservoir dogs cos thats the first QT film I saw and it changed my opinion about movies.

Q.T was a better director while doing Jackie Brown but Pulp Fiction is just the best film ever!!!

I think Kill Bill will be better though, its may 2 fav film genres,

martial Arts (Kung fu and jap sword movies) and Q.T films!

My favorite movie is pulp fiction, which makes it my favorite QT movie. However, res dogs is a close second. i saw dogs first and it made a huge impression on me, so it’s hard to decide. I hope Kill Bill tops it though. It’ll be hard to say, since it’s so different from his others.

[quote]With no question Pulp Fiction.[/quote]

dido man. he did a kick ass job with Pulp Fiction. it’s definetly my favorite. no doubt about it.

its a tough call between reservoir dogs and pulp fiction.

both have great scripts and great characters, but jules and the wolf kick so much ass that i’m going with pulp fiction.

i liked jackie brown a lot, but the dialogue just wasn’t the same as it was wih the first two.

They all are great but I enjoyed Reservoir Dogs the most.

I’d say Pulp, but otherwise I can’t rank em because there has never been a bad or decent Tarantino movie. They’re all good. All Memorable. All Quoteable. However, let’s hope Kill Bill will take top spot, just for the fuck of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked Dogs the most. The dialogue, action, and plot in general had a much quicker flow to it than Pulp Fiction (particularly by the time it reached the Gold Watch segment).

My favourite movie, Pulp Fiction, followed by Reservoir Dogs.

My favorite thus far in QT’s career is PF, but I have read the Kill Bill script in its entirety and I think that this will be the best action movie with the best dialogue of our time.