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Tarantino to remake "36th Chamber Of Shaolin"

I read this on the MonkeyPeaches website this morning and what a way to start off a morning. I would love for Quentin to remake “The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin” also known as “Master Killer”. “The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin” without a doubt is one of the greatest martial arts films ever made. I hope he does this after “Bastards”. ÂÂ

Quentin Tarantino Wants To Remake THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN With Shaw Brothers

(MonkeyPeaches Exclusive)

October 1, 2003

According to Hong Kong paper Oriental Daily, Quentin Tarantino is thinking about doing a remake of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, one of his favorite Shaw Brothers’ classics. He even hired its leading man Liu Chia-Hui to play two characters in Kill Bill Vol.1/2 - Chinese kung-fu Master Pai Mei (White Eyebrows) and the head of Japanese yakuza “Crazy 88” fighter. According to the paper, Shaw Brothers has asked Quentin to do the remake and he has agreed. But it would not be possible until 2006 according to his schedule.

In an interview Quentin did over a year ago in Beijing, he said he would like to do a Chinese kung-fu film. He said, “I have that thought all the time, but not this one (Kill Bill). I think I will make one in the future. Certainly will be shot in China but in American way and with Chinese American as the leads. That?s because it?s impossible to blend Hong Kong actors and (mainland) Chinese actors into the whole movie. Chinese Americans are still Americans. By this way, all characters will speak the same language with the same accent. I want to shoot something of my own.”

That would be awesome although i doubt he would ever make it.

pipe dreams

sweet dreams… ::slight_smile:

I hope it will happen though

I don’t think so.

Tarantino won’t make two movies of the same genre. He didn’t make a second FDTD, he wouldn’t make another PUlp, and with Kill Bill one and two he has already made HIS Kung Fu film. He is off to other genres, believe me

well he did make two crime films (pulp & res) and wrote two crime (true & natural) films…

[quote]well he did make two crime films (pulp & res) and wrote two crime (true & natural) films…[/quote]

oop and he adapted a crime novel (jackie)

This aint gonna happen. QT is gonna keep doing different kinds of films each time out, youll never see him do 2 of the same sub-genres of films.

I think he’ll probably do it. Sure he hasn’t done two of the same type of sub genre thus far, but thats probably because he’s only done four movies. Besides, if you choose to look at Jackie Brown as a novel adaptation (the movie is in the same vein as True Romance and even Pulp Fiction) then you can look at this as an adaptation of a previous movie.

Tarantino’s given us an all around, revenge/martial arts flick, it’ll be intriguing to see him give us a “pure” Kung Fu movie.

What is FDTD?

From Dusk Till Dawn

As for “36th…”, I have doubts that QT will make it, but it would be interesting to see.

People are saying that he isn’t gonna do it because he already did one but remember, QT does what he wants as he said many times. And the fact that he already did one would never stop him from doing another. so we’ll just have to wait and see but I don’t think that’s a good argument.

(unless somenone can tell me that he did say something about never doing 2 movie of the same genre after each other…which is unlikely)

Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs I would consider in the same genre; Gangster or Crime.

But if you wanna take it down to sub genres…

Well Kill Bill and a PURE Kung Fu movie would be totally different.

Like Reservoir Dogs is a crime drama, but its about a robbery. Pulp Fiction is a crime drama, but it centers around hitmen, crime bosses, and a boxer.

you can probably do the same to Kill Bill and this other Kung Fu movie.

Kill bill is about revenge and shit and takes place in modern day.

I don’t know about this movie he wants to remake, but its Kung Fu, and to me it sounds like it takes place along time ago and shit. So really, two different films in the same genre…just like Pulp and Reservoir Dogs…or even Jackie Brown.

Personally I’d like to see Tarantino do a Western now…in an interview I read he talks about how he keeps making his moves like Westerns, but hasn’t done a true western…yet.

I think he could make a total kick ass bomb assed bloody Western…with a low budget. That would be so wicked!!!

QT has said all his films are going to combine alot of different subgenres. So I doubt QT will ever do a regular Kung fu film. Maybe down the road in a few years. But Im pretty sure his next few projects arent going to be anything with kung fu in them.

All of QTs films are subgenre films of the main Crime film genre.

Dogs was a heist film

Pulp was a gangster film

Jackie B was a caper or sting film

Kill Bill is a revenge film.

Each of them contain many genres and influences. Since Kill Bill has martial arts in it, I highly doubt QT is going to tackle another straight up kung fu film. If he does, its not gonna be for a long time.

Quentin Tarantino says in interviews he thinks Thomas Edison (or The Lumière Brothers some would say) invented the camera, and it’s purpose is to film action.

So Kill Bill possibly being a total mega money-maker (300 million dollars box office), I imagine he should want to make more action movies. Because doing action is the only way to be a true film maker and a real director.

Why should Quentin do a low-budget thing next… It’s perfectly allright with Weinsteins to spend 50 million to make a movie that might make 500 million in worldwide box office and online and DVD sales. So it’d be fun to see Tarantino’s next 100-million budget Zombie film, or fantastic Western or another Samourai or a Kung-Fu. How bout Uma Thurman playing the Resident Evil kind of girl cop trapped in a Zombie city shooting at Zombies and stuff… or whatever.

[quote] Why should Quentin do a low-budget thing next…[/quote]

QT said in a recent interview he doesnt think hes gonna do another big scale film right away. He wants to do something smaller. Who knows what hes gonna do? Whatever he does is gonna be very cool Im sure. But its not gonna be a kung fu film.

what makes u the fucking expert?

Fucking Kill Bill isn’t a straight up Kung Fu movie, just like Pulp Fiction isn’t a straight up gangster movie. It has all sorts of shit going on. Maybe you didn’t know this, but Samurai Swords and fighting having nothing to do with Kung Fu…and it seems there’s more samurai sword action than kung fu…therfor how could he make ANOTHER straight up Kung Fu movie if he hasn’t ALREADY made a straight up Kung Fu movie?

And I think Tarantino will make this, if he was asked if he wanted to direct it…by the Shaw Brothers…I bet he’d be fucking honored to do that shit. I know I would.

I still think he’ll do it. I imagine he’ll do a low budget horror or crime film next, followed by Inglorious Bastards, and THEN (hopefully he’ll make the 2006 deadline he set for himself) he’ll do the remake. If he really ups the energy, I think he could crank out two films and be ready to begin work on the remake within a few years…that is, if he doesn’t go on another six year hiatus.

What’s a bet he’ll go on another long break. As for the Shaw Brothers remake - pardon my ignorance im not an expert but didnt the Shaw Bro’s go broke in the mid 80’s? It would ultra cool for QT to remake “36th Chamber of the Shaolin” but admittedly he’d have to make it pretty special to warrant a remake in the first place. I’d would be wicked to see a return of the master/apprentice cheap old school Hong Kong Kung Fu movies. Maybe if QT could get Liu, Jackie, Michelle, Donnie Yen, or Jet? Or maybe all? That would be a fucken dream come true for a kung fu movie - though with that cast it definitely would’nt be cheap.

I hear he’s gonna go into hiding for 6 years and then come back and do a remake of E.T.

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