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Tarantino paid ONE DOLLAR for SIN CITY

Sin City: According to Variety, Quentin Tarantino got paid exactly $1 to film a scene in Sin City. Robert Rodriguez co-directed the rest of the Dimension Films drama with Frank Miller, who created the graphic novel series. Tarantino filmed a scene in the final segment featuring Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro and Brittany Murphy.

While it seemed Tarantino was working cheap, he actually got the better of the deal between himself and Rodriguez. After all, Tarantino paid Rodriguez $1 to compose the score for "Kill Bill Vol. 2."

Tarantino went to Austin, Texas, to shoot the scene and because he wanted to sample the digital filmmaking techniques Rodriguez used on "Sin City."

While his cast got paid more than Tarantino, Rodriguez put together a strong ensemble for a reasonable budget. Michael Clarke Duncan was a late addition to a cast that included Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, Mickey Rourke, Nick Stahl, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Carla Gugino, Jaime King and Marley Shelton.

fuck Jessica Alba and Josh Hartnett. motherfuck that shit. >:(

[quote]fuck Jessica Alba[/quote]

HELL YEAH  :slight_smile:

I dunno… Michael Madsen, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba (eye candy) and Bruce Willis… I think I can deal with it

Brittany Murphy? fuck she is a retarded whore.

I thought Quentin was acting in this movie… … …


Tarantino would be directing Benico Del Toro in his segment

:slight_smile: .

Rodriguez and Tarantino…I wish I had a movie making buddy… ::slight_smile:

Have you heard the pair of them on the Dusk commentary, they’re quite funny. Their impression of Michael Parks is also quite funny in Full Tilt Boogie! They make a good team I think!!

That has to be the wisest and most awesome payment since the Lousiana Purchase.

He only filmed a scene of one segment? That could mean like only 5 minutes tops.

And what is this segment shit anyway? Is it similar to the chapter division in Kill Bill?

He’s only filming one scene? ONE SCENE? What’s that? Like 3 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 minutes?

If it’s 30 minutes then it’s the longest fucking scene in movie history.

Did anyone catch that Mtv shit today, on TRL, (not that I watch TRL…hey the tv was left on!) It was a short behind the scenes look at Sin City. Quentin has even there chillin on the movie set, he was taking a shot of some tequilla or something. If QT is directing a scene with Benicio Del Torro it might be the one Brittany Murphy was explaining in which Del Torro beats the shit out of Murphy in a kitchen. It was funny cause QT knew more about the storyline than Brittany Murphy and she said QT had just gotten there the day before.

^ sweet - and maybe Clive Owen joins in on the beating.

Anyhow QT directing Clive & Benicio is dope to me

im curious as to what tarantino thinks of digital filmmaking. it seems like he is interested in this.

yeah i heard this was a completely digital movie

green screen and digital cameras

Rodriguez digs that shit

[quote]im curious as to what tarantino thinks of digital filmmaking. it seems like he is interested in this.[/quote]

me too.

but you know, when people still had black/white and no sound, they considered all that "new color " stuff complete crap too, and now it’s standard… so… one shouldn’t be so narrow-minded when it comes to new technology. but i sure hope there won’t be more george lucases, because there you have a director who just cant do it

I hope Sin City doesnt look like crap like most of OUATIM did. Digital is good, but it still has a long way to go before it takes over film.

I don’t think OUTIM looked like crap but to each their own.  As far as digital goes it has its advantages.  It’s just like analog vs. digital in music production - you lose some of the warmth in the digital domain but there is so much more you can do to manipulate the medium with.