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Tarantino a guest judge on American Idol?!?!

Crazy, they’re doing songs from Movie Soundtracks and Quentin is going to be the guest judge. Sounds very interesting. I believe it’s this week, I don’t know though. I haven’t seen a thread on this, so I was just wondering if you guys knew. Alright, peace!

i’ll try to watch but its gonna be hell sitting thru that show

i wish tarantino would stay away from that gay karaoke show

I think it’ll be a cool show and fun to see QT ramble about the songs. I would give anything to see him just trash the singers. That would be classic!

and why is Quentin doing this?

[quote]and why is Quentin doing this?[/quote]

promotion? fun? I think his THE VIEW appearance is much more disturbing. :smiley:

I believe it is not on tonight, at least in the US, due to Bush’s little event.

If it is on, please give us a detailed account of the events. I am not going near that fucking show myself to find out.

oh come on the show isnt that bad. and with tarantino on there, its actually worth watching. what kind of ads do you think will be playing too?? :smiley:

I don’t watch American Idol. I kept track of the second season, but that’s about it, I stopped caring about those singers. They’re all gay. Gay, gay, gay.

But, when will the man be on Idol? Does anyone know the showing time for this episode?

Qt explains his appearance to Extra:

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Who do you think are QT’s favorites? Fantasia? George? :wink:

Tuesday, eh? Well, shit, that means it’s on like…in ten minutes…

[quote]Tuesday, eh? Well, shit, that means it’s on like…in ten minutes…[/quote]

You STILL have your finger on the pulse of popular culture.

Its official: Fox has bumped American Idol in favor of having Bush ramble about terrorism and Iraq for half an hour. The American Idol with QT is gonna be played tomorrow night (Wednsday April 14th) at 8:00 pm.

Ah well. I wanted to see him tear into some of those idiots tonight, but that’ll just free up some more time to watch Kill Bill Volume I.

“Here come da judge!”

ha that extra thing was pretty good. tarantino is really a fan of the show. its almost scary. but it should be good. i wish it could be uncensored. that would be great

dear god, that clip is super. I’m so glad it didn’t come on today cause I woudl have missed it. w00t

i dont like/watch the show. Quentin being on there surprises me.

btw cool avatar Puck.

For us British we get the show a week later on Fridays, ITV2 at 8.30pm, I’m gonna have to watch it to see how cute QT looks!

LOL they were showing a tv ad for American Idol on Australian TV (yes, its pretty popular over here) and they fully promoted the fact that QT was going to be a guest judge…even showing small snippets of kill bill and QT behind the scenes directing UMA…and the voice over guy was talking about blood or something. Thought that was pretty cool.

Anyone seen the episode of MAD TV where they spoofed American Idol and WHAM and Bobby and Whitney came on? That was some funny stuff. I think I almost pissed myself, it was so hilarious.

So what happened? I fuckin fell asleep! :’(