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Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano - 1993)

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I’m planning on running down to the store and renting

Sonatine, but can anyone tell me if this movie is worth my time? All i know is that Beat Takeshi Kitano wrote it and directed it. IT must be good since Quentin Re-released it with Rolling thunder.

Oh god! Another Kitano topic! :smiley:

I love this film with all my heart. It’s a great film to just sit back and watch, although I wouldn’t recommend the VHS tape. I’d go and buy the DVD off of ebay. But about the film, Sonatine is a personal favorite film of mine, it’s not just violence and action (do’t expect that), it’s much more then that. It’s really about a yakuza that knows he’s at the end of his rope and he just does what he does in the film ignoring the fact that he’s going out while the others are going in. You may love it or you may hate it. The music score kicks ass as well, it’s a touching, funny, violent (don’t expect alot) and a beautiful film. If you haven’t noticed it’s Beat Takeshi (I call him Kitano) all over my banner. 8)

Yea, somebody else told me that I should expect John Woo with this movie. I heard alot of good things about it. I’ll make sure I watch it. Thanks bullet.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa man, DO NOT expect John Woo. It’s the polor oppisite to a Woo film.

oops, I made a mistake. I meant to say someone told me NOT to expect John Woo with this film. sorry.

I just got done watching Sonatine and I have to say it is an excellent film.

Post more complete thoughts! ;D

I’d love to talk to someone about this movie!

What was your favorite par of the film?

The thing that got me puzzled was the ending, so sudden and leaves you thinking ‘why?’


He killed himself because he really had nothing to live for, his friends were murdered, he was betrayed, and no matter what these problems will always follow Murakawa for the rest of his life, stuff like more hitmen, betrayal, loss of friends. I recall his line, “You get so scared, you wanna die”. That’s basically what happens. Also, he murdered everyone who was left in his yakuza clan, everything was gone…


And to answer Mr Purple, my favorite scene would either be the Sumo sequence or the last 7 minutes. The sumo sequence was the most beautifully shot scene, and it made it seem so fun with the music and all. And the last 7 minutes you know all the shit is going down, and the leadup to the finale is incredible.

what are some other good Kitano films, i am desperate to learn more about this type of film, but i am very undereducated when it comes to this type of movie.

how about something like Boiling Point or Fireworks?

Boiling point is my least favorite Kitano film, violent cop is a great film though, haven’t seen hana bi yet though.

Boiling Point is soooo much better than Violent Cop. Violent Cop was a pretty conventional yakuza movie, but far superior to most other yakuza films. All of the other Kitano movies I’ve seen are much better than Violent Cop. It was a good early effort though.

Hana Bi is my all time favorite from Kitano and probably my all time favorite film.

Violent Cop is pretty good for a first stab at directing. It was a bit weak but Kitano did a really good job.

I’m giving Brother a second shot with the uncut version, I hope it’s better then the cut version.

Brother had its moments… I just thought the whole L.A. gang thing I thought was stupid, had some great scenes though.

Anyhow what is with the shooting scenes in Kitano films?

Totally the opposite to John Woo flicks… no one bares to make them selfs moving targets.

I remember renting Sonatine a few years back, I hadn’t seen a movie quite like it at the time. The film forces the viewer to engage themselves in the main character. Kitano is kind of the master of subtlety.

What’s everyones views on Boiling point? Kitano’s Character is such a mean/messed up asshole in it :stuck_out_tongue:

How long is the uncut version of Sonatine?

Someone offered me a 97 min version and said that it iw uncut. Is this right?

I don’t know what anyone would cut out of it. It isn’t a violent movie. I think it’s 97 minutes.

My Tokyo Bullet version comes to 90 mins.