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Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano - 1993)

[quote]What’s everyones views on Boiling point? Kitano’s Character is such a mean/messed up asshole in it  :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]

Don’t speak a foul word about Uehara! Or he’ll cut off your finger and hide a gun in some flowers then blast you away! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

[quote]My Tokyo Bullet version comes to 90 mins.[/quote]

That could be the NTSC to PAL speedup. That happens sometimes.

Lol surely Uehara with flowers is a suspicious sight? That scene was the best damn thing about the film. :wink:

I tend to differ, I agree with Bullet. Murakawa got his revenge by killing all the yakuzas members and was left with no friends or job and no meaning to his life I guess.

This is a great movie. Saw it about a year ago and loved it, especially the main theme by Joe Hishaishi-which is one of my favorites ever.


When he killed himself at the end, I always thought that it was an honor thing, maybe he just felt like he had to end his life to have any dignity whatsoever.

[quote]i just saw this film, fuckin great, i recognized alotta the actors from fireworks, i guess kitano likes the people he works with.  i dunno which one of the two i like better, parts of the film are really similar.  i really liked the night scenes, the way it was lit and the colors were just really cool.  btw bullet, how is boiling point and violent cop compared to kitano’s other movies?  are they pretty similar in style or just completely different?[/quote]

Great to know you liked the film. And others here you’ve also taken a likeing to Kitano’s style and films.

I’ve gained more love for Sonatine recently then I did with Hana Bi in the past month or so. They’re both amazing films. But Sonatine was funnier and moves at a better pace then Hana Bi does. On the other hand, Hana Bi has better cinematography, acting, drama and music (I love the haunting soundtrack a wee bit more then Sonatine’s) when it comes to violence, Sonatine I liked more for the showdown in that yakuza office and those bar room shootings, but Hana Bi is violenter then Sonatine, it just pulled some of the violence off in the wrong ways like the flashback and the ending.

As for Boiling Point and Violent Cop. I can’t say that they’re different Kitano’s films. But I can say they have a different “feel”. Violent Cop’s feel is kinda like the feel that I got from Brother, a laid back, easy going feel. It’s very, very violent at the end, and a bit shocking as well. It used the less humor I’ve seen in Takeshi’s films but does have a share of it mixed either with violence or slience.

Boiling Point’s much different. It’s Kitano’s weakest film. But I found it very enjoyable. There’s not much in it. Basically a bunch of random happenings mixed with a simple plot and simple characters. It’s a funny film for it’s simple humor and weird situations. It’s not that violent, it has a more brutal feel though (kinda like Pulp Fiction). There’s about 6 deaths in the film. And the ending is really bad.

Any theory on the ending of Sonatine could be true. I happen to think that he did it out of utter nilihism and he knew that nothing could ever help him. But you guys did make some good points.

Sonatine was done before the car accident.

Hana Bi (as well as Kikujiro and Dolls, etc) were doen after the car accident which is why they are mor contemplative. I just love Takeshi Kitano so much! i particularly loved Dolls which i thought was excellent, but Hana Bi and Sonatine had me the moment i watched them.

Violent cop wasnt as good as Sonatine, Dolls, Hana-Bi, Zatoichi or Boiling Point (Boiling point is better than violent cop i am sure) and i dont think it was all because he was first time directing i think it was because he was playing a cop. Takeshi knows how to play gangsters and direct gangsters one hundred more times than he knows how do it with cops.


I agree with Bullet about the ending, but i am not really puzzled anyway as to the ending cause Takeshi Kitano kills himself at the end of his films all the time.


it made more sense in Hana-bi though


I thought he killed himself because everyone he is around dies and the girl was all he had left. I like the film because of the emotion and madcap humor. Sometimes the plot gets lost though.