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Sin City 2

Rodriguez Confirms Sin City 2 Story

Source: BBC

May 23, 2005

While talking about Sin City at the Cannes Film Festival last week, co-writer and co-director Robert Rodriguez confirmed what storyline you can expect for the sequel. BBC reports:

Rodriguez, who wore his trademark cowboy hat, said he was pleased to be in Cannes, the “home” of film noir.

He added work had already started on a sequel to Sin City, and would feature many of the same characters.

He added that the next film would be based on Miller’s book, A Dame to Kill For.

Dark Horse describes “A Dame to Kill For” as follows:

It’s one of those hot nights, dry and windless. The kind that makes people do sweaty, secret things. Dwight’s thinking of all they ways he’s screwed up and what he’d give for one clear chance to wipe the slate clean, to dig his way out of the numb grey hell that is his life. And he’d give anything. Just to cut loose. Just to feel the fire. One more time.

Awesome!!! I’ll be going to see it of course ;D ;D ;D

Very good idea. But would RR direct like in the 1st, would he do just like the comic, or would he this time take a little bit of liberty ? I prefer this solution, to see something new…

So they’ve decided to only use one of the stories this time instead of a combination. Interesting. I thought for sure they would use two of them.

A little mo’ frum Jo Blo

As you read here in the hallowed pages of first, Robert Rodriguez has started work on SIN CITY 2, which will be based on the Frank Miller book “A Dame to Kill For.” The film would follow Clive Owen’s character Dwight and would also feature repeat performances by Mickey Rourke and Michael Clarke Duncan (among others). It would follow Dwight’s life (prior to the events in the SIN CITY film) when a former girlfriend Ava shows up looking for love and some protection from Manute (Duncan). Rodriguez said at the Cannes Film Festival, according to the BBC, that “work had already started on a sequel…and would feature many of the same characters.” As we originally reported, the plan was to film two SIN CITY sequels back-to-back but it’s unclear whether that’s still the plan. Frank Miller will still be intimately involved with any sequel. What exact work had been started remains to be seen but there’s got to be some FX tests going on for the film. Rodriguez is also attached to direct CONAN (another scoop) and whether he’ll film that after SIN CITY 2 or try and work on them concurrently hasn’t yet been revealed.

Interveiw with Rodriguez:

When do you start Sin City 2?


What Frank Miller stories will you use for Sin City 2?

“A Dame to Kill For.�

Oh, will it be just one story in Sin City 2?

Probably not.

Are there any returning characters from Sin City in “A Dame to Kill For?�

Yeah, that’s what’s cool is about “Dame to Kill For� is a lot of the characters that are dead in this movie are alive in that one because it takes place before, so Mickey Rourke’s in there. That book is kind of cool because it takes place before.

Who will you cast as the new characters in Sin City 2?

Maybe some of your regulars like Danny Trejo, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas? Oh man, I haven’t even started on that one.

What about the rumor that you’re going to shoot Sin City 2 and Sin City 3 together?

That’s a rumor.

So you’re just doing one Sin City at a time?


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[size=100]SIN CITY 2 due in Summer 2006[/size]

Plot summarys: SPOLIERS

He could add stuff outside of A Dame To Kill For to Sin City 2, because Family Values and “The Babe Wore Red” from Booze, Broads, and Bullets are both Dwight stories, although they come after The Big Fat Killl. Actually, he already filmed some stuff from Booze, Broads, and Bullets as early tests for Sin City, so maybe Sin City 3 will be that book as kind of an anthology, Short Cuts-y type thing? Could be intersting.

but what about hell and back. that is an awesome sin city comic.

ok what if they did a god father part 2 where they keep going between hell and back and a dame to kill for. then for no3 they do the thing u described with like a whole heap of short stories.

Looks like this one is going to be as good if not better than the first one.

[quote=“Spaghetti Western”]
but what about hell and back. that is an awesome sin city comic.

Johnny Depp was originally slated to play Wallace in the first Sin City movie, but the Hell and Back storyline was cut due to time considerations. A Dame to Kill For isn’t much longer than the Hard Good-Bye, so we’ll probably see Hell and Back in the sequel, too. Either that, or Rodriguez is saving it for Sin City 3.

Manute Speaks…
“I would be very interested,” he told us enthusiastically, “It’s a cool character and I think that the character needs to be a little more defined and developed about how he came about to be who he is in that world and how he is able to mingle within that world without being affected. I’m looking forward to that, but there’s no talk that I know of yet.” He wasn’t too happy hearing about the character’s untimely demise in the Garth Ennis-written comic book. Duncan played the crime boss Manute in Frank Miller’s Sin City, and since his character also appears in Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For,” we asked him whether or not Rodriguez has contacted him about appearing in the sequel, Sin City 2, scheduled to come out next summer. “They don’t have [the story] in a certain order,” he told Superhero Hype!, “so you might see me in another Sin City before that one. It jumps back and forth and all around, and you never actually see my character die. You just assume that he got shot up and that he’s dead, but they told me that they would never show him dead because they want him to come back. He’s supposed to be this supernatural being that can always come back.”
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Johnny Depp was originally slated to play Wallace in the first Sin City movie, but the Hell and Back storyline was cut due to time considerations.
Johnny Depp? Playing Wallace? No way, I mean I don’t have anything against Johnny, but there’s no way he could play Wallace. I think that either Terrence Howard or Giancarlo Esposito should play Wallace,and Sanaa Lathan would probably do a good job as Esther.

Ava could be Eva lol. She already showed her crotch in training day.

Sin City II is going to have a new original story penned by Miller. Nancy gets her revenge on the Roarke’s…How out of character.

That does sound unusal for Nancy, and besides which one of the Rourkes are left besides Sen. Rourke. And I can’t really picture a fight scene between Powers Boothe and Jessica Alba,or maybe Nancy becomes a lawyer,and lays down a legal ass-whoopin’ on the Senator who konws?

That’s what will happen. I pray that Miller hasn’t fried his brain SO much that he’ll make Nancy a vigalante… That fucking guy has become such a dissapointment.

jus read its pushed back till next year

That’s not suprising especially since they just supposedly started filming Grind House. To be honest at this point it kinda feels like they’re just fuckin’ w/ us.

But I suppose I can keep my hopes up for another year.

I really don’t want Jessica Alba back. She is a truly terrible actress and she is not nearly as hot as horny teenage boys on the internet make her out to be. Get an “actress” with some meat on her bones and who…you know…isn’t afraid to get naked for a part.

And I agree that Salma Hayek would be good for Eva if decided to take her clothes off…but she won’t. Laura Elena Harring or Monica Bellucci (particularly Monica Bellucci) would be great as the feme fatale.