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Science Fiction Movies


i noticed that there arent a lot of good sci-fi movie out there. most have decent special effects but most also have really bad stories and acting. the last real scifi movie i really liked was probably the 5th element. the original matrix was good too. do you think hollywood sacrifices a good script for better effects?

or is it because no good director wants to try and take on this genre?


That’s because of Hollywood. They really make these films for as large audiences as they can get. And these are people who want to see special effects and don’t really care about the idea. That’s sad.

My idea of a perfect sci-fi is some non-hollywood film, with great script, some really scary movie that scares you with its wierdness. Black and white movie. I can’t explain.


I think it’s also because of the audience’s general misconception present today which automatically connects science fiction to spaceships and time travel. The genre should be so much more than that. Hence many sci-fi movies nowadays need a big budget to be made. Directors go into so much detail re-creating towns, villages, vehicles and hygiene paper of the future that the screenplay is given the backseat while the budget escalates to high proportions (it’s not the most original example in the world, but Lucas obviously comes to mind). And a big budget means strict studio control and lack of individual and artistic freedom. That’s why many sci-fi movies are risky.


All I can say is all the best are from the 80’s.




Blade Runner

They Live

The Running Man


It’s true there hasn’t been many good scifi films lately. The only good one I can think of is Vincenzo Natali’s Cypher (2002).


sci-fi is just something ells

horror, drama, thriller, romance etc all have a realistic element to it, sci-fi is far from reality, i like it, from time to time, couldn picture myself watching it all the time (like some people do, some)

i watch blade runner from time to time, also alien/aliens/alien3

others favorites are: 12 monkeys, thx1138, invasion of the bodysnatchers (1956), The Thing, forbidden planet, target earth etc.

Sci-Fi is cool as long as it doesnt get too complicated


Sci-fi anime is pretty good, Stuff like Ghost in the shell and Neon Genesis. They are pretty fucking good, like a five dollar milkshake.


Were’nt they going to make a Red Dwarf movie a few years ago? that would have been cool…


All I can say is all the best are from the 80’s.




Blade Runner

They Live

The Running Man

Highlander is more Fantasy than Sci-Fi.


Returner (2002) was okay. It’s a japanese mix of The Matrix, E.T. and Abyss. No masterpeace but i’ts a pretty entertaining flick.


would The Thing be scifi or horror? That shit was scary.


its a mix, i love that movie, i love its darkness


Dark City was the last good sci fi film I can remember.


Blade Runner was cool.


'Fifth Element" is my fav.


I think Alien is my fave at the moment.



I think the problem is, si that they follow the genre sci fi. Thats really just the atmosphere of the movie. The plot could be a romance movie, a thriller a drama a comedy etc etc etc. But alot of people just want to alien it up, so to speak.


I like when movies are “aliened up”…well, I hated Signs though. who thought that the alien race could be defeated by water?


I actually liked signs. The alien on the rooftop scared the crap out of me


The alien walking past the gate at the childrens birthday party scared me!