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RZA doin' da score for KILL BILL

Who likes the fact that Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA might do the score for Kill Bill.

I think it’s fucking awesome!

Why? Coz…

a) I am a Wu Tang fanatic and RZA is one of my best members and also one of the most original and unique rap producers out there.

b) it would go good with Kill Bill coz its a martial arts flick and if any1 listened to Wu Tang they’ll know that these dudes are all about martial arts. They usually include kung-fu movie samples in there songs and nearly all their names are from old martial arts nicknames (ex: Master Killer is Masta Killa in Wu Tang and so on)

c) I would get a chance to have my favorite director and favorite music at the saamee tttiiiiiimmeee. AMAZING!

WHat do you think?


Im not too happy about it. Im not into hip hop anymore, Im hoping QT uses his own music (like in PF. RD and JB) for the film. I dont want the film to a hip hop crazed piece of crap. Plus, The Matrix had techno music in it, so I dont want another copy of that.

All Im gonna say is : It better be fn awesome music, if not Ill be pissed.

So what if Matrix had techno? It has no connection with rap and neither does Matrix with Kill Bill so i dont really understand what ur getting at.

Anyway QT always makes good choices when it comes to music so i believe in him and in whatever choice he makes.


Tito & Tarantula would have been cool … just remember the FDTD-Soundtrack.



[quote]So what if Matrix had techno? It has no connection with rap and neither does Matrix with Kill Bill so i dont really understand what ur getting at.

Anyway QT always makes good choices when it comes to music so i believe in him and in whatever choice he makes.



Well, First off, the whole rap music/ action stuff has been done already. I didnt say I disliked the the music in the Matrix, in fact the whole techno music fight scenes worked great in that setting. But, in the context of a film thats "30 years of Exploitation films in one" I dont want a hip hop soaked score by RZA. Id much rather see QT use music from his own collection (like in RD, PF and JB) for the score.

Tito and Tarantula's music worked great in FDTD, again because of the setting. Theyre from the Southwest and their music (along with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Los Lobos, etc) was excellent background music for the film.

The music in Kill Bill will be just as important as anything else in the film for me. So since Im not a hip hop fan (I still like old school, but the new rap is shi*) Im concerned about this report.

I dont know how Tito and Tarantula or Les Lobos would be to the soundtrack of a kung-fu flick. Then again rap is the ideal choice either. Besides I believe this is rumour.

I would like maybe a really nice score for this movie maybe from Hans Zimmer or something. It would sound sweeeeeet.


Well, the thing is, all of QTs films are 100% his. From the dialogue to the music he picks for the movie. Hes said when hes writing a screenplay, he picks music from his collection to use in it. Why would he use a composer? I highly doubt hes gonna have a person score it. Pulp Fiction, Res Dogs and Jackie B wouldntve been as cool if they didnt have those tunes that QT picked for them. The songs in his films are just as important as the dialogue is. “Little Green Bag”, “Miserlou”, “Jungle Boogie”, “Stuck In the Middle”, “Didnt I Blow your Mind”, these songs are part of the atmosphere and feeling of the films. Lets just hope QT is picking some rare classics for Kill Bill. Thats what I wanna see. No hip hop, no techno please.

Tito and Tarantula or Los Lobos might be ok for the part of the film that takes place In Austin, TX or Mexico.

Yeah u gotta point there about the Mexican/Texas locations. Los Lobos would be perfect.

Im just taking it as a general thing u know? A kung fu movie with Tarantino-esque songs? I dont know. I believe in this guy and im sure he will make the right choice or choices when it comes to music but until then i wonder…



I really hope that this doesn’t come to pass. Although I respect Wu Tang Clan and like their music and connection to the Kung Fu movies of the past, I don’t think that rap or hip hop is the way to go with the soundtrack for Kill Bill.

Now, you all might think I’m drunk, and maybe I am, but ever since I heard that Tarantino may use Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” as the opening song during The Bride’s wedding scene, I’ve thought he should use various songs from the 1980’s to score the flick.

He’s already put a lot of 70’s songs in his other movies, now I think it’s time for some killer 80’s tunes to be employed. I can’t think of any particular songs off the top of my head he should use, but it just seems right to me for this film.

Who knows? Whatever music he ends up using, I’m sure it will be perfect. The man know his music!!!

“Now you tell me, am I lying?”

Well Ive been thinking about it. QT has said Kill Bill is going to be “30 years of Grindhouse film going in a duck press”. Now I could be wrong, but, maybe QT will be using pop music from the past 30 years in the film to go along with the themes and the characters in the film. From the early 70s thru to the 90s. Another thing Ive noticed about QTs films, none of them are time specific. Like Res Dogs, that couldve taken place in the 80s or the 90s or even 2002. Same with Pulp Fiction. Thats another reason why the retro music works so good in them.

I dont know. Ur right of course but i know that i want some cool kung-fu style songs not just pop songs coz this is very different from Res. Dogs, Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown.


I actually haven’t heard a thing about RZA doing Kill Bill’s soundtrack.I think those against RZA doing KB’s soundtracks are only going on the fact that he’s a hip-hop artist. Check out his albums Bobby Digital or Digital Bullet. He uses live instruments and uses a lot of retro sounds. Also check out the sondtrack to Ghost Dog.

Haven’t heard anything about RZA, but I did find a very interesting tidbit in a brief article on “Kill Bill” in a movie magazine. (Movieline, I think, but not sure.) The blurb said that Tarantino is actually planning on having Ennio Morricone, Leone’s main composer, to do the score. There wasn’t anything for sure, but just the thought of it raises the stakes. Has anybody heard anything about it at all?

Nope, I haven’t heard anything about this so far, but that would be THE BOMB :smiley: If a week ago, you would’ve asked me who I’d like to do the Kill Bill score, I would’ve said Ennio Morricone ! Wow, that would rule ! I bet the Vengeance Theme would rock the casbah if Morricone wrote it ! Yay ! :slight_smile:

I Love the RZA. He did a great job with Ghost Dog:The Way of The Samurai.

The RZA has to do it! He samples old kung fu scores all the time, his score for Ghost Dog is fucking amazing–

Perfect fit.

Sorry Sponge but Kill Bill isnt a urban hip hop themed movie. Ghost Dog is something totally different.

Please QT, please get “Il Maestro” Ennio Morricone to do the score for Kill Bill. That would be beyond awesome. Imagine seeing “Score by Ennio Morricone” on the credits? Holy shit! Id be in heaven. Hell, even Lalo Shifrin would be awesome for Kill Bill. :slight_smile:



It is really funny that you said Lilo Shirfin. Because in the script QT says that he needs him to write a piece for it.

I think RZA can’t do stuff that dosn’t sound like hip hop though.

[quote]It is really funny that you said Lilo Shirfin.  Because in the script QT says that he needs him to write a piece for it.[/quote]

Lalo Shifrin should DEFINITELY do the Brides Revenge theme. He would be perfect for that part.