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Rosie O'donnell Vs. Donald Trump

Rosie says crap about The Trump.

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What’s your opinion on this?

Here’s the video:

Yeahup, she’s a bitch!

Takes alot of guts to say shit about trump.

Only if she were Opra…lol

Yeah hahaha

trump laid into her big time. LOL

she talks too much. i wish they never gave her a job.

I think its hilarious. Trump is like “Shes unattractive on the outside and unattractive on the inside”. He also called her a Slob and A Fat Little Rosie. LMAO! I dont really like Trump or O’Donnell so I dont care who insults who.

Yeah I’ve seen it on tv 20 times and I have watched it every time it comes on Hahah :slight_smile:

Lezzie Rosie FTW!

Go Donald!

They should box. I bet Rosie would win, she’d slap Trump down with her belly and ass fat.

"I’m going to take money out of her fat ass pockets"

Thats another hilarious Trump vs Rosie line. Ã?

“She’s a loser!” Why do I believe him?

She wears underwear with dickholes. Seriously…Donald Trump owns the Miss USA pagent. Beauty Pagents are not too popular anymore, and Donald Trump is going to change that - he just wants media hype - and he’s getting it.

Same with Rosie,that show of her’s(The View)is going down the drain,just a month ago she said some shit about kelly ripa hating gays.Next month she’ll say something about bush being anti-american.

At least she had the Flintstones…

eeewwwww…that didn’t help her any did it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that shit she did to Tom Selleck? She totally ambushed him for being a member of the NRA. I hope that fat malignant cunt dies.

LOL! Rosie is fugly. She has the body of a beached walrus and her head is the size of the fuckin Kool Aid Man. K

That bitch can die. Really. I can’t stand her. List of cunts I hate:

Rosie O’Donnell

Whoopie Goldberg

Barbara Streisand

Susan Sarandon

Die Bitches!

She starts bitch fights to get the ratings up.

me, congrats on becoming a fucking professional. do you feel any different?