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Rob Zombie

I think Rob Zombie has a future to be a great director. His first movie “House of 1000 corpses” wasnt a great movie overall but a ok for a director debut.His second film “The Devils Rejects” was great! way better than House of 1000 corpses.And now he’s the director of the new Halloween movie(which I’m sure alot of you are already aware of)I like to think of Rob Zombie as the Quentin Tarantino of horror and cult movies.Anyway whats your opinion on Rob Zombie

i thought ht e devils rejects was excellent, rob just knows horror movies so he will have great sucess in the future, he also directs his own music videos as well, cant wait to see what we can do with the new halloween remake

The Devil Rejects was surprisingly good. I hope Rob can keep the trend going with his new flicks. When will The Haunted World of El Superbeasto be released? That should be good.

The Devils Rejects was a great movie and it is one of my favorite horror movies! I especially love the finale, ‘‘Free Bird’’ scene, its great. His Halloween remake will most likely be very good

[quote=“Stuntman Mike”]
Halloween remake will most likely be very good

Thats something I never thought anyone would say! I hope its good but I usually hate remakes.

yes the freebird scen was excellent, it fitted the scene so well, espicially how they start driving when the music gets fast!

Cant wait to see his trailer in Grindhouse! 8)

I actually think that The Devil’s Rejects is this generations type of grindhouse.

I was thinking if directors continue the grindhouse theme serious, he could actually do one.

I was so blown away from the Devils rejects that I will see anything else Rob with do. He has a real mean no holds bar style but with a brain behind it. He is confident in what he is doing and it pays off. I’d like to see more directors stop playing it safe and just go for it.

I’m interested to see how he reworks Halloween. Tyler Mane as Michael Myers is a weird choice. I was hoping he’d cast Sid Haig as Doc Loomis. Wouldnt that have been awesome? I know he chose Malcolm McDowell is because he loves A Clockwork Orange. I bet Rob’s Halloween will be more like The Devil Rejects, done in that cinema verite style. .

Haha, seems that Dr. Loomis will be nuttier than Myers this time round.

Its rumored that P.J. Soles will be in the new Halloween movie.This would be great,she was very good in the original halloween movie.

Isn’t Tyler Mane a little to big for Myers?

Yeah, I dont get that choice at all. A big wrestler as Myers is a bit strange. How will anyone not hear/see that big dude clomping around?

Yeah I know, will he be The Shape as well?

Great news! Brad Dourif is gonna be the sheriff in Halloween.

Really great news. :slight_smile:

Rob Zombie is apparently collaborating on one of the fake trailers to be released during the intermission period. Its called Werewolf Women of the SS;This photo is of Sheri’s character “Eva Krupp” from the trailer, which will be about 3 1/2 minutes long…

Yeah its already been posted. I think its pretty awesome though.

Great news! Brad Dourif is gonna be the sheriff in Halloween.


Haha, Michael Myers and Charles Lee Ray in the same movie. Yeah baby!

Here’s what the Myers house looks like