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Rob Zombie

pictures of myers house at night

Have to say that house is scary!

Rob is definitely the brightest star on the directorial horizon. However, he should get out of horror soon, before he gets trapped in it, like Carpenter and Cravens. Re-watch 1000 Corpses! I hated it the first time, but it grows on you.

I loved House of 1,000 Corpses until the Dr. Satan sequence. Devil’s rejects is my favorite horror film in a long, long time.

im surprised that this topic didn’t go off around the release of grindhouse, halloween is out soon cant wait

i can’t wait for halloween either, it should be really good. As a director, i like him and think that he, along with Eli and some others are really revolutionizing the modern horror genre and without them, we might only have pg-13 horror or horro movies we’ve all seen before.

Dimension Films has inked a two-picture deal with writer-director Rob Zombie, according to Variety. Andy Gould, Zombie’s longtime manager and producing partner, has boarded both projects as producer.

Pact comes as Dimension and distrib partner MGM prepare to release Zombie’s “Halloween” nationwide this weekend. The remake is hoping to scare up solid business over the Labor Day weekend, a frame in which studios usually avoid rolling out bigger fare, since it’s not a heavy moviegoing holiday.

Per the terms of the two-pic deal, Zombie will write and direct both titles, although Dimension didn’t release any further details about the projects, including whether they would be horror films.

“We are excited about his fresh take on ‘Halloween’ and are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with him on future projects,” Dimension topper Bob Weinstein said. "We admire Rob for all the roles he plays, both as a director and writer."

Zombie said the two-picture deal with Dimension is a "natural step in the evolution of my film career."

Gould, with Spectacle Entertainment Group, produced Zombie’s two previous features, “The Devil’s Rejects” and "House of 1000 Corpses."

Zombie also directed the upcoming animated pic “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto,” featuring Paul Giamatti in the lead voice role. He also helmed one of the fake trailers, “Werewolf Women of the S.S.,” featuring Nicolas Cage, that was part of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s "Grindhouse."

As a recording artist, Zombie has sold more than 15 million albums and directed dozens of musicvideos. He’s working on a live album skedded for release later this year.

he sold more than 15Million albums???

Yeah he also had a band called White Zombie that were also very popular.

His brother was also in a band called Powerman 5000, but they sucked so they never did another album.

i know white zombie quite well but i didn’t know they were THAT popular, they’ve never been big over here

white zombie were huge in the early nineties new york punk scene i think

well they had a strong fan base here, but never became huge (around the same time biohazard, or machinehead were way bigger)

ah ok, either way i still prefer Rob’s solo stuff compared to white zombie

oh really? i should check it out

the sinister urge was my fav album, or the one dragula was on cant quite remember which album that one was on

Has anyone seen the Dragula video? I saw it a few minutes ago on youtube and there are these great movie refrences. For example that giant machine-like monster with Bela Lugosi is from the movie The Phantom Creeps! And the opening scenes are from the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There’s also a clown that resembles Spaulding…good stuff. First time I see this videos and they are great, I wonder if he directed them.

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i know he directed alot of them not sure about dragula tho, but since it had alot of references then it sound slike his work, heres another with alot of references

A Clock Work Orange?! I didn’t know Rob was a Kubrick fan…and I think that’s Sheri Moon Zombie (white fur).

And was that bald guy Tom Towles?..

yeah he loves kubrics work, pretty much anything thats the comlpete opposite of mainstream

In the Devil’s Rejects his influences really show. Movies like The Wild Bunch - (the ending for this movie pays hommage to the Wild Bunch) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and others. I like how he had more character depth it really gave the movie that edge. Glad he brought Ken Foree back in the spotlight.