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Reviving the 'stache

I think, just as QT brought back certain songs of the 60s and 70s, just as he made cheap suits look cool, him and Brad Pitt will bring back the Moustach to where it belongs: on everybody’s face!


Holy shit! Brad got TACKLED? The guy who did it must feel terrible now. That mustve been very awkward. As far as staches, maybe a goatee, but Im not into staches really.

How can that bodyguard not recognize Pitt just because of a moustache…that’s really retarded.

How did the conversation go:

Guard: Hey, you cant go in there!

Brad: Why not?

Guard: Because the movies started!

Brad: Cmonnnn man, I want to go in.

Guard: NO! Youre not!

(Guard tackles Brad)


Guard: Get outta here punk!

Brad: I was in Fight Club! Im Tyler Durden!

Guard: And Im Mr T! Get out!

Brad: IM TELLIN ANGIE ABOUT THIS!! Shes got a voodoo doll and shes gonna put a curse on you!!

Guard: Whaa?

Brad dials cellphone


Dungeon like room - NIGHT

We see a vampire coffin. We hear a cellphone ringing inside. Its the theme from “Dark Shadows”. She answers.


Angie: Who interupts my slumberrrr?


Brad (outraged): Ange, this is Brad!..No, your husband!..some guy just tossed me out of a theater!..I told him!..He didnt recognize me!..Im not going back!..ohhh no…you got your voodoo doll?..


i like his stache though


Most of the men around here have 'taches. Hell, some of the women too. I once, really honest-to-God, actually took my own little poll while I was at work. I had two columns on a sheet of paper, one for guys with 'taches, one for guys without (van dykes and goatees don’t count as taches)… When a guy would walk in, I’d mark the appropriate column. By the end of the day, I had something like 23 taches, and 6 non-taches. The reason I did that was cos I noticed how many people in this town are out of touch with the rest of the world. That, and I get bored easily.

Hoho. Heee Heee Hee. Ha Ha Ha.

And i thought my jokes were bad

Bronson and Reynolds had a mustache, that’s all you need to know. Mustache=Awesome.

One time they asked Bronson to shave his 'stache for a role, and he replied: “No mustache, no Bronson.”

[quote=“Crazy Kenneth”]


we need a mustache smiley.

Yeah, but it took MASSIVE ego-stroking (and God knows what other sort of stroking) by Edgar Wright to get Timothy Dalton to wear a tache again for Hot Fuzz. That’s how out of style it is. Tim Dalton! Bond! He should have the balls to do anything.

Infamous Staches



exactly. Mike!!

Yeah buddy! It’s the Mikestache!

Isn’t it “'tache”? “'stache” could be taken for something else. I read that article and thought about posting it, but then decided not to.

I don’t like thaving a moustache, but it really does suit some people. Sometimes they help in reinforcing someone’s personality.

For example, Tom Selleck’s helps him maintain his “warm and friendly” personality in Friends:

Josh Brolin’s tache makes him look like even more of a bastard in American Gangster:

And of course, Jules is just a bad motherfucka:


Inspector Coustache

Charles Bronstache


Yeah, I say “tache”, because Nick and Simon say it.

you’re such a tool geoi :wink: