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Revenge Movies

Did anyone see Road to Perdition? What’d you think?

I havent seen Perdition yet but heres some of my favorite revenge movies:

Rolling Thunder

Cape Fear (Scorsese version)

The Crow

Phantom of the Paradise


Enter The Dragon

Death Wish

Hard to Kill

White Lightning


Star Trek 2 : Wrath of Khan

The Chinese Connection

Point Blank

Is Unforgiven really a revenge movie? Its later in the story that he seeks revenge but wasn’t it about catching those guys for money?

What do you think of the similarity between Hard to Kill and Kill Bill? I mean the Bride has a bad guy visit her in the hospital as well?

I liked Hard to Kill when I was younger but now, when its on tv, I keep thinking that he pussied out for not killing the Senator? I mean c’mon!!!

I’m listening to the Perdition soundtrack right now and I’d like to hum a few notes for you: bum bum bum …bum bum…bum bum bum bum…da da da da da…da dada da da.dadadadada.ding ding, nee nee nee nee, nee nee nee nee, nah nah nah nah nah, ni ni ni ni, ni ni ni, (alright this part make me want to cry) nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah…

Well I consider any film to be a revenge film where the main story revolves around the main character getting revenge in some way against someone in the film.

Unforgiven is about Bill Munny getting revenge on Little Bill. There are other elements to the movie, but that part seems to stand out for me. So I consider it a revenge film.

I should put High Plains Drifter and Outlaw Josey Wales on that list too.

Hard To Kill, you have a point, I should drop that one from my list, purely for the fact Storm doesnt kill Trent at the end. But it wasnt bad for a big budget revenge movie. For instance, I like it more than Payback or Patriot Games.

The similarity between Hard to Kill and Kill Bill. Well to start, both have the word Kill in the title. :slight_smile: Then there is the fact, both heroes get put into a long coma. And you said, a bad guy visits The Bride in the hospital like in HTK. Both films have martial arts in them. I dont know what else. Youve read the script so you would know better than me.

Robocop was on tv and I never thought about it but watching it, I got the revenge movie feeling. Especially with its justice theme playing when Robo does good. Christ, that was a good movie.

Do you really think so ? I’ve tried to watch it twice now, and twice have I turned it off after 30 minutes. I think it’s a disgustingly violent piece of crap with no redeeming features whatsoever. And mind you, after having read half Kill Bill, I’m absolutely positive it will not come close to grossing me out half as much as Robocop did, no matter how gory QT makes it…at least a soul is there. Robocop is just mindless destruction and sickening sadism. For the record: I don’t have problems with violence in movies - Reservoir Dogs is one of my favorites ever. But to show it in such an offensively bloodthirsty manner, without any element of fun or creativity, disturbs me. There’s tons of more violent movies out there that are less sadist.

I just watched Robocop the other day. I really liked it alot when I was younger, but now it doesnt do much for me anymore. As far as the violence goes, Robocop was definitely an 80s exploitation film. Paul Verhoeven likes exploitation, just watch his movies. Especially Showgirls. Kill Bill sounds like its going to be alot more gory than Robocop. The Bride and what she does to Sofie Fatale is pretty damn gory. Plus shes not using guns, shes using swords. Ya dig?

Yeah, of course I see that what QT is doing in Kill Bill is in fact a lot more gorier, and I don’t exclude that it could turn me off when I see it on the big screen, but reading the script it doesn’t really strike me that way…I can’t quite point out what it is about Robocop that sickens me…I’ve grinned with delight at the Asian horror movie Audition for instance, and there’s a few stomach-turning moments in that, although it doesn’t show that much…it’s just the way in which they bring the violence in Robocop on screen…something about it feels off, it’s difficult to explain. I’ve seen a lot more violent movies, but I was fine with those, so it must be something else than merely the bloodshed…it’s something about the attitude behind it that I find rather repugnant. It’s as vague as that, I’m afraid…

I’ve never had trouble with violence in movies,because after all,it’s just a movie.

I’m delighted with RoboCop and love all the “repugnant” violence.I don’t have a problem with people who can’t enjoy such things,because we are all different.That said…whining about violence in movies seems foolish to me.

As a kid, Robocop really freaked me out but just watching it again, you gotta love it. Sure its violent but it needs to be.

You want a non-violent revenge movie ------> In The Bedroom

In Robo, when that guy was changed by all that toxic waste, it scared the shit outta me years ago but you know what, he deserved it and I’m glad he got it. He had it coming.

Also, when Murphy is shot down and all that happens, gets his arm blown off, I mean its awful but you know what, thats what justifies all that he does to the bad guys.

He had to suffer like that to earn the right to fuck up all those bad guys. Robocop now seems more like an A-list big budget Troma film if such a thing can exist but its great. Yesterday it was on showtime and I had to watch it all scrambled but you really get into it that you forget its scrambled. That or the signal was good enough to watch.

I wonder what Quentin thinks of Robocop?

[quote]I’ve grinned with delight at the Asian horror movie Audition for instance, and there’s a few stomach-turning moments in that, although it doesn’t show that much[/quote]
Takashi Miike is one of my favorite directors, if you haven’t seen any of his other films and you aren’t easily offended, or need a cohesive storyline, then i would recommend almost any of his films. I’ve seen Dead or Alive, Audition, City of Lost Souls, Ichi the Killer and Visitor Q. So far he hasn’t disapointed me yet.

As for the topic…

When i think of revenge films i have a hard time making a list. I’ve seen more than what comes to mind, but i just never think of a film as a “revenge” film.

Oh well, the first that comes to mind is I Spit on Your Grave. I actually enjoyed it much more than i thought i would, the bathroom scene near the end was highly disturbing and probably should have ended with it. The next two deaths were pretty lame and pailed in comparison.

Cannibal Holocaust could probably be classified as a revenge film, considering it revolves around the natives taking revenge for all the atrocities the documentary crew commit. Then again, if you consider Holocaust a revenge film then i guess that makes Cannibal Ferox one too. Of all the italian cannibal flicks i’ve seen though, Holocaust truly is the master.

I draw a blank after that… I know i’ve seen more but just can’t think of any.

Cannibal Holocaust is another one of those I just can’t enjoy…it’s just too perverse. I am all against censorship and don’t have any problem with this movie being freely distributed, but it’s not for me. I don’t mind violence in movies, and I even agree with what QT says (“violence in movies is entertaining”), but in order for it to be entertaining it has to offer more than just casual violence. I am slightly disturbed by people who can enjoy seemingly real, explicitly violent scenes without any form of context whatsoever…having said this, even an ultraviolent script like Kill Bill offers tons of emotions and coolness which make sure the violence will entertain me (although there’s one gore scene I really didn’t like - I’ll get into that in my review).

Perverse movies are the BOMB!! 8)

Have you seen Cannibal Holocaust?

The only thing in it i don’t agree with is the killing of animals, the human gore isn’t anything special. Only the castration scene seems real, the rest is most obviously quite fake looking. Especially when the cannibals rip that one guy apart. It looks like they took three bags full of meat and taped them together.

All i can say is it’s not for everybody. Some “like” it, some don’t.

Yeah, I’ve seen it - I kind of knew in advance that I wasn’t going to like it, but what can I say, it’s a cult movie and I couldn’t resist. Yeah, I do object to the animal killing in the film, which was totally extraneous (although it does add to the overall perversity of it :wink:) to the rest of the film…I realise it’s not for everyone, and I’m one of the people whom it’s not for, so no use in argueing over it - these kinds of movies were obviously made for a niche audience.

I can totally respect (and understand) your opinion, a film like Cannibal Holocaust isn’t for most tastes. It’s best to just leave it at that, different strokes for different folks.

anyway, back to topic…

Well, i thought it over and was able to come up with a few more films.

Chushingura (47 samurai, The Loyal 47 Ronin)


Johnny Firecloud

Full Contact

Last House on The Left

I’m pretty sure those all can be classified as “revenge” films.

I remember Quentin saying something about Patriot Games, which he also considered to be a revenge movie: “Anyone who makes a cheap cop-out revenge movie like Patriot Games should be sent to movie prison, making sure they don’t make another movie for at least fifteen years” - this is certainly not the correct literal quote (it was years ago I read this), but that’s pretty much what he said. Side note: Samuel L. Jackson was in Patriot Games, so unless only the director gets sent to movie prison, we can be quite thankful QT didn’t get his wish…can you imagine Cuba Gooding Jr. or Wesley Snipes playing Jules Winfield ? Sheeesh :wink:

I will think of a lot more.This is the only movie that comes to me right now.


No one mentioned Mad Max? Yeah, it took over half the movie to get around to the revenge aspect, but that last thirty minutes in all its explosive glory seemed pure revenge to me.

Road to Perdition was awesome.

Revenge is a REALLY broad genre…the best revenge movie ever for my money is Conan the Barbarian.