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Reservoir Dogs SE DVD

From newsgroup:

A week after the special editions of “Pulp Fiction” (8/20) and “Jackie Brown”

(8/20) are released on DVD by Buena Vista Home Video, Artisan Home

Entertainment will release a 2-disc special edition of “Reservoir Dogs” (8/27).

While no specs have been released, Artisan has announced a rather interesting

packaging scheme. 5 colors will be released, each with the theme of one of the

main characters in the movie, Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink and

Mr. Brown. The “Mr. Brown” packaging will be produced in limited numbers, so

it’ll probably be hard to find. The box covers of each will feature the theme

character set against his designated color, with the cover flap swinging open

to reveal the character’s bio, photos and quotes. The packaging also includes

an 8-page booklet highlighting this dark-humored movie about a robbery gone



I hope this is true!!! Cross your fingers Tarantino fans! :slight_smile:

where did you get that info from?

do you mean they’ll reduce the same set in 8 different packagings??? oh that sucks! what fucking retard had that idea? thats so damn commercial

Dude, its fn AWESOME!!! Its a SPECIAL EDITION.

5 different colors including the collectors Mr Brown colored box. How can you say it sucks?

We have all 3 Tarantino Special Edition DVDs coming out in one week!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


we have 7 special editions coming out.

but 5 of them are reservoir dogs, and they are all the same except how the cover looks like.

thats totally commercial, they want you to buy all 5 SE DVDs just because there are different covers… :frowning:

Myself I’m delighted I’m sure like a lot of people I have a favourite character from the movie so for me I will be purchasing the SE for Mr Blonde 8) I think it is great that you can do this. I understand that some people may feel its commercialism but this is the real world the people in the movie business although a lot of them love their craft are also their to make a living as are those who produce the DVDs. If you decide to buy all the editions that is your choice. Anyway just my view.

Sorry I forgot to ask in my above post if there is any news when they will be released here in the UK?



as far as I know, Reservoir Dogs rights in UK are not at Artisan Entertainment, so… i don’t know if there are any plans.

in the UK there is already some sort of Special Edition, but i don’t know what special features are on that disc.

of course when i hear some news you’ll get them herer :wink:

I just read about the 3 angle of the ear-cutting scene!!

That’s excellent coz i was reading the bio of Tarantino and they mention it there and i always wanted to see these two other angles!


Let’s hope for some commentaries :slight_smile:


there WILL BE commentaries or one commentary in the RD SE. not by Quentin, but by some actors…


Well I for one, dont plan on buying all 5 DVD Covers. Ill probably get Mr Blonde or Mr Brown. Just because theres 5 DVD covers doesnt mean you HAVE to buy all 5. Its more for choosing your fav character and buying that one. I dont see the big deal. Commercialism is everywhere, if its not DVDs its gonna be something else. I think its cool, kinda reminds me of Special Collector Issues of Comic Books that have different covers or Albums or Magazines.

No one expects us to buy all 5 covers!! That would be just plain dumb. The point is of course to buy the cover with your favorite guy.

Mr. Pink here i come


I know i may sound dumb but I’m going to buy all 5 just so i can show what a Tarantino fan i am. I’ve already started saving my pennies.

by buying all 5 of 'em, you don’t show what a tarantino fan you are, you just prove that Artisan Enterntainment succeeded in their marketing strategy of “selling the same thing 5 times to the same idiot” :wink:

[quote]by buying all 5 of 'em, you don’t show what a tarantino fan you are, you just prove that Artisan Enterntainment succeeded in their marketing strategy of “selling the same thing 5 times to the same idiot”  :wink:[/quote]

That too! Anyway, i’m still getting it for the bio of the character plus the quotes and photos. Hey, at least Artisan’s making some more money ;D

How the hell did Artisian get RD anyway? Didn’t LIVE release it? Didn’t Miramax get the video rights and distribute it on video? Why does Artisian have it now?

Artisan ALWAYS had the DVD rights for Reservoir Dogs. The old Reservoir Dogs DVD is by artisan, too.

Miramax is just the movie publisher. LIVE Ent. is just a production company… they have nothing to do with the video publication rights…

did that answer your question? ;_)

That Mr Brown DVD is cool. I think Im gonna get that one or The Mr Blonde one. 8)

I gotta go with Mr Brown. :smiley:

PF and RD will be in my collection ;D


(sorry, had to get that out) :stuck_out_tongue:

Those stupid fucks totally fucked that dvd up.

  • Full frame on second disc?? WHAT THE FUCK?? Who the hell needs full frame?

  • lousy 3 posters in a picture gallery?

  • a fake audio commentary? DAMN!

  • THE WORST IMAGE QUALITY SINCE VHS!!! The old dvd was ten times better! fuckin’ A!

    i really hate Artisa now. BOYCOTT!!

    another negative review: