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Reservoir Dogs SE DVD

I think it’s time Aristan or whoever’s responsible pulled their finger out and released this in the UK. For some compensation of the wait there could be some additional extras. Also it has emerged that the UK spends more on DVD’s than the rest of Europe so come on I want to see that policeman get his ear chopped off in DVD format…Joke.

Also I think releasing anything in multiple packages is the stupidest idea. I couldn’t believe Quentin would have agreed.

quentin had nothing to do with the production of that DVD.

[quote=“Seb (admin)”]

  • a fake audio commentary? DAMN!
    I’ve held my silence for too long! that god-damn commentary is… words can not describe!

    It’s just a plain insult! it contains audio, from Interveiws on the same release…

More details are emerging and the official covers are known. Here is the Best Buy exclusive one for example: