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Reservoir Dogs DVD

Hi, I saw 'Dogs for the first time a few weeks ago. Now, I want to buy the DVD, but I am unsure what to buy. I’ve seen several editions (in the UK) and I just need what’s what explaining to me.

I heard there was one with just the film and one with decent extras. I want any extras I can get…Advice?

Oh, and, first post. Woo me!

Several editions in the UK? There’s only 2. I’ve got the basic region 2 version of RD what is okay, but I’ve just ordered the 10th aniversary edition from America. What I doubt they will make a U.K. version of. :frowning:

Okay, I’ve just seen loadsa versions on the web now. What’s the second British one?

Any extras on the basic DVD? Or is it the same as the rental DVD (just an interview with QT and a trailer)?

You should order the 10th anniversary edition. It has an assload of goodies. ANd you can fit alot of goodies in an ass.

[quote]Several editions in the UK? There’s only 2. I’ve got the basic region 2 version of RD what is okay, but I’ve just ordered the 10th aniversary edition from America. What I doubt they will make a U.K. version of.  :frowning:[/quote]

Nah,there are lots of editions…nothing much realy,a lot of different covers and all.

I got the one with the red cover and with the Tarantino intro on it.

[quote]You should order the 10th anniversary edition.  It has an assload of goodies.  ANd you can fit alot of goodies in an ass.[/quote]
And this is the US one? How expensive?

Where’s the best place to buy any of these DVDs from?

I’ve got the red one what Cipher was on about (U.K.) The other version of it is in a big silver box with K-Billys radio feature.

Though today I got the 10th anniversary version what has tonnes of extras, haven’t watched it yet though. I got it from amazon, they only have the Blonde edition left what was cool with me. 8)

i own the regular one with no special features…just the movie and the ten year anniversary edition

What Colour did you buy Skooter?

I’ve got the british DVD from Momentum and this is the best DVD of the movie I’ve ever seen. I tested them all! The american 10th Anniversary, the German Special Edition and many others but the british Momentum is the best (the DVD with the classic red cover). It has the best picture qualitaty and good old 2.0 Surround Sound. The 5.1 Upmixes are not very good, so buy the english DVD, the same I have! And there is a Tarantino introductary and an interview. Just the best DVD of the best movie ever made: RESERVOIR DOGS

I own the same DVD, it may have the best transfer but the lack of extras makes it no way near the best version.

I’m not such an extras-geek. Extras are not very important for me, the technical quality is the most important (for me) and the british DVD has the best picture and sound. But one question I have: Where is this hidden feature 25 min Tarantino interview? I just found the Introduction by the master, which is 10 mins long.

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I didn’t know a Reservoir Dogs 2 Disk edition was coming out, did anybody mention it here on the board? it looks well sweet, what with the Tarantino Commentary n shit!!!

I can’t wait to get it!!!

ya gotta be fuckin kiddin me. Region 2 gets a Quentin audio commentary?? That shit’s gay. All we get is a trivia track. >:(

nah nigga, I think the DVD described in the link above for Region 2 is no different than the one we have, if you read on the page it says Commentary with Tarantino, Bender, and selected cast and crew. On OUR dvd we have little comments from cast, crew, tarantino and Bender…thought they are just talking about certain things while not really sitting infront of the TV and watching the movie and commenting on it.

So I think its no different

maybe someone with the region 2 DVD can confirm though

True dat shit homey, that does make sense. It sounded a little fishy.

Get one of the 10th anniversary editions (You have your choice of Mr. Brown, Orange, White, Blonde or Pink). They have interviews, deleted scenes, trailers and other exciting shit.

The region 2 version of Dogs is out in the UK on the 7th June.

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It is pretty much the same as the US version but we won’t know the exact list until it is released.

Disc one:

Audio commentary by writer/director Quentin Tarantino, producer Lawrence Bender and select cast and crew


Disc two:

Deleted scenes

Original interviews with Chris Penn, Kirk Baltz, Michael Madsen, Lawrence Bender, Tim Roth and writer/director Quentin Tarantino

Class of '92 interviews and Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab

Scenes of Reservoir Dogs

Tributes and dedications

Film Noir Files

Securing the Shot

Location scouting with Billy Fox

Screen Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic

Languages English - Dolby Digital (5.1)

Subtitles English for the hearing impaired

Duration 1 hour and 35 minutes (approx)

I’d like to buy the special anniversary edition but I’m curious about one thing. What’s the difference between this one and this one? (with the collectible covers). The extras look pretty much the same, except that the latter is listed as a double DVD. Are the extras really all the same or is the difference mainly on the cover alone?

I just got the Mr. Brown version today(only one they had at FYE), so i haven’t even watched it yet, but the front cover opens up and has a little pamphlet about Mr. Brown, which consists of three quotes and three pictures. I’ve heard the Dvd has plenty of cool shit though, so whatever…