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Region-free DVD players

I am looking into getting one of these and am wondering if anyone has any good ones to recommend. Especially ones at a good price. I saw a few good ones on ebay but am not sure of the quality. thanks for the help.

I’m with Jkiller on this. I’m tired of putting up with (mostly bad) region-0s and region 1’s.

Help us out!

or it could be cheaper to buy a regular one and see if it has some kind of cheat code to enable region free

try here

maybe there’s one for the player you have now

yeah either that (quite risky) or just buy one off the internet that has no region-code at all!

try (they had some) or’s links to region-free stuff. or just search the net.

there are tons of 100 bucks DVD Players that don’t have a region code, have an included Dolby decoder and some even play DivX.

hey mute clown i went to that dvd hack site. i found my dvd player and folowed the instructions. It worked… my dvd player is now region free and i ow it all to you. thanks man


WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA. I JUST DID THE SAME :o :o :smiley: :o :o :o ;D

My dvd player is region 2, some how it plays every dvd I put in it, including region 1 and Australlian dvds.

That site opened up new doors for me. I’m region free from now on.

keep in mind that you problably wont be able to play pal system dvds. I’m not sure if they use it in the UK only or if it’s for all europe

does that mean since im in australia that i cant play american dvd’s cause of ntsc

problably. didn’t an australian judge rule that it was illegal to have region locks on dvds a while ago? i have been getting lots of movies that come with region 1 and 4 (oz) and i thought it was because of that

I an play PAL and NTSC perfectly.

I only wanted to bring the topic up for a new member… :wink:

Check out this player. This is prolly the best one you can get. This player will play just about anything u throw in it. Everything from burnt CDs and DVDs. It plays every region coding and NTSC and PAL formats on any TV anywhere in the world. It’s a little expensive, $200, but its so worth it. It has progressive scan as well. I got this player and recommend it above everything out there. It comes with 2 remotes as well. here’s the link <LINK_TEXT text=“ … C=standard”></LINK_TEXT>

My DVD-player (Sony LS755P) has been made regionfree in the store I bought it at and works perfectly, it eats everything I feed, NTSC (the American which is of lesser quality) and PAL. The only problem in the I had in the beginning was that all Region 1 dvd’s played in black and white. After searching for a while I found out that I had to configure the “Line options” on my DVD. I can choose from Video, S Video or RGB, RGB works best for me because I’ve conneectec the dvd player to the tv via a Scart cable. Now I see everything in color…

I have 3 DVD players in this house (Excluding the DVD-ROM) and not one of them is hackable. Can you believe that shit?

I have 3 DVD players in this house (Excluding the DVD-ROM) and not one of them is hackable. Can you believe that shit?

blame it on the person who bought them ;-))

i think i will buy the Bellagio DivX DVD Player AD-2020 on christmas for me.

playable formats: MPEG4: DivX 3.11, DivX 4.12 und DivX 5.x inklusive

Pro-Features wie GMC, Q-Pel, B-Frames, XviD (without GMC); MPEG 1/2;


ports: Coaxial-Digitaloutput: DTS/DOLBY Digital,

PBEG, PCM, Scart, S-Video output, Composite Video output

NTSC and PAL; Codefree

actually i dont know much about dvdplayers and i dont read any reviews, but for me it sounds pretty good and the price of 55? is also good, isnt it ?

if you have better ones, please tell!

im in the market for a new dvd player…ive seen a few sites mentioned…but are any just great sites to shop for region free dvd players?..and any recomendations for any certain models?

I would suggest a DVD player which can also play DivX:

Check out the DivX homepage. They recommend some DVD player (NTSC & PALcomptaible))

Here is the link for the player recommended for the USA.