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Rank the Lone Wolf & Cub films

I’m curious to see how you guys got your favorites ranked from this memorable series–And I know there’s at least 3 of you who have seen all 6. My rankings:

Baby Cart at River Styx (Just non-stop action)

Baby Cart in Peril (I feel that this is the most majestic of the series)

Sword of Vengeance (Non-linear storytelling device works well. This one seems to be the most brutal of the bunch)

Baby Cart to Hades (A slow middle-act, but I loved the ronin subplot and of course, the finale)

Land of Demons (Starts out good, but soon gets confusing)

White Heaven in Hell (WTF? A little cartoonish for my tastes, but I dug the SHAFT-sounding theme!)

I haven’t seen the two last ones >:( >:( >:( >:(

But the second one is my favorite too. And the other three are equally amazing. I love em with all my heart :slight_smile:

I’ve only seen three of them :frowning:

but I rank them:

Baby Cart at River Styx

Sword of Vengeance

Baby Cart to Hades

River Styx does kick a whole lot of ass.

That i will agree with

Baby Cart in Peril (My favourite of the series. Excellent action scenes and good characters)

Land of Demons (Very interesting story and lots of memorable scenes)

Sword of Vengeance (Great storytelling, great action)

Baby Cart at River Styx (Simple but very entertaining. The scene at the riverside is one of the coolest scenes ever)

Baby Cart to Hades (Great opening, a bit too slow middle part, awesome ending)

White Heaven in Hell (I actually liked this one. Worst of the series, but still a kick ass movie)

Hung Fist’s makes more sense, i didnt really pay much attention before, but i wondered why laydback had land of demons at second last! Sure it gets weird, but it definitely is one of the best. It is hard with the baby cart fillms though cause they are all excellent films, the last three have a whole lot less rape scenes than the first three though lol

and the ending in baby cart in hades is very memorable, although i cant really make up my mind i will say that peril definitely deserves a place in the top two.

I watched the films again and noticed that the first 20 minutes (except the opening credits) of White Heaven in Hell is perfect in every aspect. Music, cinematography, atmosphere… Maybe my favourite scene(s) in the whole series.

Ive seen all the films at one point or another - they screened them all on SBS, the first one I saw and my Favorite is the 5th film – its kinda hard to put the titles to the films when you see them out of order…

In case someone still doesn’t know what these films are about, here’s a nice french trailer for the series:

(click ‘Decouvrez La Collection En Images’)

^Yeah, they’re coming out with a boxset

Daranofsky’s new flick is a remake of Baby Cart in Peril, right?

Daranofsky’s new flick is a remake of Baby Cart in Peril, right?

Yeah, Road To Perdition 2 ;D

Nah, but I think his version is supposed to be set in feudal Japan too. Surprised I haven’t looked further into this yet.

That box set looks so sweet, ill have to get me that! :o

that box set is slick, i am stuck with old school versions of the films, i want that

It may be better than the Animeigo discs, but it’s still no perfect release. It is a bit better that the earlier french release (by HK Video) though. At first I thought about getting it, but then I realized I’m quite happy with my R1 dvds. That new release is too expensive and I don’t have time to sub six films. However, the bonus material and the 80 page booklet seem very tempting…but still not worth 100€

Baby Cart in Peril (it’s the greatest! cool characters, cool action scenes and cool music - everything’s so cool there! i love the last action scene with the funky song)

White Heaven And Hell (climat of danger with the best music of all Lone Wolf films - but i was dissapointed with the finale)

Baby Cart at the River Styx (the first one i’ve watched - love all the action scenes and the three lords of death - and ofcourse female ninjas)

Sword Of Vengeance (love the sex scene ::slight_smile:)

Baby Cart in the Land of Demons (it’s still very good but not as the rest is)

i didn’t see the third part yet :frowning:

[quote=“Richard Gecko”]
i didn’t see the third part yet :frowning:

You have to see it. I has my favourite opening and closing scenes + maybe the best fight scene in the whole series.

there are to my surprize 2 new lone wolf and cub movies. one from 2002 and another from 2005! anyone seen?

The 2002 version is a Japanese TV show.

The 2005 version is a new adaptation from the original story. The film is not finished yet, I don’t think they have even started the production yet. The film will be directed by Darren Aronofsky, and will most likely be a US production, and therefore not an Asian movie. But I don’t think the film will ever get done.

What is it that makes you think, this movie won’t ever get done?