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Quentin's Daddy

hi there.

some time ago I spent some time researching about Tarantino’s real dad.

As you all know, he had more than only one. His ‘real’ dad is Tony Tarantino ( or something). Tony’s bio reads like a typical american up-and-down.

I think its a fascinating thing of Quentin’s life. Of all his dads, Tony was the one he didn’t know or nothing, and all other dads were his father-figures of those he didn’t get anything. A guy raised by his mother, cartoons and movies.

Read that book “Quentin Tarantino, the man and his movies” (Jamie Bernard), it really uncovers all his life details.

Once there has been a rumor that Tony and Quentin might re-unite… I personally think that would be a great thing, since Tony is also an actor and so…

what do you think?

Yes,it would be fascinating to see father and son act together in a Quentin movie.Would be a good idea for Glorious Bastards perhaps!

I’ve spoken with Tony on a few occassions. He’s not the most likable person in the world.

How did you first get in touch with him?

just bringing this topic back up :wink:

in that recent (like from last year) interview, Tarantino mentions his father…and how is dad tried to get in touch with him, and tarantino saying something like, “You had all my life to meet me, but you wait till im famous? thanks for the fucking sperm”

obviously he will probably never have any relation with him.

I think his mom was pregnant with him while she was like 15 or something, so no wonder.

hahaha look who it is…it’s hollywood hogan!

yeah, this topic is fucking old as old people’s shit.

I want Hollywood Hogan back, whatever happened to that guy anyway

he left to make Suburban Commando 2

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guys… i hate to say this… but… keep the crap to a minimum please. there have already been LOTS OF COMPLAINTS about how many people post bullshit…

Forget dedicating posting a site about Tarantino’s dad, try digging up a site about his half sister.

Tarantino’s half sister. Damn!

i think it would be really cool if Quentin and his father re-united, who knows there could be evn more talent in the family! :slight_smile:

I’ve been on Tony Tarantinos website, what a jerk. :-</E>

hes a sliece.

hes a sliece.

What’s a sliece?

I think she meant sleaze.