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QT on Jay Leno

Just a heads up - QT will be on Jay Leno tonight. They might even show clips from MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY.

Thanks for the heads up. ;D

Thanks, I was actually wondering when it was on…

I think there’s another topic on this, but…oh well

Holy-crap Q.T. was mad-drunk, HAHA.

Taken advantage of that open-bar.

That was hilarious!

Vivica Fox (in clip): …bitch…


I live in California, so it still hasn’t been on yet. Is it good? I bet it’s good. How is it? Is it good?

HOLY FUCK that was hilarious. He came sooo fucking hammered. He was almost as drunk as Tom Green was on the show a while before.

“I wanna talk about the baaaaar”

“No, Quentin we have no time”

“But I wanted to saaaay one thing alriiiiight”

“No, we have to talk about Kill Bill”

“But I…”

"Do you got whiskey in that cane or what?"

And then he gets into the beehotch conversation…you could see in the backround Kevin Bacon was like “OMG he is so fuckin drunk…”

Man oh man ! Quentin was just so hammered, I loved when they showed that horrible image-quality picture of him as Elvis on the Golden Girls show.

He was so drunk that Jay kept making fun of him in his face and Q.T. kept saying “but first let me tell you…, wait let me tell you.” hahahahahah.

And how Jay kept on wanting to show the clip.

damn that was funny! ;D

Leno: "is that whiskey you have in that cane?"

Q: “yagermister (sp) all the way to the bottom!”

Hell…alarm woke me up just in time for me to see it, and fell asleep during commercials before Tarantino came on. I`m still banging myself in the head for that.

Anyway, I sure it was very funny, but did Tarantino talk about any future projects???

SHIT! I thought QT was gonna be on Conan last night, so I didnt even watch it because the reruns play next day on Comedy Central. :frowning:


I wish I couldve seen QT channeling Sam Peckinpah damnit!!!

how’s he doing that? he’ supposed to be in Berlin in about 24 hours… that man IS busy…

That was milldy amusing last night. I kind of was pissed as since he was drunk off his ass he really didn’t give a good interview. Anyhow - the man deserves to party given all the work and hours he put into kill bill

[quote] Anyway, I sure it was very funny, but did Tarantino talk about any future projects???[/quote]

he didnt say anything about the movie or any future plans, it really doesent qualify as an interview because his thoughts were coming so slow and slurred that Jay’s chit-chatting with him about Elvis or Golden Girls took forever, so by the time he got to asking about the movie it was time to show the clip and the interview was over. It was a let down, but still funny as hell. I dont like Leno anyway so who cares if his interview sucked. Conan’s will be much better.

I was actually embarassed for him (and I’m a drunk!). I can only assume that Kevin Bacon was out for longer than he thought he would be, so he had too much back stage.

Nothing he said was even resembling a coherent thought about something current.

Man, what a let-down. I’m not saying that it wasn’t funny (it was… very), but it makes me wonder if Leno, letterman, or O’brian will ever invite him back. Most people who throw a fit like that are not welcomed back to the show. Dammit.

But… the clip was super-cool, and 11 MORE DAYS TO GO.


Hunter S. Thompson came out once on Conan O’Brien so drunk that he had to crawl up the steps leading to the desk area, stumbled behind the couch, and had to be led to his seat by Conan himself…he mumbled through the interview (you think Tarantino was incoherent?) randomly muttering what I’m pretty sure were racial slurs and insults on the previous guests…and he practically has an open invitation on O’Brien’s show.

The moral of the story: When you’re famous, and you’re doing work that draws/has previously drawn a lot of admiration, the big media guys will always let you on.

it sucked, okay, it really sucked… he was on for 2 minutes, he couldn’t form a sentence… Kevin Bacon and Jay were exchanging glances like “What the fuck is he talking about?” and QT was fidgeting all the time, he couldn’t keep still! I suppose it was kind of funny because regardless of whether he’s drunk or not he has a certain screen pressance which demands attention…and anything that comes out of his mouth is some what entertaining… but still I was disappointed, I wanted more than some bs about the golden girls and how he got the job based on his headshot which we already know… Pff… I guess it was better than nothing. What I wanna know is how long was he backstage? It had to have been a while for him to get that plastered, doesn’t the show tape at like five o-clock, or is that Letterman? I dunno… they should get rid of that damn bar…


Touche, Puck.

Either he was on his way to or coming from the premiere, because he had on the same clothes and the premiere was last night. I dont know what time Leno tapes but either way I think he was probably buzzed before he came to the studio then maybe kept drinking one he saw the open bar. If you look at the pictures from the premiere, he looks a little tipsy in those too, esp. the one where he’s holding up the pimp cane and he’s smiling with his whole face.

I dont know, the only reason I am disappointed is because some of the public has a fucked up view of QT already and they may not read the dozens of coherent interviews he gives to magazines or watch the intelligent discussions we’ve seen him have, so maybe the only time they will see him is in this interview and now they have this sloppy image of him. I’m sure the movie will still kill at the box office but I think a lot of uptight people are going to skip the movie because of it.

hahahahaha that was fuckn hilarious. I taped it too. I knew something was up when he started talking with a weird accent. hahaha his voice was squeaking so much. “Lemme lemme set up the clip, Im aloud to set up the clip aren’t I?!” hahahah that was one of the best interviews Ive ever seen, I fuckn laughed for like 10 mins straight. The Kill Bill clip was frickn amazing too!!! hahah Quentin RULES!