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Poster for my new zombie short

Here is poster to my new zombie short film i made on photo shop, i sat down last night and worked on it for about 15 to 20 minutes or so tell me what you think and what would be sweet to add on and/or change about it.

the hand could be a little bloodier, so there are smudges and drops coming down - it’s too neat as it is. Also you could maybe paste the face of a zombie or something. By the way, what is your zombie film about? It sounds cool.

Thanks yea I’m working on another poster soon but my friend works at an actual theater thats a 100 years old and its a very old fashion looking theater and the synopsis of the movie is about a group of teenagers that go up to this old theater and find a film-reel in this chest that they brake open but the film-reel has a secret for when they play the reel it opens a portal to hell on the movie screen unleashing an army of flesh-eating zombies, and the only way to survive is send the demons back to were they came from. I’m still working on the script we are going up there to have a meeting with the owner of the theater and since its a private movie theater and she really encourages people to get involved with film she is gonna actually have our film show at this actual theater that has shown films like super bad but not only that but have our names and the movie’s name on the marquee.

Cool it sort of sounds like the Evil Dead with the necronomicon. But better since you’re using real zombies.

Sending something evil back through a portal is so fucking stale. Hell the TMNT movie just used it, and it was a turd. A “group of teenagers”, why are people so content with using cliche setups. Why would a movie release hell anyways. Ohhhh its an old movie reel thats why. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zombies in a theater has been done BTW, it was called Demons. A film that is good for 20 minutes in the center but the beginning and end are too fucking hokey.

You should make something more original, take into account the geography surrounding the theater or the building itself and you can probably think of something. Of course you can just make up the geography like most movies do, showing scenes inside the theater, then going to a shot of a basement somewhere completely different.

If you have a guy reading the book of the dead you will just look like an ass.

Evil Dead is cool because it was made in the 80’s, it has Bruce Campbell’s physical humor, great gore FX and it was revolutionary for the time, which is why no one payed attention to the weak plot. No offense, but if you are going to do something you might as well do it well, otherwise you will just have a YouTube movie no one cares about.

Good Luck

It’s not a bad idea if you do it right, besides there hasen’t been a movie quite like that since the late eighties. But you still don’t know what the guy has written so you can’t really back up what you’re saying, cuz you don’t know shit about his project, I don’t know much either, but you just shouldn’t jump the gun and shit on his movie for no reason.

The poster looks pretty cool, but you should make it a rectangle.

Movie posters aren’t square.

Good attempt, but it still gives you that feeling of amateur photoshop pasting. Always try to avoid including two random images in a poster (the hand and the tyre in this case); otherwise it will look less professional. I think it would have been better if you just included the burning tyre in the centre. Remember…the simpler the poster, the better looking. That’s just my opinion anyway.

yea i did it in photo shop so that might explain the reason. I havent gotten around the chance to make a new poster but it will be sweet and simple. just one image and the title with a quote or something from it and thats all i have planning with the next poster. But yea i mean constructive criticism is a good thing and i thank everyone for it but hostofthreads i take what you just said as an insult cause not one thing you said was constructive criticism it was just you criticizing my synopsis. I am still working on it and its true anything can be good if done right no matter unoriginal or original something is. You know what i am getting tired of are all these Hollywood people making zombie movies about some stupid goddamn virus, how many times am i gonna see a damn zombie movie about oh look a virus got loose and changed everyone into infected zombies. No one barley makes zombie films about it being related to voodoo or black magic or Satan demonic stuff. Everything is about a virus that some bad experiment let loose or some Terrorists let out. Virus, Nuclear war, and anything around that is all i see with Hollywood Zombie films, Resident Evil, 28 Weeks later, all of that and those are not really original. But 28 weeks later did it well, and Resident Evil in my opinion didn’t. Yea I have seen Demons and i know it was in a theater. But i got my influence from that. Every movie has influences and i took some ideas cause i was influenced by them now i am still working on the script and the whole storyboard of it so i dont know how it will turn out but hopefully well. I wanted to take this Satan Demon zombie approach instead of doing the typical virus nuclear war thing everyone seems to do in Hollywood. I find mine idea original even though it was been done but the movie industry has been out for a long time, everything is taken from everything so its a little bit harder now to make something truly inspiring but if done well it can still be inspiring i just have to see how it goes but thanks everyone for the constructive criticism except for hostofthreads. Hostofthreads if you can give me some actual constructive criticism or let me see some of your work and see if your work is so completely original and inspiring then that would be better.

Well if you look at the Resident Evil PC game thatwas released in early 1997 you would surely know that they started the concept of genetic experimintation with the use of viruses. That concept was never really touched upon in any other zombie film except Dawn Of The Dead (1978) - it is suggested that a virus might have been the reason for the bizarre occurences that is the “zombification process” - Resident Evil exploited this idea before any other zombie movie and years later you have dozens of awful imitations. But in Resident Evil 5, which will be released later this year or next year takes the lead character Chris Redfield to West Africa, the origin of voodoo practices that was later established in Haiti during years of slavery. It is here where a substance known as “zombie powder” was discovered by Bokor sorcery.

Now this is just a theory of mine, but I think the T- virus is actually a form of zombie powder that was changed into a chemical, hence this crazy virus known as the T- Virus was born through that substance known as “zombie powder” - which is real by the way. Now you say that Resident Evil is not original, in contrary I think Resident Evil is innovative and resurrected the then dead genre that Romero brought to us. As far as originality goes Resident Evil is full of it. In fact they have such amazing stories in SD Perry’s novels. Resident Evil is THE innovative zombie franchise that has changed the foundation of this genre.

I understand where your coming from. And i actually did not know all of that Resident Evil information but you do so thank you for sharing that, it makes Resident Evil more original to me now and i forget that Resident Evil was originally a game, that slipped my mine for a second but that new resident evil film i have to check and look into that, cause there have been many cheap virus imitators. If i make any zombie movie or zombie story i will always have it more deep and different then a typical virus. I probably will never make a zombie story about some virus or some terrorist thing involved, i will make it more in depth.

Like i am writing another zombie story that might be used for a movie about a group of people that decide to make a knew muscle enhancement drug, kind of like steroids but its supposedly suppose to be better and work better but when tested to athletes it created a horrible side effect kind of like Roidrage but worse it turned them into blood sucking zombies. And it will be really in depth about these corporations like people who create steroids and the issues that some coaches give there athletes roids and its gonna be about the problems with society and the issues with steroids and all of these muscle enhancements and make it into a horror zombie story. I just came up with this yesterday when i was reading about Chris Benoit the former wrestler with roid rage and i put that into a horror standpoint cause in my opinion those drugs are bad so i used that issue and made started writing a zombie story which is not a movie idea that i have its just a story i started writing yesterday.

Hard to give constructive criticism when all you have is a weak poster, with an overused tagline and a lame synopses. I think your second idea is way better.

Some examples of my work.

My zombie film is called Exploder. Tagline “No emotions, just explosions.” It’s about a rediculously advanced android, with explosive ammo and a sword, who was created for war but is instead used to combat the zombies, but there are those who benefit in the new world and don’t want it to succeed. This is the second film of my trilogy. The zombies are neither religious or virus! The best part is when the android itself gets a different kind of virus.

Charlie - People in a small town start getting leg cramps, some are even dying in their beds with screams and painful expressions. Before long the whole town is walking with strange limps and swagger. A detective and scientists are on the case. The town is quarantined to find out what is causing it. Mosquitos have evolved from all the different pesticides, the latest, BLOODGUARD, has pushed them too far, now they are not just sucking human blood but incubating in them. When the eggs hatch they mutate the carrier into blood thirsty monsters, who come out and start killing the scientists in their setup laboratory. The whole town will be a goner soon. First it seems like a comedy, then it turns into a close quarters splatterhouse, once they escape it turns into a zombie film, and the final act is pure science fiction.

If you dont know that much about it then dont fucking say anything about my story. I was originally just talking about the poster and you had to get all critical about it. You know what i find your android zombie idea fucking lame. What are there light sabers and a death star also with your idea. Okay and yea i know it has been done before at a movie theater i own fucking Demons. But thats then saying wow Quentin can you do something thats not a fucking homage? You know QT is a genius and he is one of my favorite directors but he doenst make anything original he takes a homage and makes it better and makes it his own thats why alot of people hate him cause they dont want to see a homage in his films every single time. My idea might be bad in your eyes but again i am working on it and i wasnt even gonna mention the story but when someone asked i decided to and people dont jump to conclusions. Okay many people find the idea interesting no one has seen a fucking Hollywood zombie movies that have religious aspects in it for awhile most of the famous blockbuster zombie flicks all have to do with some goddamn virus or what not. You know no one has seen this since Demons like that guy said.

I took influences from shit people do that for god sakes all of Tarantino’s shit is influenced and no i am not comparing myself to QT so i dont want anyone to even mention that but the fact is his whole films have been done before he just changes it around and makes it his own so it becomes a QT film rather then a Sergio Leone film or whatever. Okay i wasnt even gonna fucking mention my story atleast some people dont jump to conclusions i should of never mention it.But what if everyone bashed your zombie/Android with a sword movie idea when they no nothing about it except its about some huge ass Android used for war but then fights zombies. You know i would imagine you would fucking take offense to it since you didnt describe that much except some synopsis about a crazy ass futurastic Android with a sword and explosive guns.

You know i am not really bashing your idea even though i said it was lame before i just want you to understand you just gave out a synopsis and if someone hated on your work like you did on mine i would imagine you would take offense since its your goddamn idea so i just threw some insults calling your fucking Android zombie movie lame and i didnt mean to do that but i am too lazy to delete it but just no i wasnt even trying to tell my synopsis anything can be done well if its done well my idea has been done before but like i said QT’s shit has been done before also but he does it in a genius manor he can take influences and ideas and makes it incredibly well cause it was done well. Not everything is good if its original. I can video tape someone taking a shit for two hours and put it in a film festival yea thats original cause no one has ever filmed a guy taking shit for 2 hours before with different lighting effects and camera angles but is it a good idea no.

Just think next time when sharing your synopsis to the public and if someone completely bashes your idea when he shouldnt cause i take pride in my ideas and bad or good if someone is critical like you were in a mean way like that then thats a douche bag thing to do and believe me no one will wont to work with it if your in command trust me we have douche bags in my film class that thinks there all that and guess what they always work alone and work in the same group same goes with a band if someone thinks there all that it wont last with them. I dont want to keep arguing but if you came back by not apologizing but calling me a retard or my synopsis a bad idea i will keep coming back until one of us gets kicked off this fucking board.

one more thing. I mis read your synopsis it seems like the Android combats them and not kills them, if thats what you meant then i misread it just so you dont have to say to me read it again he doenst kill them or anything like that.

one more thing. I mis read your synopsis it seems like the Android combats them and not kills them, if thats what you meant then i misread it just so you dont have to say to me read it again he doenst kill them or anything like that.

Nah, it could care less about the zombies, they are just backdrop.

What are there light sabers and a death star also with your idea.

The lightsaber ripoff is in the first film, the deathstar ripoff is in the third.

believe me no one will wont to work with it if your in command

Don’t forget some of the best directors are hated by the actors and actresses they work with.

I’m just a writer, I don’t plan on directing anyone. Probably why I’m so critical because in my work, I have to make sure the movie can run on the story alone, whereas a writer/director can take something old, and make it new. As some famous person said “I like your story, its both unique and good. Unfortunately the unique part is bad.”


Just think next time when sharing your synopsis to the public and if someone completely bashes your idea when he shouldnt cause i take pride in my ideas and bad or good if someone is critical like you were in a mean way like that then thats a douche bag thing to do

I like it when people bash my ideas, it makes me want to improve them. A person named deliveryman used to dwell here and criticize peoples writing, some people thought he was a jerk, but his opinions were helpful to me because I listened.

I don’t really think I’m being a douche bag, I’m just being honest. If you don’t want honest opinion you might want to avoid the anonymity of web boards. I’m not going to call you a retard, I reserve that for the two people on this board that actually are. If I was just a troll I would say everything you do is shit, but I didn’t, I think the steroid idea is good, as I have said.

Oh well, just make a good movie, and then you can shit on me all you want.

Criticism is good, that’s right, but from your posts it just looks like your main goal here is to talk about YOUR script and YOURSELF.

Remember what Cherry Darling said in Planet Terror, theres a difference in being Frank and being a dick. Same goes with criticism and constructive criticism. But hey for some reason your last post seemed a lot better. I’m glad you came back in a more mature approach cause i felt angry when i read your post before plus i was already in a bad mood with something else to begin with. But that i feel in your last post was a post i really wanted to hear. You weren’t criticizing or constructive criticizing but your last post seemed like a more mature approach. And maybe thats how you feel you have to get your post across I remember deliveryman on here and i was one of the people who thought he was a jerk so i left this board for a very long time. I can sometimes take offense to things too easily sometimes you dont know me in real life but i can be emotional a lot and when its something I try to do I want feel like I am getting helped not getting bashed at. Thats just me though some critics are very harsh on people thats how they do it. I’m though in a better mood but like i said the first time everyone reacts differently and like i said theres a difference in being Frank and a Dick like Rose said in Planet Terror and I feel that goes kind of the same for criticism and constructive criticism.

Criticism is good, that’s right, but from your posts it just looks like your main goal here is to talk about YOUR script and YOURSELF.

Wait are you talking to me about that or someone else?

To the wonderful critic HostOfThreads

HostofThreads did you go under the name of WeaselCo - I remember he had a similar idea with androids, maybe just a coincidence.

Tarantino101 can we see some of your work, if you don’t mind?