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Poster for my new zombie short

Yeah I was known as WeaselCO.

Bleach, don’t comment unless you read all the posts. I don’t really give away all the original stuff in my plots, so it would be useless for me to try to build myself up and I was just reacting to a T101’s previous post. Seems like your the wanker bleach, when your first post here is just trying to burn me, instead of giving advice or constructive criticism. Unless you think criticizing my criticism is constructive criticism, in which case you are loony. Then again I’m criticizing your criticism of my criticism which is really wack.

Anyway, T101, sorry if my second post was tactless, I was just getting mad at you getting mad at me. I’m really shouldn’t hate on your ideas. It’s a million times better than most of the low budget shit you see today where its all cops vs mafia bullshit. Just please don’t do the shaky cam thing when zombies come out, that shit gives me a headache.

I agree with DexPac’s suggestion that the poster be rectangular in design.

ROFL well thats good cause i fucking hate that shit as well. And no I am pissed off about a lot of things I will just say even though no one really cares that i just got dumped by someone i really love and i have been depressed for a little over a month but i shouldn’t put my feelings on someone on a goddamn fucking message board. That being said I try to take pride in my work and I dont have that much on it. I think very carefully when writing so i can become a slow writer i dont really have anything at all. I’m still really on the storyboard part of this. I really havent gotten anything written yet, I want to try to get everything write in my head before writing/typing it on paper. But I have sent two other projects on here of previous work i have done in high school. This is everything I have viewing wise from my previous high school years.

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Hey good luck with your short man, I mean yes the plot does sound unoriginal, but then again what is original nowadays? As long as when you film it your creative with it. It makes me wish I had a old movie theater to film in, lol.

Room 21 was great.

thanks yea i had fun, it was suppose to be a full movie but i didn’t have the time so i just made a fake trailer out of it.