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Pet Pictures

Post pics of your pets :smiley:

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Your cats are so cute! Im in love! :smiley:

i love em too! ;D

The second one is especially adorable. So cute and fluffy! ;D

(one) of my fathers brotha’s (he has four brothas :stuck_out_tongue:) takes care of it, his name is Sigge :smiley: (The Cat :slight_smile:)

we have about 5 wild cats at grandma and grandpa’s house, but we trying to sell them :frowning:

They are adorable! :smiley: I dont have any pets, but we had a hegdehog in our yard a few days ago, and i took a pic of it. It was so cute, we gave it cheese. ;D

:smiley: supahcute! post it!

You can´t see it very well, but here it is:

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hehe ;D

Its kindof cute though, eating cheese and all ;D

had a dog but it died :’( couple of years ago allready, but we’re getting a cat soon cause last week there was a mouse in our house which I killed (yeehaw) but now my mum’s scared and wants a cat, I demand a black one, with devilish killer eyes

like mine ;D

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hell yeah, that’s a BAMF! (Bad Ass Mother Fucker, I shortend it)


My evil cat avatar

Hehe, I got three cats, Nermal (who was named such as he is small and grey like Nermal of Garfield fame), Dave (wee ginger junkie, always on the nip, pure crazy kitty!) and Bella (my fiesty female feline, she is black with a white spot on the chin) I haven’t got piccys of them on the computer I am using, apologies!



Is that your chihuahua?

No, that’s the dog who ate my chihuahua. :-</E>