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Parodies (QT's Star Wars, Simpsons, etc..)

what parodies on QT movies have you seen?

  • QT’s Star Wars
  • Gump Fiction (available at
  • Simpsons episode “22 short stories about springfield”
  • Itchy and Scratchy: "Reservoir Cats"

    what more are there?

    which ones have you seen? did you like them?

I only know the Simpsons stuff. It was cool, of course, Simpsons and Tarantino connected is the greatest I can imagine.

There is a small Pulp Fiction parody in Space Jam. When I saw the scene, it was great.


They’ve got this birthday card with “reseviour Cats” on the front and cartoon cats wearing the suits with names like Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink etc… I freakin laughed when I got it.

has the QT’s Star Wars and a small parody called “Mace Windu THeatre: Gettin’ Medieval” all done with Star Wars action figures. Really funny shit

[quote]There is a small Pulp Fiction parody in Space Jam. When I saw the scene, it was great.

Yeal I loved that scene too 8)

Its been said somewhere on the board but there’s a pulp fiction parody in an episode of Family Guy

I only saw it once and it was like a year ago…but Peter is trying t oconvice his friends to do him a favor and his friends don’t want to…so Peter goes, "Come on, don’t you remember that time I saved you ? " and then it cuts to a flashback of Peter in a Pawn Shop with a Samurai sword…and his friends are being raped by two hillbillies, so Peter kills the hillbillies then it cuts from the flashback to Peter…and Peter says something like, “Too bad it was AFTER you were sodomized”

Close, but not exactly right. Peter DOESN’T think that they’ll come with him, and they go, “Of course we will. I can remember a couple of times when you’ve saved our butts” Then it goes to them being tied up. No rape was shown, but he ran in with a HUGE sword and yelled “HIA!!!” and swung it. The funny thing was, it didn’t cut the guy, it just knocked him down. It’s funny shit.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had a sort of Nice Guy Eddie figure…I’ll get my coat :-[

Which character in VC reminded you of Nice Guy Eddie?

Tarantino appeared on Conan on Thursday night and they had a skit which was a Tarantino version of a Three Stooges episode. The episode was called “Plumb Skulls” and had the stooges getting mistakenly hired as plumbers. It was hilarious. Of course the language was beeped but there was plenty of blood, kinda like in Kill Bill. Anyways there should be a rerun next thursday around 3 or 3:30 in the morning in case you missed it.

In the movie Swingers, the boys are talking about how Tarantino rips from everyone else. CUT TO:

The boys are walking in slo-mo against the backdrop of a brick wall, as seen in the opening of Reservoir Dogs.

there’s a movie called The Breaks and it parodies the scene from Pulp Fiction with Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames in the pawn shop.

and there’s a national lampoon movie… I think its final insult, i’m not sure, but they parody the Pulp Fiction dance scene…

[quote]There is a small Pulp Fiction parody in Space Jam. When I saw the scene, it was great.


Where? I’ve seen that a bunch of times with my brother and never noticed one. And also there is that terrible parody movie “Plump Fiction”. The best is reservoir cats. I watch that every day.

It’s during the basketball game. Someone scores, and eh, something explodes, glass orsomething, and er, ah fuck.

there is also a mp3-file called "Beavis & Butthead’s PF"

they cut the voices of Beavis & Butthead to samuel jacksons text, when he speaks to brett…(they speak english in what…etc.)

found it on kazaa

this is afi’s second album cover.

I would be excited but AFI sucks.

Wow AFI does have good taste… But they do indeed suck ass big time.