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Oren ever get her revenge?

I saw Kill Bill for the third time and noticed during the anime sequence Oren does kill the boss but what about the guy who used the samurai sword to kill her father, with the white suit and all the rings?? Is it just assumed that she killed him since she killed the boss? Any help would be awesome

Red Apple

Who knows, I think she only killed the Boss since he was the only one she mentions. Plus he WAS the Boss, and probably was the one that had her parents killed.

Hence the quote “At the hands of Boss Mastumoto”


guy with ring could be bill ? ever thought about that?

How would that actually work? Plot wise I mean. Y would she team up with bill if he killed her parents?

I think it is him, if youve ever seen how oriental David Carradine looked on the original Kung Fu series and then you look at that dudes face, it looks like a young David Carradine. And Bill does wear a ring in the shots of him talking offscreen.

I think O-Ren didnt see him because she was under the bed.

Yea I agree visually it really could be him… but it isn’t mentioned in the script and unless it’s clarified in vol.2 it’s pretty much anyone’s guess…

Wow, him being Bill never dawned on me, and now that I think about it, the scene where he is talking to Elle in the hospital he does have a bunch of rings.

Thanks, Red Apple

[quote]Wow,  him being Bill never dawned on me, and now that I think about it, the scene where he is talking to Elle in the hospital he does have a bunch of rings.

                        Thanks, Red Apple


Actually, I have an opposite reaction. I always assumed from the beginning it was Bill, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure. Because it would be hard to believe O-Ren would team up with the guy who killed her father. But then maybe she doesn’t know, or Bill is just good at sweet talkin. We’ll find out in Volume II I guess.

You saw the same movie as we did. WE DON’T KNOW!

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You’re right, if the guy with the rings who killed her father is Bill, then that would be a very interesting plot twist. Just because there’s nothing mentioned in the volume 2 script doesn’t mean it’s not going to be in the movie. It is only an early draft of the script and a lot of things changed. For example when Bill tells the story of Pai Mei, originally it was suppose to be in the Jeep, now it’s at a campfire.

Minor Spoiler [size=0](at least if you haven’t seen Kill Bill, and if you aven’t seen it, what are you doing on this topic??)[/size]

but if o-ren is already dead and she isn’t really important for the plot development, why would they ever bring up her youth again in vol. 2? I thought it was Bill as well from the first viewing onwards, but now I’m in doubt. Anyone any thoughts? (since no one knows it’s kinda hard but we can speculate)

Who knows, it might come up in a discussion where Bill mentions it or something to the Bride.

This thing most probably won’t be mentioned in Volume 2. QT likes to leave some obscure details for viewers to have their own personal interpretation. He said that many times before.

On this site:

Bill character profile mentions that he is indeed the murderer of O-ren’s father. I don’t know where they got the info: wasn’t it in the script? Cuz it sounds reasonable.

Thats interesting, I dont remeber hearing about him joining the Yakuza in the first one. Pretty Crazy. Well, I cant wait for Vol. 2.

I’ll have to wait and see one that…

That was Bill in the anime. There’s a pretty good resemblence. Plus, he’s still wearing the same ring.

Unless he killed the anime guy and took the ring for himself. That would make sense too. That could be where the Bride got the line “the limbs belong to me”

Actually, I might buy that.