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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

I’m seeing this Robert Rodriguez movie “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” next Tuesday and a premiere of it on Sep. 10th… RR will be @ premiere so if anyone here has a question you’ve always wanted to ask him let me know and I’ll be sure to ask him then. I know we have some pretty big RR fans on here.

Also if you can find a uncut copy of the early 70’s Fernando Di Leo movie “Caliber 9” definitely check it out… its one of the best gangster movies of all time…

Ask him what he kinda project does he want to do next.Thanks

Cool. Lucky you.

Ask him what part he was going to give Quentin. If you can follow it up with if an actor replaced Quentin or he just took out the character. Thanks.

Where is this screening, and how did you get tickets?

Quentin was being considered to play Dany Trejo’s “Cousin” the character was called “knife cousin”.

yeah ask him

  1. what are his next projects

  2. is he going to to more of that spy kids CRAP

  3. is he making a full feature film out of Bedhead?

  4. will he make a movie with Salma Hayek starring?

That’s funny. Navajas was Trejo’s character in Desperado. Navajas means Knife. I can’t see Quentin as a relative of Trejo, though.

that was in the very early stages of the script, I think. Remember when that Rodriguez site (russian one, i knew the webmaster very good) was still around? that was years ago… I wonder what happened to that russian girl who made that site… I hope nothing bad happened.

I’ll be at the Austin premiere next week but I saw “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” last night at a different screening… they didn’t have the print fully in focus last night so that was a bit annoying and a older lady movie critic sitting next to me told me although she was legally blind she still worked as a movie critic writing reviews.

“Once Upon a Time in Mexico” is a dark, moody and edgy entry into the El Mariachi series… this is a revenge movie… much similar in moody revenge tone as the 77 movie “Rolling Thunder.” Though a revenge movie their is many light hearted moments and seriously funny moments and about 2 pretty good scares - where something happened suddenly by surprise that scared the crap out of people in the audience. The action is incredible… its definitely cranked up even higher here than in previous 2 Mariachi movies… the guns are loud REAL LOUD… and some serious violence goes down. Johnny Depp has many great lines and moments in the movie and Danny Trejo from what I got was in this movie the brother of the character he played in Desperado. I don’t want to spoil anything… and with so many great moments in the movie… and critics bound to spoil parts of it… know as little as possible going into it and see it before anyone can ruin anything… but just go in expecting a much darker, edgier El Mariachi movie thats a revenge movie at its core… and there are no Salma love scenes… and their is a brief 1 sec thing at the very very end of the closing credits (though you won’t miss anything if you don’t wait for it). This is definitely my favorite Robert Rodriguez movie.

It’s cool to hear you liked it; can’t wait to see it myself. But my favorite Rodriguez movie will probably remain “From Dusk Till Dawn” :-*

The version I like the best of From Dusk Til Dawn is that extended directors cut I have on laserdisc (not sure if that version has found its way to dvd yet). Any fans of the movie that haven’t seen that version - definitely seek it out.

I’ll definitely hold a special place for that movie as it was the first time I ever saw Rodriguez and Tarantino in person. It was at a press screening and they seemed to both be wanting not to be bothered and go under the radar… but Tarantino standing next to bandana wearing Robert Rodriguez - stands out like a sore thumb in a crowd to any movie lover.

this is already the second OUATIM topic and people started a third one!!! …which i deleted.

here’s what they posted:


I saw OUTIM and it was my favorite Rob Rodriguez movie so far (which in my opinion isn’t saying a lot) I liked the first two El Mariachi’s and this one was the best. The only thing i didn’t like was how Johnny Depp (Who was really good by the way) was in it 2.7 times as much as Antonio Banderas. El mariachi was almost the smallest character in the movie, except for Salma Hayek, who didn’t get naked… yet. And SPOILER johnny depp is in the movie. If you wanna see the Kill Bill trailer on the big screen it does play before OUTIM. That’s it.


Great movie, looked beutiful, but only the old Kill Bill teaser before it. (in my theatre.)

please check the boards before you start a new topic, there might already be one

I caught Once Upon a Time in Mexico last night, and I thought it was the better than Desperado (haven’t seen El Mariachi yet). Everything in this movie was bigger and better than anything that came before it in the franchise with the exception of Antonio Banderas’ part. And, of course, if you despise Banderas (the way I do) then you’re certainly glad when the movie shifts to Johnny Depp’s (who steals the movie as always), Mickey Rourke’s, Wilem Dafoe’s, or Ruben Blades’ point of view. IMO, the constant shifting and sub plots upon sub plots keep the movie from turning into the snooze fest that was the last forty minutes of Desperado.

I would give a longer, more in depth and professional review…if I weren’t such a bastard. At the moment, you’ll have to settle for a, “if you liked Desperado you’ll love this one”. Good script, great cast, great action, and a lot more ambitious than any of the previous movies in the franchise.

2. is he going to to more of that spy kids CRAP

I have had enough of this small minded hatred for Spy Kids. There is nothing wrong with those films. They are well made and entertaining family pictures.

Also, if I can remember correctly, he said that he was doing (or at this point, it would be has done) the final installments of bothn the El M. and Spy Kids series.

i want to see this movie, but i havent seen the first two yet. can anyone tell me if ill be confused as hell walking into this movie without having a clue what the first two were about?

I saw it twice, once with my mom, who saw the first two, and again with two friends that haven’t. My mom completly dug it, and so did my friends, but they (and you) will like it so much more having at least seen Desperado. And some stuff in it will mean sooooooo much more to you having seen both. But I have to say it again, IT WAS SO GOOD! I loved it, one of the best movies I’ve seen all year (so far). And I see a shit load of movies (Commercial, and Art House, more art though).

You’ll like it just as much as if you had seen Desperado if not more, depending on wether or not this is your type of movie. In my opinion, Once Upon a Time in Mexico is much more self contained story than Desperado, not really relying on the other films at all for its strength of plot or character depth.

I saw it and loved it. Better than Desperado in some ways and worse in others. The story felt less focused than Desperado with all the ancillary plotlines going one, but that sort of made it more fun for me. I didn’t find them confusing at all, either. The double crosses are all explained as they happen.

I didn’t feel like Depp took over the movie, he was the second “main” character, though. Kinda like Bucho in Desperado.

Anyone catch that Rourke’s dog’s name was “Moco”. That part really cracked me up. There are also some super close close-ups. We got way too close on Banderas a couple times, so close you could see every pore in his cheeks, every blackhead in his nose.

I can’t believe there was no Kill-Bill trailer at all in front of this movie. What a wasted opportunity. The perfect audience for it.

I saw it on DLP and it looked beautiful, except for the one handheld scene where Depp goes into the kitchen of the resteraunt he meets Banderas at for the first time. It looked to video-y. Like an episode of cops. Maybe that was done on purpose, I don’t know.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico I’ll say deserves a C +. I loved how Rodriquez went all out by making it seem like a great epic but unfortunatly it didn’t work.

Johny Depp was great and his character was brillant, but what about the others? Did anyone give a damn about El Mariachi or his guitar slinging friends? Where was Salma? She takes up half the movie poster, yet is in the movie for about 5 minutes? Defoe was good but we didn’t get enough of him. A very ambitious movie with not enough character development.

Also, was it just me or where the action scenes made a bit half fast? Where was the excitement which made the shoot-outs in Desperado so lovely to witness. Everything was staged perfectly in Desperado and in this movie it seemed like they came up with stunts to do right on the set. Not enough preperation is seemed.

It had an alright story, but it still didn’t get close to the power the original movie bestowed upon us. Rodriquez wanted this to be so great and complicated that it just fell off towards the middle.

I good movie but far from a great one. Has it’s moments like all movies, but not much else. See it if you loved the first two. If you didn’t, just wait for a better movie like Kill Bill to come out for your action movie needs. Long live the original El Mariachi.

I liked it, but i don’t think it was really great. i liked it best out of all the El Mariachi’s, but i can’t really say why. Antonio banderas had a much smaller part in this one. It seemed to me like Depp was the lead. Also, where i saw it it did play the Kill Bill Trailer, i don’t know where you guys saw it but in LA it did.

Mild Spoiler****

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I agree with youngjunkie the shoot-outs were lacking. I would have also liked more of Salma, it would have added more depth and pain if we could have spent more time with them married that was a sorely neglected plot point. But one of my favorite characters was Mickey Rourke’s, he was on-point! He was funny without being silly, I felt like Depp’s shit was silly most of the time, I actually didnt even like his character until he lost his eyes, then he became interesting.

I would have liked to see more Salma too, but for different reasons. I did think the shootouts were a little lacking, but i do think it was still a really good movie.