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Official grindhouse film review topic

I thought Id open a GH review topic for whoever sees it and wants to give their opinions (LOVE IT OR HATE IT).

I was just at AICN and read the first 2 reviews of Grindhouse and the reviews werent too great really. They basically dont say anything that got me excited. One said RRs was better, one said QTs was better. No specific info on anything cool in the films. I dont know, maybe they arent as versed in Grindhouse cinema and expected much more than what they saw or something.

One of them also said people were getting visibly bored from all of QTs dialogue scenes and the other said that it doesnt have a good meaningful conclusion (LOL @ a Grindhouse film with a MEANINGFUL CONCLUSION!!). Uh oh! :slight_smile:

(Trust me, when I see them and I think either of them suck, Im going to say it).

Read the first 2 GH reviews here:

fuck. Now I’m worried :frowning:

I’ve just finished reading both AICN reviews, too and not sure if the hating centering around the lengthy dialogue scenes in “Death Proof” are warranted; if the screenplay is any indication, I think it’s essentially a remake of ROCK ALL NIGHT – bunch of people meet up at a bar, have many discussions, but then it’s all subverted inside a slasher/badass car chase flick.

What’s not to like? Because Tarantino’s not a ADD-addled, chop-happy fuck like Michael Bay?

Yea, Michael Bay is indeed a fag compared to QT.

all you need to read is MY review. don’t trust anyone else. haha

True. We’ll see what Seb thinks about them.

All hail seb.

depending on my schedule and whether I will have internet access from my hotel, you can expect a review either the night from saturday to sunday, or on monday

stupid messed up ADD generation pricks, i bet Death Proof needs no cutting at all. The second guy lost me at the beginning when he said RD and PF is so much better than JB and KB.

[quote=“The Seb”]
all you need to read is MY review. don’t trust anyone else. haha

Never a doubt in my mind, Bro.

Another AICN review. This guy absolutely LOVED it! : :smiley:

NOW WE’RE TALKIN!!! 8) That review brought my excitement meter right back up again.

NOTE: As Im writing this, TNT is showing From Dusk Til Dawn (first vampire fight right now!) :slight_smile:

That’s the review I wanted to read… Not those two first ones but this movie-loving, QT and RR loving one… :slight_smile:

It definitely makes a huge difference to read a review by someone whos a real fan who knows the score as opposed to critics or random people who arent even into the stuff we like most.

screw those reviewers…i remember when kill bill came out, a bunch of people complained about the sonny chiba scenes in the sushi bar and how it hurt the flow of the film…nothing could have been further from the truth. that scene (with chiba and his assistant) are some of my favorite sonny chiba moments ever put to film…

Me too nim. It goes from being really funny to really serious. Prime QT work.

And those scenes are so extremely funny(at the bar) and beautiful(with the swords). Reviewers can be wrong! :slight_smile:

"I am not bald, I shaved my head. Do you understaaaand…?"


Still one of the funniest film moments I know even though I’ve seen Kill Bill a dozen times…

Im glad to read such a positive review too. I can’t wait. Bad thing is it looks like im going to have to work on the 6th! Arghhhhhhh! I may call in, fuck it.