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No Country for Old Men

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The Coen Bros new movie is looking really good. I havent been too excited about it but after watching the trailer I think its going to be a classic bad ass revenge film.


Kick fucking ass!

Yeah, I can’t wait for this. But it’s out in bloody February. I can’t afford to think about this film.

I mean a modern Western by the Coen brothers? Fuck yeah. I made a thread a while back asking if people thought the Western was dead and whether they wanted it to stay that way. Well I was surprised by how many people wanted it to stay dead. But there seems to be a resurgence in the number of westerns recently. I’m loving it.

:slight_smile: Yeah, that looks pretty fucking great.

Can’t wait. Wonder how it will fit in with the rest of their catalogue, and how much of their trademark excellency is in it. I think I read somewhere that it was their most violent movie yet. Considering Buscemi’s demise in Fargo, it can get pretty violent.

So who is going to go see this film? I am really interested in it.

I’m most definitely going to see it opening day; first showing; best theatre I can find; with as many friends as I can muster, and depending upon how great it is. I could possibly see myself going to see it in the theatrical format up to five more times after that.

Im going Friday if I do not have to work. I cant wait. This is one Ive been looking forward to for months and months.

HOLY SHIT!!! Look at this trailer

Im a big Coens fan so i really want to see this too.

Well it seems my Kentucky butt can’t see it until Nov 21 because it won’t be a wide release in the U.S. til then. So be sure you guys that it is in your city because Nov 9th is just a limited release.

That sucks having to wait for another couple weeks, but I suppose if I’ve waited this long I can wait another measly fourteen days. BTW, that was an awesome trailer, GRINDHOUSE. I just wish I could see it in theatres. (Fuckin’ American pussies of distributors can’t even make a concession to show uncensored trailers preceeding an already violent R-rated feature like Gone Baby Gone.) (sigh)

Indeed, that uncut trailer is amazing. Can’t wait to see this flick. Hopefully the Coens are back on track, this looks REALLY promising.

Freakin shite! Ive got to wait til the 21st too!

That sucks having to wait for another couple weeks, but I suppose if I’ve waited this long I can wait another measly fourteen days.[/quote]
I have to wait until February. Consider yourself lucky.

[quote=“Dantes Inferno”]
I have to wait until February. Consider yourself lucky.
That’s true. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a whiny little bitch.

That’s okay. :wink:


now, that’s fucked up…

can’t wait to watch it…

Just got back from seeing it today, and I must say that this was an absolutely great film. While I’m still undecided as to whether or not it quite stands up to Barton Fink, Fargo, or Blood Simple (I’ll have to see it at least one more time.) I know it’s certainly the best Coen bros film of the last decade. Bardem’s performance as Anton Chigurh is nothing short of perfect, and hits every line exactly as I had interepreted them in the novel. Brolin gives his best performance to date, simply put, ‘A career fuckin’ job’ , and Tommy Lee Jones is ,as usual, solid and reliable as Sheriff Bell. The rest of the supporting cast are also top-notch. Especially Kelly Macdonald, Woody Harrelson, and Barry Corbin. In short, go see it! Now!

P.S.-If and when possible to see it ‘now’.

Talk more about this movie!

I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I know it was pretty great. Though I do have to say I feel there is a little overhyping going on as I don’t think it’s the Coen brother’s masterpiece as some people have called it.

The title ‘really’ puts me off on this movie. The trailer looks great. your review makes it sound worthy of cash. i might go see it along with a few more flicks next week. thanks for the review.