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[news] Tarantino to do Friday the 13th? [March 9]

QT’s ‘Friday the 13th’ Good, Bad or Ugly?

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I hope he does!! just to add im so happy to be the 1st to notice this!! ;D

and here the ‘official’ news from the main page:

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it’s not done, so don’t be so happy. QT always says new projects withou doint them very quickly.

However I think he has another ideas for movies, which are better than this. But that’s my opinion…

Thanks anywhay Dillontino for this news :wink:

Well not that he’s mentioned it himself but he does not announce too many movies… exept the manderin flick, i.G, and the rest like vega bros are just rumours, and with Q being such a fan of horror, I think he’d like to do it. And with F13th being such a big franchise all on its own, Q is for sure not to dissapoint either his fans or F13th fans. But after a film like F Vs J who knows? I personally am praying he takes it…

Yuk! I really hope he doesn’t do it. First he gets linked to the new James Bond flick, stating that he would like to go back and do “Casino Royale”, then he gets told no, and then they announce that the next film will be Casino Royale, and now this. I really don’t know - I just wish he’d focus on his own films, it’s what he does best! I really want him to do the Mandarin film next.

That would kick ass.

Personally, i hope he does. I think it would be pretty cool. But we all know what he’s like, says one thing - does something else.

Tarantino talks a good one. He’s just saying whatever to publicise himself that much more. We all know he’s a media whore. LOL

It would be a big deal if he made a film outside of Miramax - considering how protective the Weinsteins are of him. Hope it happens though!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Quentin Tarantino is considering writing and directing a new installment in the long-running “Friday the 13th” horror film series.

Tarantino is in early talks with New Line Cinema, where he is scheduled to meet with executives this week.

The original “Friday,” released in 1980 and featuring the hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees, spawned a series of sequels, including the 2003 hit “Freddy vs. Jason,” in which Jason squared off against Freddy Krueger from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series.

New Line tried to make a sequel to “Freddy vs. Jason” involving the “Evil Dead” character Ash, but it couldn’t reach a deal with “Dead” rights holder Sam Raimi.

According to those familiar with the discussions, Tarantino is intrigued with the idea of playing with one of the movie’s classic horror villains. If the project does develop, it could be the first film Tarantino directs outside Miramax Films.

Saw this in Talk Entertainment. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I thought I would post this here.



great news if its going down

All I want is Inglorious Bastards, is that too much to ask for? Tut, I’m sick of all these fuckin rumours, he should just come out and say what film he is definately going to direct next, but that most probably won’t happen. I hope to God it’s IB! Please let it be IB!

please :’(


The original “Friday,” released in 1980 and featuring the hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees, [/quote]

There are at least two factual mistakes in that simple sentence.

And the reason why Quentin wants to taint his filmography with a Friday the 13th sequel is beyond me.

shit… if this was ‘Scream’ they’d be dead!!

All I want is Inglorious Bastards, is that too much to ask for?

NO shit. Forget about all the little projects, just get this movie made, fuck!!

I think the reason QT is doing Friday the 13th now is because he doesn’t want his next film to be a Miramax film out of loyalty to the Weinsteins who are leaving Miramax. He’s saving IB for their new production company.

New Line Cinema owns the Friday the 13th franchise. So it won’t be a Miramax film. So even if he doesn’t do this movie, we’ll have to wait the same amount of time for IB to get started. I don’t think this film is delaying IB much.

You are probably right there. It just gets kinda lonely without a new Quentin film… :’( lol

I really hope he doesnt make Friday The 13.


…and Ditto x 10…his stuff is so good that it kinda is a shame to see him taking on something like this

But I think its like when you have an assignment that you HAVE to do, instead of sitting down and doing it you keep looking for alll these little tasks you can do instead… he’s going to have to produce IB since everyones expecting it, but he’s looking for other projects so he can put it of a bit…or maybye he just really likes horror film, who knows ???

I really don’t mind whatever he decides to make next, just as long as he does it soon!! :slight_smile:

… or does it at all