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[news] Tarantino to do Friday the 13th? [March 9]

i hope hes not gonna ‘keep it on the low for a while’ again (wich lasted 6 years last time)

"A source close to the talks told E! Online that Tarantino first mentioned the idea of reinventing the big-screen slasher to Cabin Fever director Eli Roth, saying he had always dreamed of doing a Jason movie and already had a story and opening montage worked out in his head."

From E! online… opening montage and story worked out… interesting, I also like this sentance: ;D

"And don’t think directing a Friday the 13th would be beneath the Tarantino: He’s an avowed fan of low-brow fare."

and also… “It’s premature at this point,” says a studio spokeswoman. “It’s just a meeting.” >:(

Wow! Thanks for the update!

I have faith in Quentin. If he does decide to make this movie, i’m sure it will be good.

The fact he has an opening montage in mind could suggest he’s really serious about it…

Hmm, then again, it wouldn’t suprise me if QT has thought of an opening montage for every movie he’s seen lol

Thought it would be intersesting to see overall what we all think… I myself am really siked!

He could do a direct sequel to the one with corey feldman. rememberrrr reeememberrrrr.

AHH COME ON PEOPLE!! what the hell is wrong with y’all!! I thought people around these parts had more faith… who dislkies ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ although with it not being a direct QT movie he for sure had a hell of a lotta input, An im sure Q has seen enough horror films to know what will work and what will not. An im also sure he is aware and approaches with caution knowing the way the series went, but again what real horror fans hate the original… It is still a classic even if the sequels went awol. An now with New Line so desperate to get Q on their side… He will have total control! and who thinks he is really going to let us down?

“Get em’ mommy, get em”

“I am Jason… I am”

if QT made a F13 movie that would be awsome and new lines only good F13 movie

[quote=“kill olle”]
if QT made a F13 movie that would be awsome and new lines only good F13 movie

I also think QT could make this a great movie, if they let him do as he pleases. i mean, QT is a film geek, he knows ever horror movie there is, i am sure he can make the most shocking of the series

Check out the last line…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 718975.stm”></LINK_TEXT>

(shivers) ::slight_smile:

Turkish News site (zaman) seems to think Q has already signed contracts!

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1&hn=17371”></LINK_TEXT> - 11/3/05

and before everybody tries to put the boot in my mouth…

I do know this is not true… if so why is it not every where else?

But it is nice to read…

Just browsing through some of the Friday 13th / QT google search results. Found some stuff y’all might find interesting…

1st of all a couple of links about the Italian-influenced horror film Q mentioned back in Nov 03’


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … e=newsfull”></LINK_TEXT>

If there were one director out there that I would want to make a horror movie, it would be Quentin Tarantino


Quentin revealed to them that, “Alternatively, the director says, he may make a smaller movie, possibly an Italian-influenced horror film.”

A interview from Q to Harvey Weinstein. Mentioning Friday 13th:

QUENTIN: So you had some success with thisâ€â€

Alright, couldnt stay away. Just One Question…

Should Q play Jason? :smiley:

Im trying to imagine it, but all im getting is Jimmy with a meat carver :-</E>

thx Dillontino for the news, but don’t be confused between this Friday 13th project and the giallo (italian-influenced horror movie/thriller) which QT alaready wrote. This project of giallo would be amazing !

Ahh yes but now check this… Posted by somebody on IMDb who seems to know about the Italian horror’s:

Friday the 13 heavily borrows from Mario Bova (ex: the scene in, I think, Part 2 wherein a couple is copulating on a cot and Jason impales them both-shot by shot a scene from Bay of Blood) and is an Americanization of the Italian giallo genre in gereral (giallo can be slow, Americans sped it up a lot). Quentin is an avowed fan of giallo. Maybe he just wants to show Americans what F13 would be like if it was more faithful to it’s source material (NOT that it has to be). Now, I don’t know if that’s necessary or that Quentin should be indulging himself in this fashion, but it doesn’t seem as left field as some here have expressed. To me anyway. Perhaps he just wantes to make a giallo style film and F13 is marketable (whole other can of worms there)

So… mix the two together… and with the old italian news being over a year old + Q has already stated he has a opening montage & a story line worked out, so it makes sense to me…

allright… yes, it can make sense ! I haven’t see Friday 13th, so I couldn’t know about the italian-influenced…

But I always think that a pure giallo would much much better that a pure Friday 13th movie ! If he will mixe the both, he also mixes the giallo and the horror movies in general, so he doesn’t really want to do a Friday 13th movie !

Hey… Day of work so I thought i’d do a little research and raise a few questions:

Of course! I can’t belive I failed to mention before… who did the make up/effects for the original F13th & ‘The Final chapter’ Tom Savini (Dusk Till Dawn), Q is sure to get him back! PLUS Savini is the one to come up with the concept of Jason apperaing at the end… -(IMDb triva) Savini also did effects for ‘ The Burning’ - Wrote by Harvey weinstein his 1st film back in 1981 (1yr after F13th) and if you have seen it… Very Very similar.

Ron Kurtz Uncredited writer of F13th , although he’s only wrote 3 films (offically) one being F13th P.2, and another ‘Off the wall’ 1983 - who’s one of the stars of this? Paul Sorvino - Father of Mira! (ex of Q) and another star of the same film… Rosanna Arquette! (was in PF) Who else is in this movie? Lewis Arquette (Father of the bunch) Who was also in ‘Sleep With Me’ (Q Cameo) he was also in ‘Little Nicky’ (and again Q Cameo)

Both writer Victor Miller and director Sean S. Cunningham dis-like the idea of Jason being the killer in sequels… but S.S.C does admit he was wrong. But what would Q think… Would he bring back Jason? or think of an Alternative?

Sean Cunningham quoted the type of acotrs he was looking for as - “good-looking kids who you might see in a Pepsi commercial” would Q take this approach?

Besty Palmer’s Switch over as a actress from good to bad - a QT type of move?

Just read in a Interview with Robert Rodriguez, from September 2003 Empire magazine:

What’s you favorite 3-D moment?

Hmm… Probably Friday The 13th Part 3. A guy gets his head squeezed by Jason and the eyeball pops into the auidence. Thats still a classic. I saw it again a while ago here in Austin, Texas. There’s a theatre here (the Alamo Drafthouse) where you can eat pizza and order beer and watch movies at midnight. And they were showing it in 3-D, and that got the biggest reaction.

:’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

After all the work I did!! He could have done it Just because of that!! >:(

I promise now to be quiet… and cry…

:’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

… and the giallo (italian-influenced horror movie/thriller) which QT alaready wrote.

who told you that?