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New fangoria "kill bill" interview

I was in a magazine store that I go to every Thursday and I happened to stumble across “Fangoria” magazine. On the cover it read: “Eye-Popping Interview! Quentin Tarantino Speaks KILL BILL.” It had a picture of one of the Crazy 88 with his right eye apparently gouged out, with nasty looking blood flowing down the Crazy 88’s right cheek. In the upper left corner it had a small picture of Go Go Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama) with blood streaming down both her eyes. Once I open the magazine and flipped to the page featuring the interview, there was a cool looking picture of Uma cutting off the head of one of a Crazy 88. The title read: “KILL BILL Samurai Fiction” with a small tagline underneath that read “Quentin Tarantino creates the ultimate paean to grindhouse cinema”. I read the whole interview and some interesting things became of it worth noting. Quentin speaks about the whole MPAA issue. Here is what he had the say.

FANG: After cutting the film into two parts, is the next challenge winning an R rating?

TARANTINO: It’s going to be challenging, but not a challenge. See, I have a really great relationship with the MPAA. I’ve always worked really well with them and they’ve worked well with me. I’ve never understood directors like Wes Craven or Brian De Palma who are like, “Fck you, assholes, you guys are fcking Nazis. Screw you!” Well, what the f*ck  do you think their response is gonna be when you treat them like that? And when you bitch about them to the press all the time, how the hell do you think you’re gonna get what you want? I have always been very understanding of [the MPAA] as far as, they have a tough job to do and they could do it a lot worse than they do. Everyone bitches at them when they’re wrong, but no one ever gives them credit when they’re right. I don’t see the horror fans applauding them when they give Cabin Fever an R. “Hey! Good job, MPAA!” I don’t see FANGORIA applauding them when they give From Dusk Till Dawn an R. “Green blood and vampires, it’s funny, we get it.” ÂÂ

See, they’ve got a line to walk; they’ve got to both represent, more or less, the parents of America, whose kid might unsuspectingly see a movie, but they also, even though they don’t say it, they know they have a responsibility to filmmakers and to the art from. They don’t say that they do, but they do. When I work with them, they understand. Some filmmakers bitch because they don’t have a set of rules and they change it for each movie. But that’s what you want! You want it to be flowing. You don’t want a set of rules, you want them judging each film as it’s own case. But also, between the MPAA and every jerkwater county in America having their won obscenity laws, you want the MPAA!

I also found it interesting what Quentin had to say when he was asked about his next film.

FANG: Is the war film next?

TARANTINO: Well, I have that written. That will either be the next one or maybe the one after that. I don’t know if I wanna dive into another epic right now.

FANG: Then do the giallo!

TARANTINO: I’m thinking about it, something a little smaller, a little less of a big canvas after Kill Bill. So I’m watching gialli, maybe I can do one of those, maybe my crime film, a horror film, whatever. I just want to take a short break and chill for a while.

On a final note, Quentin said there will be anime in Volume 2 as well. Interesting. This issue of FANGORIA is on newstands now so check it out.

Oh god, not another “short break”!!!

[quote]Oh god, not another “short break”!!![/quote]

Ten years from now we’ll get another QT movie! :wink:

Great article, I’ll look for that fangoria magazine…

BTW naysayers at board are a bunch of QT bashers

a bunch of jealous fools…

Boy, is it refreshing to hear QT say those kinds of things about the MPAA. I forget what sensible guy he is. It is does get a little tired when I hear people constantly complaining and making blind assumptions about the MPAA like as QT pointed out, calling them “Nazis�. Then to hear people from other countries talk about how 5 year olds can see any movie without restriction even if it has loads of sexual content and violence like it is something to be proud of.

great! scan that article and send it to me, please!

[quote]great! scan that article and send it to me, please![/quote]

No problem. I’ll see if I can get that scanned sometime later today.

“Crime film”? He better not be talking about what I think he might be talkin about. I’ll have to kick his Elvis lovin ass. :slight_smile:

Leave the crime shit behind for awhile man. I wanna see Bastards next! Dont pull another “break” shit on us! or do the fuckin GIALLO ya bastard!!!

Yeah, scan that article, please! I wanna see some Crazy 88 carnage NOW! ;D

The trailers are cool but they’re squeaky clean…I’d like to get a look at the gore in this film by now :wink:

Giallo? What the frick is that? I haven’t been around the Tarantino forums for too long, so could someone fill me in?

[quote]Giallo?  What the frick is that?[/quote]

Italian slashers that were often directed by Dario Argento,Lucio Fulci and Mario Bava.







Italian slashers that were often directed by Dario Argento,Lucio Fulci and Mario Bava.


Thanks. I was aware of that type of film as well as those directors, but I don't believe I had ever heard them classified outside of the obligatory slasher.

Great pic! Thanks for the scan. Whoever said the trailers look “too clean” I totally agree with you. I know it is for marketing reasons, but it almost seems like false advertising.

[quote]“Crime film”?  He better not be talking about what I think he might be talkin about. I’ll have to kick his Elvis lovin ass. :slight_smile:

What do you think he’s talking about Toothpick?

Toothpick probably thought what I thought: Crime film = The Vega Brothers. :-/ Maybe I’m wrong though.

[quote]Toothpick probably thought what I thought: Crime film = The Vega Brothers.  :-/ Maybe I’m wrong though.[/quote]

Ah. That would explain the ass kicking.

stop that fricking Vega Brothers shit! QT said he wouldn’t do it! PERIOD

What, is Vega Brothers a forbidden swear word around here?


ok, I’m done now.

Yeah, I knew QT had a healthy relationship with the MPAA. He made a good point, if you spit in the MPAA’s face, they’ll fuck you up the ass in terms of your movie. If you respect them, they’ll respect your movie, so to speak.

Oh, I stopped by my local magazine stand last night and read the entire Fangoria article. Prepare yourselves guys. Make sure your drawers got good support for your nuts. Gals, tighten up bra straps. The death of cottonmouth/crazy88/houseofblueleaves/Japanese ‘homage’ sequences is pure QT rock-and-roll (literally flying bodies, and body parts :wink: ) CINEMA!

I love the trailer, it had to be that way for a G audience. Campy sampy, fuck that G shit! The bride ain’t fucking joking; heads will roll!!