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Its not one of the best war films ive seen but I enjoyed it as a wacky Macaroni combat exploitation flick. Thats all it is.


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Thanks :smiley: I used to post as ‘TonyMontana’ but I havent been on for a while and I’ve been entrenched in Film Noir all summer, and what with the arrival of Death Proof and the coming Inglorious Bastards in production in a few weeks (finally and fingers crossed) I chose a new username.

Thanks for contributing to the list of possible influences - all that we’ve mentioned so far look like they definately will have gone some way to influence some part of Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards. Though I was unsure about From Hell to Victory, though I havn’t been able to find a trailer. Plus I watched the trailer for Eastern Condors and the trailer looked surreally absurd and quite dull, but if Tarantino thought so much of it as to show it to people I guess there must be some thing in it.

I also thought maybe the film Hell’s Brigade: The Final Assault with Jack Palance in may have some influence? I’ve heard it’s rubbish, but alot of exploitation films can be deemed by some as ‘rubbish’. I can’t find a trailer for it though.


Soooo…From Hell to Victory is definately a Tarantino fave so I’ve found.

Other films that may have influenced Tarantino? ;

The Great Escape (Dir. John Struges - 1963)

Hell’s Brigade: The Final Assault (Dir. Leon Klimovsky - 1969)

Dirty Heroes (Dir. Alberto De Martino - 1967)

Kelly’s Heroes (Dir. Brian G. Hutton - 1970)

Paths of Glory (Dir. Stanley Kubrick - 1957)

Battle of Britain (Dir. Guy Hamilton - 1969)

= The Great Escape, obviously the most famous with Tarantino favorite and Death Wish star Charles Bronson, as well as Steve Mcqueen - Hell’s Brigade… sounds like it was ahead of it’s time in that it was an uncredited exploitation flick and many think it stinks, but it has Jack Palance in it!? - Dirty Heroes has actually been mentioned in association with Inglorious Bastards by Tarantino a number of times, so a definate influence! - Kelly’s Heroes jumped out at me because it’s just overshooting that 60s war-movie slot Tarantino has been researching but it looks like a great ‘men on a mission’ war film from the trailer, plus it stars Fistful of Dollars star Clint Eastwood, so it must have attracted Tarantino’s attention surely? - Similarly Paths of Glory undercuts the 60s war-movie subgenre by 2 years and is more of a straight laced film by the looks of things, but it’s directed by the master himself (2nd only to Kurosawa) Kubrick and since it’s well known that Kubrick’s The Killing is a big influence on Tarantino I would have thought he would have considered this war film, plus it stars Kirk Douglas - and finally I’ve heard Tarantino mention Battle of Britain before in context with Castellari’s Inglorious Bastards, and what i get from what he says, he thinks Battle of Britain is a key-player in it’s 1960’s war-movie context (e.g. I think one of the actors in it was requested by Castellari after Battle of Britain’s shooting, to appear in some of Inglorious Bastards), however as a movie on it’s own he thinks it’s a bit ‘reserved’ and maybe overly factual compared to other films mentioned in this thread for instance.


frankly I see no connection between Paths of Glory and what Tarantino is about to shoot, where do you see a possible connection? it’s a ww1 movie…


We forgot The Big Red One. Thats def gotta be an influence on Basterds.


I forgot The Big Red One as well, a great Sam Fuller film - I love anything lee marvin is in.

[quote]frankly I see no connection between Paths of Glory and what Tarantino is about to shoot, where do you see a possible connection? it’s a ww1 movie…[/quote]

yeah your right. The link was extremely tenuous…I guess I’m just looking for war films to buy myself and this cropped up cause its directed by Kurbrick.

can you guys check over my list I have so far of war movies to watch and tell me the good ones from the duds that arent worth buying;

  • Inglorious Bastards (castellari)
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Where Eagles dare
  • The Big Red One
  • Hope & Glory
  • The Guns of Navarone
  • Cross of Iron
  • Casualties of War
  • Five for Hell
  • Battle Squadron
  • Eastern Condors
  • Dark of the Sun
  • From Hell to Victory
  • Hell’s Brigade: the Final Assault
  • Dirty Heroes
  • Kelly’s Heroes
  • Battle of Britain
  • The Bridge over the River Kwai
  • Paths of Glory

    Obviously this thread is helping me with this list.


are we picking good war movies now or are we trying to come up with real refrences and influences on inglorious bastards? i think some entries on this list you’ll have a hard time relating it to Tarantino’s movie at all


I agree. We should keep this topic for legitimate pop culture/movie references. Not make war movie lists.

Heres a new topic for all other war movies:

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this one is one with Aldo Ray

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QT screened The Good the Bad and the Ugly for the cast recently. 8)


for some reason I keep wondering how cool this would be if Steve McQueen were in his 20’s right now.


I love Steve McQueen. They just don’t make stars like him anymore. :’(


There’s a spit-take scene in the IB script that is a clear homage to the old Olson & Johnson comedy “Crazy House”…which was one of the movies Tarantino selected for his little movie fest on Trio TV a few years back.


what is “spit-take” ?


Its when someone is surprised by something and they spit out what theyre drinking. Youve seen it in movies before Im sure.


Steve McQueen was the coolest hollywood actor ever.


Steve McQueen was the coolest hollywood actor ever.

One of the coolest. Newman was cool. James Dean was cool. Pacino is cool.


[quote]QT screened The Good the Bad and the Ugly for the cast recently.[/quote]

what do you think is the significance? hopefully tarantino may do a proper spaghetti western next?


[quote]what do you think is the significance? hopefully tarantino may do a proper spaghetti western next[/quote]?

I think IB is going to BE his Spaghetti Western or at least his version of one. That’s why he has subtitled it (in interviews anyway) as Once Upon a Time In Nazi Occupied France


yeah this has nothing to do with him maybe doing a SW next. he’s stated numerous times that IB would be sort of like GBU in nazi occupied france… imagine a little odyssee of characters through enemy lands, trickery, epic imagery and a great score…