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Michael jai white scene

okay, so some guy on the imdb board posted this today:

At a test screening, they supposedly edited out Michael Jai White’s part. I heard this from a few people who went to the screening. This is not a joke. If you look at my old posts, you will know I am good about saying what I put out here is a rumor or not.

While his part may be small and not as significant as leaving out Saruman’s ROTK scenes, I think it sucks because the whole point of having two volumes was having as much action packed into it. You watch the trailer and you have this visual in your mind you hope to see fleshed out when you see the movie. PLus I heard that his scenes with Bill would establish Bill as a major badass. It doesn’t help that the promo pictures for VOl2 had some cool shots of Carradine and Michael Jai White and the news that Michael Jai White used a NZ accent seemed amusing. I intend to send an email asking for these scenes to be considered at least for the DVD and i was looking forward to seeing some of his action scenes. If the scenes were cut for reasons of length alone and not pacing, then I would like to see these scenes put back in for the final cut(a long shot) or the DVD version. I think they might be more receptive to putting it in as an extra if they get to hear from more of us.

The good news is that the reaction to the movie was very good. As I didn’t go to the screening, it wouldnt be fair for you fans to hear from me secondhand how good the movie is. Let us wait for the reports to come in.

This really isn’t cool news >:(

I changed the title of this topic - cps

Damn. If this is true, it’s bad news. Why would he cut out those scenes?

First Yuki’s Revenge, now this. What is the world coming to?

Seems that Qt has enough material to make Kb V 3 -6… :wink:

with all the stuff he can led out!

Worry not my friends, when killbillv2 comes to dvd we will have it then!

Will QT put the deleted scenes on the dvd?

I’m sure he will, but he won’t be putting the scenes INTO the movie. He doesn’t believe in that.

This fucking sucks. I hope it is on the DVD. And if not I am gonna eat my shoes. Because then I am so unhappy.

actually i forgot that it wasnt in the movie while i watched it. it was not missed, per se. i think it will make a badass addition to the dvd though. he definately will put it on there, because he’s a movie freak like us and trust me, he knows what we want to see on a dvd. if anything got in the way it wouldnt be his fault.

im thinking there is going to be a badass dvd set with all the scenes not used and the film edited together like the original cut.

If your thinking turns out to be right that’ll make one great DVD set. ;D

Why is it cut out due to lack of time? The Michael Jay White footage was seen even in the Volume I trailers. Looks like it was all done to me.

I prefer it in the actual film, not some deleted scene on a DVD, unless Tarantino means he will incorporate it back into the film on DVD. In which case, that is a good compromise.

I said it once and I will say it again. he will NOT incorporate it back into the DVD version of the movie. That is something he does not believe in. Therefore, I’m sure it will be in a ‘deleted scenes’ part of the DVD.

They probably cut the fight scene so they could charge you more money for less footage again. ;D

It’s quite ironic that they cut this scene out, cause the main reason why Beatty abandoned the project and Carradine was cast was because Beatty didn’t have a clue of martial arts. Now it seems we’re gonna see Bill without even seeing him fight once.

It doesn’t matter though, cause from the few reviews online right now it seems that Carradine still kicks ass.

Yeah… but what about:

*** SPOILER ***

The scene with L.F. Boyle? I can’t remember if I read anything about that being cut, or whether it was going to change, or what. I haven’t seen any production stills indicating that the scene is still in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I didn’t see anything from the chapter 2 or The Man from Okinawa in production stills, either.

What the fuck? The whole reason that part of the script where we see Bill killing that woman in the underground casino was for the addition (I think its a precursor to the Yuki’s Revenge segment) the Michael Jai White scene in its place, and now we don’t even get White? Man, now its going to be such a fucking let down when the Bride finally gets to him…at least for people who haven’t read the script…because all the viewers are going to get is the is old man whom probably doesn’t even really know how to fight -as far as non-Carradine fans know, anyway.

Think about it, Bill is going to end up looking like such a pussy because we won’t even get to see him fight and win one battle if this is true. He’ll just be this fucking punk that sent the DIVAs to beat up the Bride, and then shot her. O-Ren, Vernita, Elle, and even Budd are going to come out of the movie as more bad ass than him, and the last battle is going to be so anti-climactic because no one will have anything to be built up over.

And having it as deleted scene extra on a dvd is no compromise at all. I don’t want to have to scroll over to some obscure menu on my dvd just to see a scene that should have been in the movie anyway.

I’m still going to see KB Volume II, but that fight was one of the main reasons I was pumped up over it.

isn’t there supposed to be a whore house scene added now too? Something about Bill’s trainer who is played by Michael Parks?

I know the scene has been shot. I saw a picture of the fight in Fangoria. I really hope this scene isnt gone. If it is than maybe we will get it on dvd since its allready on film.

I sure as hell hope so

QT and crew visited a real live Whorehouse during shooting. I think they may have used the same one for the movie.

This kinda sux but i trust QT to make the right decision on his movie. Besides the film isnt 100% the final cut is it?

I agree with Puck.  For F-ing almost two years I’ve been waiting to see Carradine kick ass in this. ÂÂ

What is the use of cutting a film in two and still leaving out a major character establishing scene like this?  WTF

They should just change the name of this to : KILL THE OLD GUY WHO JUST TALKS.

If I saw Tarantino right now, I’d Donkey Punch him for this!

PS-Usurper, that thing you have going on above this post.  That’s kind of frightening.  Sweet!