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Make up a scene time: How do you think Blue died?

Time to be creative. Let’s say you’re QT and you have to put in a new scene for Resevoir Dogs. How do you think Mr. Blue died? What was he doing, and what were his last moves or words?

Sorry if this topic has been done before… ???

good idea for a topic.

let me heat on my imagination…

BAAAM, Blonde’s gun blasts, all hell breaks loose. Cops everywhere. The Dogs shoot their way out, grab the jewelry and run. While Pink is managing to escape through the main door and running down the street, Brown, White and Orange manage to get in the getaway car and race away. Blonde takes a cop hostage and runs out. Blue gets shot in the hip, he tries to run after Blonde, but Blonde suddenly turns around, points his gun at Blue and says “Sorry, pal. You didn’t make it” and BLAM, shoots Blue.

[quote]good idea for a topic.

let me heat on my imagination…

BAAAM, Blonde’s gun blasts, all hell breaks loose. Cops everywhere. The Dogs shoot their way out, grab the jewelry and run. While Pink is managing to escape through the main door and running down the street, Brown, White and Orange manage to get in the getaway car and race away. Blonde takes a cop hostage and runs out. Blue gets shot in the hip, he tries to run after Blonde, but Blonde suddenly turns around, points his gun at Blue and says “Sorry, pal. You didn’t make it” and BLAM, shoots Blue.[/quote]
that would actually be a good idea for the movie. i cant think of a story for blue right now…


[quote]BAAAM, Blonde’s gun blasts, all hell breaks loose. Cops everywhere. The Dogs shoot their way out, grab the jewelry and run. While Pink is managing to escape through the main door and running down the street, Brown, White and Orange manage to get in the getaway car and race away. Blonde takes a cop hostage and runs out. Blue gets shot in the hip, he tries to run after Blonde, but Blonde suddenly turns around, points his gun at Blue and says “Sorry, pal. You didn’t make it” and BLAM, shoots Blue.[/quote]

Why would Blonde kill Blue? He would never turn on his partners unless they did something to provoke him, and I doubt Blue would have acted in an unprofessional manner. As for that final remark, it sounds more like something Pink would say*, though I also doubt he would kill someone unless necessary. Even so, that's better then anything I could've written. ;)

*judging from his attitude towards White concerning Orange's situation

The Dogs enter the bank and walk to their designated spots. After a minute of scoping out the scene, Mr Orange yells “Alright!! This is a robbery!” Then Mr White yells “Any of you pricks fuckin move I’ll execute evey motherfuckin last one of ya! hit the floor!” The people do it.

Mr White says to the jewelry dealer : Open up the fuckin safe! Do it now!

Mr Pink has his gun on the Security Guard, he says:  Stay put or I’ll show ya who your fuckin with.

Mr Brown spray paints the security camera.

Mr Blue watches the door for any sign of John Q Laws.

A minute passes…

Suddenly Mr Blonde snaps and starts shooting people randomly, he shoots one of the employees (black girl), the other Dogs and the clients start panicking and then all hell breaks loose as three customers (undercover cops) open fire at Mr Brown and Mr Blue. Blue falls down, hes dead. Mr White and Mr Orange panic and a wounded Mr Brown all bolt out the back door, while Mr Pink sees the bag of diamonds Mr White dropped and blasts his way out the front door. Mr Blonde stops shooting and takes off out the front door leaving a massacre in the store behind him, he runs around a corner and sees a cop car coming right at him with Officer Marvin Nash in it. He points his gun at the car and starts firing at the window. The car crashes and Blonde grabs Nash out of the car, puts his gun to Marvins head, he and Marvin get to his car, Blonde pops the trunk and tells Marvin to “get in ya fuck” in that mischevous psycho Blonde way. He slowly drives down the street to the nearest Big Kahuna Burger and orders a Big Kahuna w/ fries and a soda. He gets his food and pays the money. And turns on K-BILLYS Super Sounds of the 70s which is playing one of his favorite songs “Little Willie” by The Sweet. He looks back towards the trunk where Marvin is, smiles that evil Blonde grin and sings along and cruises slowly in his car on his way back to the rendevouz…

good one toothpick

Yeah, Toothpick, you are a man of many talents. Suddenly the one I wrote seems so fuckin’ crappy. I won’t post it.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Check Dis Shit Out

I’ll write mine according to how it was layed out in the film (conversation with White & Orange in the car looking at the bank) Whereas Orange guards the door outside, making sure noone goes in or comes out. White & Pink take the manager in the back to get the diamonds. Brown is parked across the street, and when given the signal by Orange, he pulls up infront of the store. Blue and Blonde are crowd control.



A battered green Chevy sits across the street from a jewelry store. In the driver’s seat sits Mr. Brown decked out in all black, uncluding shades. He sits there watching the bank and constantly at the clock. K-BILLY’s SUper Sounds of the Seventies plays on the radio.


Mr. Brown looks anxious, it’s taking too long, he turns the radio lower to think.

                   Mr. Brown

           C’mon guys…

Across the street standing outside the Jewelry store is Mr. Orange pacing back in forth infront of the enterence.



The place is calm. You almost don’t think there’s a robbery, matter o’ fact, no one is in sight except for Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue. They stand behind a desiplay case aiming .45s at the employees who are curdled in fetile positions on the floor.

                   Mr. Blue


          SO LONG?!



Mr. White is standing with his gun aimed at the Manager, a fat oaf.

Mr. Pink is yelling at him.

                    Mr. Pink

           Get the fucking diamonds NOW! You’ve

           already had time to monkey fuck around!

Mr. Pink brings his gun back as if to pistol whip the manager.

The manager holds his hands up in fear.


            Ok! OK! Just don’t shoot!

The Manager goes to a small vault and begins doing the combination.

Mr. Pink is anxious, this robbery is taking more that the 2 minutes they planned it to be.

                     Mr. Pink

             Hurry up!

Mr. Pink keeps hitting the Manager as if to make him go faster.



Mr. Blonde is looking at one of the eployees, a foxy black woman who may be 20, MAYBE 21.

The woman is repulsed by the acts of Blonde.

Blonde takes his fingers and makes a v for a “vagina” then sticks his tongue through it. He laughs.

The employee looks disgusted.

Mr. Blue laughs.

As the two laugh…a short employee is going for the alarm.



The vault is opened.

Mr. Pink quickly shoves the manager onto the ground and begind shoveling the diamonds into the little black baggy.

Mr. White watches the manager.

                 Mr. White

         We’re just about outta here boys!



The employee pulls the alarm.

Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue both jump.

The sudden surprise of the alarm makes Blonde begin to panic.

Mr. Blonde turns to the employee he pulled the alarm. BLAM-O! He blasts the employee three times.

The female employee Blonde was making sexual gestures at begins to get up and crawl to the door.

Blonde quickly pulls his aim to the escaping employee.

Mr. White comes from the backroom just intime to see Mr. BLonde taking aim.


Mr. Brown’s POV:

We see the diamond store across the street…we then see a woman come darting out from the store…then Bullets pierce her from behind.

Mr. Orange starts waving his arms at Mr. Brown across the street.

                 (continued in next message-below-)

Mr Brown


Mr. Brown starts the car and floors it across the street.


Mr. Blonde comes from the store and continues to shoot the bitch.

Mr. Orange pushes Blonde away from her.

Crowds of people are screaming and panicing.

Police sirens are in the distance…then a handfull of cops come pulling from around the corner.

Cop #1

Freeze asshole!

Mr. Blonde shoots the cop then makes a dash away from the store.

Mr. Orange

HEY! Where the fuck are you going?!

A bullet whizes passed Mr. Orange’s head as cops continue to yell obnoxious things.

Mr. Brown in the car comes pulling up infront of the store.

Mr. Orange ducks down and rushes into the store.


Mr. ORange comes barging in.

Mr. White

Where the fuck is Blonde?!

Mr. Orange is frozen looking at the dead employee on the ground next to the alarm…

A couple cops come up to the front door.

Mr. White pushes Orange out of the way and shoots the cops, he then drags Mr. Orange out of the store. Mr. Orange still can’t believe whats happening.

Mr White

Blue! C’mon!

Mr Blue

I’m gonna go with Pink! GO!


Mr. Pink is still shoving diamonds in the bag.


Mr. White is guiding Mr. ORange out the door.

We see cops come running down the street about a block away.

Mr. Brown gets out of the car and looks over the hood at Orange and White.

Mr Brown

What the fuck happened?! Where the fuck-

A bullet stops Mr Brown from completing his sentence. A bullet in the forehead from a cop.

Mr. Brown stands in shock for a moment. He can’t believe he’s still alive.

The cop who shot him cant believe Mr. Brown is still alive. The cop is frozen with a blank look on his face.

Mr. Brown, looking clueless, then brings up his gun and shoots the cop.

The cop falls in the gutter.

Mr. White pushes Orange in the backseat then goes around and begins pushing Brown outta the way.

Mr Brown

Hey, hey it’s cool ése, I can drive.

White looks at his head, is about to say something, but jumps in the backseat instead.

Mr. Brown peels out.

Just as that happens two cops go bursting into the jewelry store.


Mr. Pink is just closing the bag as he comes walking from the back room.

He sees the two cops coming towards the revolving doors.

Mr. Pink quickly runs to the door and bursts out, since it’s revolving door the cops get stuck going inside while Pink makes a break for it.

Mr. Blue takes one of the cops out, but the second one shoots Blue in the crotch, then in the chest.

Mr. Blue falls back into a dimaond display glass shattering glass and sending jewels everywere.

He lays there staring at the floor with his eyes open, blood dripping from his white shirt.



Mr. Pink is hauling ass as pursuing cops take after.

Mr. Pink runs passed an alley way where a man stands with his backtowards us.

as MR Pink passes we cut to the man.


It’s Mr. BLonde…

…the cops pass him…Mr. Blonde lights up a cigarette.

A few seconds later a cop comes back to the alley…

MArvin Nash (COP)

Hey, YOU!

Marvin Nash goes up to Blonde( who has his back to him) and grabs his shoulder.

Blonde quickly turns around and spins Nash around and holds him to his body, putting a gun at Nash’s head.


BE COOL, cunt. Be cool.

Blonde guides the cop out of the alley to the street.


One cop is standing about twenty feet away.


Let him go asshole!






The cop puts his gun on the ground.

Blonde goes to HIS car and pulls his keys out. He watches the one disarmed cop while trying to stick the keys into the hole.

The trunk pops open and Blonde shoves Nash inside.

Blonde reaches inside and grabs Nash’s gun, then tosses it into the gutter.

Mr. Blonde then closes the trunk and walks around to the front of the car, continuing to watch the disarmed cop.

Blonde quickly gets in, and starts the car up.

The disarmed cop grabs his gun and runs to Blonde’s car.

Blonde floors it.


Blonde is smiling and looking over the shoulder at the pursuing cop.

After awhile he shouts at the cop, Nash, in the trunk.


Hey buddy? You hungry?

Blonde giggles to himself then turns up the radio.


There ya go.


Wow, you guys are really good at this!

Hey guys, lets see some more scenes!!!

We should have more topics like this one, it’s fun. ;D

Ok, now I feel like posting mine. I may add some changes later but here it is so far. Let me know what you think. By the way, I don’t know jack shit about cars so maybe that’s not what Blonde’s car actually is.

A yellow Coup De Ville pulls up to the curb. Its three passengers empty out; Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, and their “chauffeur,� Mr. Blonde. Blonde and Blue step up to the building in front of them. Orange follows, nervously looking around. They arrive at Karin’s Wholesale Diamonds. Blue takes Orange aside and whispers, “No one is to go in or out. No one.� Orange nods. He follows Blonde inside, leaving Orange to guard the door.

Both men are a sharp contrast to the customers’ jeans and t-shirts in their black suits. Blue admires some jewelry with quick glances. Blonde steps up to the counter and is approached by an employee whose nametag announces to the world he’s Jake.

As Blonde, Blue, and Orange arrived so did a second vehicle containing Mr. Pink, Mr. White, and Mr. Brown at the wheel. White and Pink exit the car while Brown follows them with his eyes, keeping his foot on the gas.

White and Pink enter the alley leading to the building’s back entrance. White removes a .45 automatic from his coat and Pink a .357 Magnum as they approach the door. Pink also carries a black bag. White fires at the door’s hinges and cheap lock. He motions towards Pink who proceeds to knock down the door with one powerful kick.

The manager, hearing shots, covers his head and drops to the floor. So do a few customers and one employee. A young couple heads for the door. “Hold it!� The sight of Blue’s 44 Magnum in their faces shatters any hope for escape. The look in his eyes tells them their safest bet is to lie on the ground. They do just that.

Blonde points his gun at Jake, the assistant manager. He’s frozen with fear and pissing his pants. “Don’t even look at the alarm or I will kill you.� The tone of Mr. Blonde’s voice is as convincing support to the threat as the presence of his weapon. Jake shuts his eyes and a yelp escapes his lips. Blonde and Blue both chuckle at the boy’s fear.

“Hurry up and open the goddamn safe, motherfucker!!� Pink’s yells tear into the manager as he frantically punches in the code to the safe. He is shoved aside by White who swings open the door and shoves in the most valuable items in the building into a black bag. Pink keeps his gun trained on the manager.

A young man who hid behind a huge potted plant crawls over to the alarm. He rams his fist into the button that activates it. It’s piercing cry rips through the air. What follows is complete chaos. Blonde shoots Jake twice in the head, execution style. He spins around and hits a young black girl in the neck and chest. He fires at the couple by the door.

Two undercover cops open fire but Blonde empties out his gun on them. They fall still firing and manage to shatter a few display cases. Blonde picks up their guns and starts to hunt for any survivors. He rips into the man who hit the alarm and then fires at the manager.

“Jesus Christ!� yells Pink as a few stray bullets ricochet off the safe, narrowly missing White. He dives for the merchandise and runs out the front door, fleeing Blonde’s bullets. He’s about to take off with Orange but notices several cops coming at them. At this point the decides it’s everyman for himself. He darts in the opposite direction with a few cops on his tail.

continued on next message

continued from last message

The gunshots stop but the inevitable screams of horror pursue the sudden silence. Orange decides to help his fellow officers and is met with the bloody remnants of Blonde’s fury as the cops bust in. Blonde snatches the first one to come through the door. Orange has run to the back to join White and the two flee. Blonde doesn’t even notice this. He’s too caught up trying to find a way to get the hell out of there.

He sticks the gun into the young man’s temple. “Come any closer and I’ll shoot this piece of shit! Fuck, I’ll shoot him just for fun!� The cops lower their guns at the demands of the deranged man, who despite all the commotion hasn’t a hair on his head out of place. They have no clue he’s all out of bullets. Blonde clutches his human shield and calmly steps out the back door with a huge smile plastered on his face.

A few follow but quickly return to try and help the wounded as more cops pour in. One man doesn’t return and follows Blonde out the back. He turns to the right and instead of spotting Blonde turning the corner on the left, he’s met with a desperate, clearly shaken Mr. Brown. He’s never witnessed anything quite like Blonde’s shooting spree and he‘s come to check it out.

Cop and robber stare at each other for a beat, then BAM!! Two shots fired, one man’s standing. Brown blinks and feels a cold, wet sensation spreading down his forehead. He reacts and turns around to head for his car. He runs into White on the way, who’s looking for him. White looks at the dead man before him. He wipes away some blood on Brown’s face and makes a grab for the car keys in his hand, but Brown is adamant about his driving and cuts off White when they reach the driver’s side door.

Blonde reaches his car and pops open the trunk. He slams the butt of his gun into the cop’s head and knocks him out. Then he shoves him into the trunk and ties him up quickly but securely. He shuts the trunk and slides into the driver’s seat whistling a 70’s hit he heard on the drive over.

Back at the scene of Blonde’s rampage, Blue lays on the floor, breathing heavily. That asshole did all this and now I have to clean up this fucking mess. His hands are cut up with shreds of glass but Blue doesn’t even wince. After all, he once cut himself up with broken glass to convince authorities he was crazy and unfit to stand trial. He fumbles through his coat pockets and extracts a revolver. He takes a deep breath and emerges a bloody bullet-spewing killing machine. He charges at the officers, bringing down 9 or 10.

One well-placed bullet in the head drops him to the ground and ends the life of the legendary felon.


Not too intentionally wreck some of the above scenes, but Mr. Brown is in a car across the street during the robbery. He can’t appear on the scene until Mr. Blonde starts cappin people, and Mr. Orange won’t actually be inside the bank, either. He’d be standing just outside as his job is to single the getaway driver to pull up to the curb.

Blonde and Blue, according to the dialogue in the movie, would be in the lobby of the bank dealing with people (probably in Killing Zoe style ;)), and White and Pink probably disappear into some back room or nearby office until the alarm goes off.

I suppose its sad that I’ve seen that movie enough times to know what everyone’s specialty is, and roughly where’d they’d be standing and what they’d be doing, but what am I or are you gonna do about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit- my rendition’ll be up in a few seconds.

I have no real idea on screenplay structure, so you’ll have to forgive this. Anyway, its just for fun, right?

The uniformed and code named Reservoir Dogs walk across the street en masse as we see them at the end of the opening sequence minus Mr. Brown who remains parked across the street in the getaway vehicle. The group reaches the entrance to the store and Mr. White opens the door for his companions to enter single file. They do so in an inconspicuous manner (as inconspicuos as five guys with black suits and matching sun glasses can manage) and enter the lobby; except for Mr. Orange. Mr. White, before entering himself, turns to his betrayer, pats him on the shoulder, whispers the punchline to an obscene joke, and gives him a playful slap on the face before entering himself. Orange turns around with a look on his face as if he’s just eaten something that didn’t agree with his stomache, and starts to adjust his tie.

We cut away to Mr. White entering the store with everyone else. Inside are few of the generally cliched heist flick victims. We have the fat, old security guard dozing at his post, the feminine and sexually attractive blonde - this time accompanied by a young black friend -; we have the young, fairly handsome male professional, the middle aged married couple, and among a few bland others, we throw in a dirty old senile bastard. The men wait in a group, taking off their sunglasses or fingering their pistols in their holsters, waiting for Mr. White. He approaches, spitting out his toothpick, pulls the pistol out of his holster, and nods to the others. They pull out their weapons, and Mr. Blonde fires his gun into the air. Everyone screams, and ducks in reaction; the security old security guard is still asleep in a rickety old rocking chair by door snoring loudly.

Mr. Blonde: All right ladies and gentleman, you know the drill. Everyone down on the fucking ground. 'No one moves, mouths off, or touches any goddamn alarms, and we’ll all be going home. Capice?

Everyone, frightened and anxious at the site of four men armed with pistols, do as Mr. Blonde says, and get down on their hands and knees - except of course, for the guard. Blue takes up a position near the entrance, and Blonde moves to a position at the other end of the lobby area. White and Pink walk behind the counters.

Mr. Pink (going into the crazy Buscemi thing and storming around): Alright, where the fuck is the manager! Stand the fuck up you asshole!

We see the manager stand up just next Pink, a balding fellow, hands up in the air, sweating profusely under the armpits as can be seen by the stains on under the arms of his cheap dress t shirt. Pink aims his gun at the guy.

Manager: I’m the manager! Listen we don’t want any-

Mr. Pink: Shut the fuck up, asshole! Don’t say a motherfucking word!

Pink grabs the manager by the collar as he’s saying this and jams the barrel up under his chin. The man is sweating and panting heavily.

Mr. White: You’re coming with us, buddy.

White calmly, but firmly, grabs the store manager by the back of his shirt and leads him into a back office room, with a glass window facing out into the lobby, opened shades are obscuring some of the view of the inner office composed of filing cabinets, destk, etc. Mr. Pink follows behind like a puppy. We here the manager mumbling some pleas for mercy as Pink slams the door shut. Shortly after, the blinds in the office close, and everyone in the lobby can no longer see whats going on, but rather, can still hear the shouts and cursing of Mr. Pink.

Blonde and Blue stand quietly in the lobby guns pointed at no particular person. The young women are crying, some of the people are whispering to each other or are praying, the old man is muttering curses under his breath, and the guard is still sound asleep.

Mr. Blue: Whadda you think?

Mr. Blonde: Huh?

Mr. Blue: About what Mr. Brown said- You believe “Like a Virgin” is really about dick?

Mr. Blonde: Nah, not for a fucking second- its about love not dick.

Mr. Blue: Then why didn’t you say anything else about it?

Mr. Blonde: The same fuckin reason you don’t every time Mr. Brown goes off on a rant. He likes the sound of his own fuckin voice, and to top it off he was wired off of six cups of coffee…so I did what any rational fuckin human being would do in that situation and let him run his mouth. There wasn’t any point in arguing with him over it, and the last thing I want is a pissed off getaway driver takin me away from a job.

Mr. Blue: You gonna argue about it when we get back?

Mr. Blonde: Probably, yeah.

We hear Mr. White growl out a curse at the manager from behind the closed door, accompanied by the eerie high pitched squeal of a man howling in pain. The women huddle closer together, and are sobbing at this point.

Mr. Blonde: Shut the fuck up…and back away from that door.

Mr. Blue (aiming his gun at the blonde girl): Get the fuck back. You aren’t goin anywhere.

Mr. Blonde (turning back to Blue): Why did you care so much about that song anyway? I thought you said you had tuned Madonna out.

Mr. Blue: I did. I was just makin small talk. You never do that?

Mr. Blonde: Not during a job.

Mr. Blue: Never?

More shouting from Mr. Pink behind the door accompanied by moaning.

Mr. Blonde: No.

All of a sudden, the alarm goes off. Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue turn to see that one of the employees had crawled to an alarm. Mr. Blonde raises his pistol, aims and fires at the employee, blowing the top of the man’s head off. The blonde chick rises up and attempts to run for the door; Blonde brings his gun around and shoots her in the back of the head, blood splatters across the window and door - obscuring the view of Mr. Orange standing just outside - as well as spraying onto Mr. Blue. Sirens begin to wail outside in accompaniment to the alarm wailing inside and the cacophony of screaming and gunfire; the security guard is still sleeping.

Mr. White opens the door, and lets out a curse. Through the now opened door, we can see Mr. Pink with a briefcase, standing over the manager now holding a bloody stump and whimpering meekly.

Mr. White: What the fuck is going on out-

A bullet punches through the body of a nearby employee, and exits, whizzing just past Mr. White’s body to smack into the glass behind. The glass spider webs upon impact of the bullet, and Mr. White ducks, pulling out his pistol again and aiming it at Blonde.

The black girl rises up off the floor and runs for the door; Mr. Blonde promptly turns his weapon, and puts two bullets into her back. She goes down in a spray of blood to land on the floor next to her friend. Mr. Blue is waving his gun, covered in the blood of the dead girls, and threatening to shoot Blonde. The killer doesn’t seem to here. The cops are coming, and bullets are whizzing across the street. The wheels on Mr. Brown’s vehicle can be heard screeching to a halt just outside the store. Mr. Orange and Mr. Brown can both be heard shouting. The police are moving across the street seemingly in slow motion, and several police cars are just begining to arrive at the scene. Blonde loads another clip into his pistol; the security guard is still asleep.

Blue sees the first wave of cops coming up onto the sidewalk and aims his pistol through the window as does White, Pink, and Blonde. Orange is outside, crouched behind the getaway car, and Brown is firing off shots from the drivers seat. The four men within the store take aim fire off their rounds at the police officers in a deadly barage, spraying glass, blood, and death all over the streets. The cops go down under the barrage, but Blue is hit in the leg. He cries out a curse, and falls down onto one knee. The others are oblivous. White makes it to the door first, and turns to the others.

Mr. White: Get the fuck out! We’ll meet back at the rendezvous!

He pushes through the door, opens the back passenger door, grabs Orange, shoves him in, and the vehicle speeds off…just as Mr. Pink pushes through. We see him through the store window growl a curse and take off down the sidewalk. Police officers run past the store in hot pursuit.

Mr. Blonde: There’s gotta be a back way out of here.

Blue grunts out a response, holding his leg in pain.

Mr. Blonde: You commin’?

Mr. Blue: Yeah…shit…I’m coming.

Blue attempts to stand up, but falls down onto his knees again with a curse. He tries again and his successful. As he turns around, holding his leg as he does so, he sees the back of Mr. Blonde’s head as he rounds a corner into a backroom. He curses again, and limps afterward, awkwardly, but as quickly as possible. He pushes himself forward on an adrenaline rush. Just as he gets to the entrance to the office, he hears something through the wall.

Marvin: Police! Freeze!

Not waiting for the accompanying gunsots, Blue turns back around in the hallway, and limps back out towards the small, very bloody, lobby area. Through the blood stained, and cracked store window, he can see that the street is seemingly empty with the exception of a few cop cars and dead bodies. He knows he can make it, and avoid the following waves of police, if he can just get out of the door…but something catches his attention. Aside from the blood, shards of glass, bodies, and pistol cartridges, something is amiss. As he gets into the center of the lobby again, he halts. His attention is drawn to an empty, old rocking chair by the door. Its swaying gently back and forth as if it had just recently been pushed.

Mr. Blue (musing to himself): Wait a minute…wasn’t there…a security guard there…just a few seconds ag-?"


HA HA!!! That ending was pretty good dude! I liked it. I wasn’t expecting the guard to fuck 'em!

That one beat the hell outta my Mr. Blue death…mine was more a reference to how Vincent Vega dies in Pulp Fiction (getting shot and falling back into glass)

I actually liked yours more than mine. The falling back into the display case is always dramatic and effective during a shoot out in most movies. Particularly when the frame rate is dropped down for such an action.

But thanks, man. :wink:

Hey thanks…

but atleast ours both follow the film’s facts (I re-watched the “Let’s Get a Taco” scene before writing it. :wink: