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Make up a scene time: How do you think Blue died?

Hehe. I don’t have to rewatch it. I almost have the dialogue in that movie memorized, and only bought the dvd four months ago. :o

This isnt a story of how Blue dies, but the user ToothPicVicVega did a story of how blue died, and it just doesnt make sence, first of all, Mr. Orange Wouldnt Be in the bank, hes waiting outside, to signal Brown ( who also wouldnt be inside) in the getaway car, so neither Orange, or Brown Would be inside according to the plan. And also, why would it be such a mystery to Blonde White Orange and Pink how Blue died, if he died in front of everybody in the bank?

Sorry to be a wet blanket, it was still creative, but hey, a good writer is open to criticism.

[quote] Sorry to be a wet blanket, it was still creative, but hey, a good writer is open to criticism. [/quote]

I didnt even watch the movie before I wrote that, it was all off the top of my head.

Mine is alot shorter than everyone elses too. After mine, everyone wrote a freakin essay length synopsis based on the actual movie down to the last detail. lol.

Im not rewriting anything, too late now.

[quote]After mine, everyone wrote a freakin essay length synopsis based on the actual movie down to the last detail.[/quote]
Actually, mine was less than accurate. I tried to stick to the movie but I am aware that I strayed from the film in a few areas. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I rewrote it a couple of times before I posted but that was as good as I could get it, which shows I’m not very good. I put Blonde, Orange, and Blue in one car because it made more sense than to have 6 guys crammed into one car as they arrived. Besides, in the film, Blonde has his own car and it is never established whether he stole it like Pink or he had it originally.

The point is, ToothPickVicVega started crying because someone told him his story sucked. :wink:

I think my story is pretty damn good, it makes sense (except Mr Brown wasnt in there, he was in the getaway car I think). But the rest couldve worked. If Blue got shot, maybe the other guys didnt have time to see it go down because there was so much confusion with all the craziness caused by Mr Blonde.

I like my story, I dont give a damn if Kbilly thinks it sucks. :slight_smile:

Chill out all of them are great.

I liked them all, but Puck’s was my favorite. It seemed like something that could’ve been in the movie. I love the dialogue between blue and blonde, and mr. pink stomping back and forth. Great job. I hope you post your vampire script when you finish it. can’t wait to read that. At least i think that was you.

That wasn’t bad. :slight_smile: Its great becuase I can picture these things perfectly even though there not in the movie.

I thought up of one. This is after the cops are there so bear with me. And also after Mr Blonde guns everyone down.

Mr Pink: Fuck! What the fuck are we gonna do!!!

Turns around and sees that Mr White and Mr Orange are gone so it’s him Mr Blue and Mr Blonde

Mr Blue: Here! The Diamonds!! Passes it too Mr Pink

Mr Pink: I’m gettin the fuck outta here meet you back at the rendezvous if you can get the fuck outta here Alive!

He leaves as the three cops start chasing him, and then a cop runs into the store only seeing Mr Blue

Marvin: Get your fuckin hands up! Then he shoots at Mr Blue unloading his gun around him… Not one bullet hits him, he looks dazed and then Mr Blonde knocks him out then drags him to the back

Mr Blue: Thanks Bud!

Mr Blonde: You comin?!

Mr Blue: Yeah and lets take this piece of shit with us!! Picks up the sexy woman teller

Mr Blonde. CMON!! Put the bitch down! as he runs down the hall

As Mr Blonde runs to the back where Marvin is

5 cops storm in.

Cops: “Freeze!” "Drop the gun"

Mr blue is scared now then, down suddenly down the street you hear the LOUD gunshots from Mr Pinks shootout with the cops as the shots ring out it startles Mr Blue so he pulls the trigger and blows the tellers head off, then as that happens he is gunned down. Mr blonde is just getting out the back when he hears this so he runs back down the hall and sees 3 cops standing over Mr Blues bullet riddled body and a headless teller, he runs back to where Marvin is and he is just coming to his senses when Blonde says your gonna fuckin pay for this! Knocks him out again then puts in the trunk.

Kinda like true romance when Clarence and Alablama trying to get out of the hotel and then you see the one mobster holding a lady hostage.