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Kill Bill Vol. 3 Petition

please go to this petition!

These online petitions barely ever have any sucess. I dont really want a Volume 3 for that matter. Bills Dead. Leave the series as it is.

I want QT making IB as soon as possible.

I want QT making IB as soon as possible.

Yes, just after Grindhouse. I can’t wait to see these 2 movies !

exactly, fuck vol 3, 1 & 2 were one film, a third one wouldnt fit in, the odd one out

A prequel would be cool though, animated.

These petitions never work, and if they do, they are not going to affect Tarantino’s work. Kill Bill is done. I’d wote for a long Kill Bill movie as one, with more stuff in it like more Pai Mei training scenes. It would be incredible.

I understand most of these petitions don’t work and I also relise that a full length movie would be pointless too but I wouldn’t mind seeing a straight to DVD prequel or something relating to Kill Bill.

There shouldnt be a volume 3, that might ruin it. A prequal might be cool though.

A comic book sequal/prequel maybe… but a sequal/prequal movie! If QT does a volume 3 it will put his fans down. :frowning:

11 signatures in an online petition is really going to accomplish something.

I agree, leave Kill Bill alone, it’s done.

I agree with Copperhead, it should be in comic/manga form

Kill Bill vol.3, that’s nonsense. I wanna see his war epic already…

ditto. forget about grindhouse in my opinion.

(Let the flaming begin! arms self >:D)

I’m in the School of thought that Tarantino should be thinking of other (totally different) projects and leave the Kill Bill shit alone. He’s at risk of (obviously) repeating himself = getting boring = getting predictable. And fuck that Vega Bros idea while we’re at it.

I’d put my signature on a Petition to get the fucking Inglorious Bastards movie into production, followed by something non-Kill Bill related!

QT said that if he makes Kill Bill vol. 3, it would be 10 years later. And I also think Kill Bill is done, but if QT in these 10 years has a good idea for a sequel and makes it, it would be interesting, QT wouldn’t make something that isn’t at least great. But let’s leave Kill Bill alone for a while.

What I really can’t wait to watch is his 2nd War movie!! Grindhouse sounds great too!

You can have too much of a good thing. I was satisfied with the ending so I would’nt want to see the story continue.

Besides I feel that the movie is too commercial now anyways.

There are a lot of possibilities for a 3rd KB movie: You have the fact that Beatrix killed the only parent B.B. knew for her entire life (and screwing up her informative years there after), Nikita Green being the same age as B.B., possibly meeting up in a High school setting and planning a little revenge together, the fact that she didn’t kill Elle, but only blinded her, which she could overcome with the training she has received from Pai Mei, and with her wealth could get some artificial eyes or a transplant. You have the Acuna boys down in Mexico seeking revenge on Bill’s death at his father figure’s insistance, etc.

With flashbacks and dream sequences, all the characters can be infused into the movie.

In fact, Budd could even be brought back with a quick dose of anti-venom from Elle at the start of KB 3, (and allowing Bea to actually kill Budd, and properly cross his name off her death list).

No hate posts needed, just throwing out what could be made to tie up all the lose ends. ;D

These online petitions barely ever have any sucess. I dont really want a Volume 3 for that matter. Bills Dead. Leave the series as it is.

Yeah you couldnt even call it Kill Bill? i mean bill’s dead so it just wont make any sence! the only way it could work is as a prequel… meh

this petition is such a let down.

it’s disgusting that tarantino fans long for sequels. that’s so anti-cinema, it makes me sick.

i want inglorious bastards, i want grindhouse, i want 40 lashes, i want everything EXCEPT a fricking sequel