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Kill Bill Movie reference (please contribute)


Kill Bill Are there and rumbling of kill Bill volume three? Loved one and two.



If you remember in the movies Chang Cheh made over at Shaws Brothers, the screen always turned to b&w for the violent scenes. You can see this in Quentins favorite, Chang’s The Five Deadly Venoms. So not unlike Chang Cheh for what he’s done in his time for the Hong Kong censorship, QT’s doing the same as both homage to Chang and in the mean time, poking fun at the rating board.


I mean, I would have bet the farm that the concept of the plot comes from “The Bride Wore Black” but QT said in an interview that he’s never seen it. No criticism of any contribution, just something to think about.


A YouTube user has uploaded the extremely rare full version of “Messalina! Messalina!”, a movie directed by Bruno Corbucci, sibling of Sergio Corbucci, starring Tomas Milian. This unconventional comedy was shot on the set of Tinto Brass’ Caligula. Compared to the version released in 1977, the unrated version is 20 minutes longer.

In the final scene, the one censored in Italy, they enacted a very graphic massacre: in some moments it reminded me of “The Crazy 88 Battle” from “Kill Bill Vol.1” - just look at the moment when a man has his arm amputated (1:16:15), he moves his mutilation just like Sofie Fatal, or look at the people which slides on the blood (1:17:00). What do you think?


The Blood Splattered Bride is coming out in February on BluRay


February 18 now (the non-limited retail version). Also check out: