Kill Bill Movie reference (please contribute)

I don’t claim to have caught them all, but perhaps this list can one day be turned into something pretty complete. Please add, correct and expound on this list however you can.

RESERVOIR DOGS = the radio station Kbilly¸ black suits for the Crazy 88s

HANEY CAULDER = Plot concept

LADY SNOWBLOOD = Plot concept

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE = Plot concept

MS. 45 = Plot concept

HARD TO KILL = Plot concept (I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here. I don’t know why people who say they don’t like the film fail to note the story comparison.)

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY = The Bride’s beat up face




FIVE DEADLY VENOMS = Naming system for DIVAS

FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH = Ironside theme preceding ass-kicking

SWITCHBLADE SISTERS = The Bride vs. Vernita (?)


DEAD AND BURIED = fake Nurse killing someone

BLACK SUNDAY = fake Nurse killing someone

DRESSED TO KILL = Split screen as Elle is approaching

BLACK LIZARD = Idea of a queen of Crime in Tokyo

KAGE NO GUNDAN = Hattori Hanzo, the name “O-Ren�

GOLGO 13 = Assasination during anime sequence (I also feel I’ve seen the guy who killed O-Ren’s dad, but can’t place him)

MILLER’S CROSSING = O-Ren killing the two bodyguards.

GREEN HORNET = Kato masks of the Crazy 88s

INISHIRO HONDA MONSTER MOVIES = miniature sets over Tokyo (specifically, WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS although the sets are from GODZILLA GMK)

GOKI, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL = Orange sunset against the sky while plane is landing.

PULP FICTION = Red Apple cigarettes

GAME OF DEATH = The Bride’s outfit for the finale (also used in HIGH RISK)

PROJECT A 2 = Dual level architecture of House of Blue Leaves, as well as catching the axe mid air (used again by Jackie in Shanghai Noon)

TOKYO DRIFTER = Glass floor of House of Blue Leaves

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON = O-Ren throwing the small dart (probably used well before that, but I don’t know where)

SHOGUN ASSASSIN = House of Blue Leaves fight

CHINESE BOXER = House of Blue Leaves fight

ICHI THE KILLER = House of Blue Leaves fight (minor touches)

ZATOICHI FILMS = slice down a ton of minions before squaring off with the boss.

ZATOICHI CHALLENGED = Snow setting for final sword dual.

BATTLE ROYALE = GoGo killing guy in bar. (A good name for a review of Kill Bill – either positive or negative - could be “Battle Royale with Cheese.�)

SUKEBAN DEKA = Deadly Japanese schoolgirl with ball and chain.

THREE FANTASTIC SUPERMEN = Go Go’s Ball and Chain hand weapon (kind of)

MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE = Go Go’s Ball and Chain hand weapon with blades extended (also music cue as O-Ren heads back to her room)

SHANGHAI NOON = Go Go’s technique with the weapon (perfectly mirrors Jackie’s technique with the rope and horseshoe. Heck, Jackie might have done this in an earlier film as well for all I know)

SCARAMOUCHE (1952) = The Bride vs. Gordon Liu swordfighting on the railing.

SANJURO = fountain of blood from a sword dual. (I know it’s a standard in many Samurai films, but Kurasawa seems to get credit for inventing it)

JAPANESE CINEMA IN GENERAL = Kabuki fight in HOBL with silhouettes

EATEN ALIVE = “I’m Buck and I like to Fuck�

YAGU FAMILY CONSPIRACY = “If you want revenge, you have to be willing to kill God or even Buddha�

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE = Shot of Gogo walking out of room, revealing Uma on the ceiling (could be a million things, like Dr. No, too)

GET TO KNOW YOUR RABBIT or TAXI DRIVER = Overhead tracking shot(s). Since QT is a fan of both directors, it really could be either

SHAW BROTHERS MOVIES = “Shaw Brothers Zoom� although I’m not convinced they were the first to do it.

GREASE = “Pussy Wagon� lyric in Greased Lightning


ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST = Story inturruptus for O Ren Ishii’s backstory










DUEL TO THE DEATH (stepping on the sword? In Volume 2?)




I also seem to remember reading something about a connection to From Dusk Till Dawn I and II. Anyone know anything about that?

Thanks in advance.

Some critics mentioned about the crazy 88 bloody leftover bodies at HOBL dance floor where the one woman freakin out walking through the bloody bodies reminded of soldiers being dead in GONE WITH THE WIND… lol

The only thing i can think of in from dusk till dawn is that the sheriff from texas is played by the same guy who was the sheriff in FDTD.

if you think i’m reading that list you’re insane.

i’ll list a few that are the most obvious.

1 green hornet - masks and theme song

2 kurosawa - conversation between hattori and assistant, very kurosawa, japanese humor

3 miike - the lip biting and stretching when she’s in the hospital bed, and the intestines spilling in the bar

4 jack hill - segment with the bride talking to vernita in the kitchen

5 leone - o-ren and the bride showdown. many dramatic pauses and cu’s/ecu’s, strong soundtrack playing, just like many leone westerns ie once upon a time in the west

6 shaw brothers - need i say more?

7 fukasaku - character go go and some of the blood letting was definitely fukasaku-inspired

there are so many more it just boggles the mind. i doubt i even got 75% of them. but i know movies, and i think i got a lot.

fdtd i guess, when buck told the trucker, what he can do, or not…"rule number 1…so are we absolutely clear about rule number one?"

and there is one shot when uma picks up her sword, the camera is under the “glas-floor” in the middle of the room…

this style is from a hitchcock movie called - “lodger”

(or from the ac/dc video - thunderstrike…whatever)



Buck explaining the rules reminded me of Harvey in Taxi Driver


Buck explaining the rules reminded my of Harvey in Taxi Driver[/quote]

that was more like Seth in FDTD, word for word.


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Sorry, didn’t mean the specific quote, but the whole speech.

The screen suddenly turning black & white during a fight sequence is also a reference.

If you remember in the movies Chang Cheh made over at Shaws Brothers, the screen always turned to b&w for the violent scenes. You can see this in Quentins favorite, Chang’s The Five Deadly Venoms. So not unlike Chang Cheh for what he’s done in his time for the Hong Kong censorship, QT’s doing the same as both homage to Chang and in the mean time, poking fun at the rating board.

The Quick Zoom in when Uma sees and remembers what her ememies did seems to be inspired by Death Rides a Horse.

When putting together this list, some are obvious, can’t-be-denied, while others are just speculation. I mean, I would have bet the farm that the concept of the plot comes from “The Bride Wore Black” but QT said in an interview that he’s never seen it. No criticism of any contribution, just something to think about.

[quote]The Quick Zoom in when Uma sees and remembers what her ememies did seems to be inspired by Death Rides a Horse.  [/quote]

no, that’s the famous shaw brothers zoom

I also read somewhere that in a Tobe Hooper film called “Eaten Alive”; there is a character who says “I’m Buck, and I’m here to fuck!”

jmachinder, you wrote

"DRESSED TO KILL = Split screen as Elle is approaching"

I actually saw this movie twice recently, I can’t remember there being a Split screen!? Is there a split screen in Dressed to Kill?

I remember alot of split screens in The Thomas Crown Affair from 1968 with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, but I don’t know if Quentin Tarantino should be any inspired by that Norman Jewison movie… Thomas Crown Affair which I actually think is very awesome, one of my favourites…

I am much interested in understanding where that Brian De Palma sequence is in the film! Tarantino talks about that there is such a Tarantino sequence in the video-interview he did for The Time UK… that interview which people could download recently and that I re-encoded and will put online later…

YES! The scene with Hatori Hanzo and his assistant was TOTALLY like those old Kurosawa movies!

And yeah, Eaten Alive…crappy assed movie…I mean BAD…at the begining a character is about to have sex, ad his name is Buck and he says the line, “My name’s Buck and I’m here to FUCK”

I think in the The Time video-interview Tarantino says Kurosawa is shit Samourai, while the Zatoichi movies are really cool…

[quote]I think in the The Time video-interview Tarantino says Kurosawa is shit Samourai, while the Zatoichi movies are really cool…[/quote]

QT said Kurosawa’s samurais are shit? That doesnt sound right.

Theres a few split screen sequences in Dressed To Kill, how can you watch the movie and not see it? Which Dressed To Kill are you watching? lol.

Also that fuckin awesome tracking shot in The House of Blue Leaves is totally inspired by DePalma. DePalma is THE master of long complex tracking shots.

zatoichi is the bomb, i have a bunch of them on dvd. i <3 them.

“B-U-C-K” & “F-U-C-K” on Buck’s knuckles is similar to Robert Mitchum’s knuckles in Night of the Hunter reading “L-O-V-E” & “H-A-T-E”

[quote]The Quick Zoom in when Uma sees and remembers what her ememies did seems to be inspired by Death Rides a Horse.  [/quote]

This movie has a lot more references than that.

-The movie opens with 5 masked men who enter a house and shoot down a family. The trailer even says “The bandits who killed 5 defensless people made one big mistake. They should have killed 6” Didn’t The Bride say a voiceover similar to this in the script/trailers?

-ORen’s dad’s killer has a skull ring that’s reminiscent of the emblem that Lee Van Cleef’s character wears

-Theme music is played when The Bride reveals herself to O-Ren

-The zoom seen here pre-dates the Shaw Zoom of the mid-70’s

-The flashback montages are filmed in similar fashion with an extreme closeup of the eyes. Followed by a bright orange/yellow glow. With images superimposed over each other on what happened on that “fateful day”

-Lee Van Cleef’s character even says "Somebody once wrote that revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold"


Vernita Green’s new name (Written from the script) is Jeanne Bell. Jeanne Bell is the actress/playmate who appeared as the title character in the blaxpo revenge flick, TNT JACKSON

After The Bride kills Miki, the next three 88 are killed the same way Zatoichi kills his attackers (I know that there are tons of samurai flicks that film action this way, but Ichi is what immediatley came to mind)

Speaking of Ichi, one of the Crazy 88 recieves a mouth wound in the same place where Kakihara (Ichi The Killer has his

Shogun Assassin doesn’t have the “one vs an army” finale, but the 3rd film in the series Lone Wolf and Cub/Babycart to Hades does

Babycart to Hades also has a scene where a prostitute bites a piece of her pimp’s tongue off, resulting in a quick death just like the trucker. I don’t know if that’s really relevent though.