Kill Bill Movie reference (please contribute)


The collections of short stories are the best:

Creepshow, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, & Tales from the Crypt. Do you remember in Twilight Zone The Movie where that guy was a racist and he walked out of the bar and into 1930’s Nazi Germany? That was so cool to me when I was a kid. It seemed so realistic and fitting. The other one that sticks out in my mind is the boy who kept all of those people in his house as prisoners. He seemed like such a nice little boy until he zapped that girl into cartoonland. And the creepiest part was that girl who had no mouth. Very riveting stuff.


Remember the one which was called “The Open Window” or something…[/quote]

I assume you mean “The Unlocked Window”? Haven’t seen it and I don’t have it either… I’ve only downloaded like 70 episodes.


[quote]Assasination during anime sequence (I also feel I’ve seen the guy who killed O-Ren’s dad, but can’t place him)[/quote] i thought oren dad killer was bill? i’ll have to look at the sword and rings in the animation to see if they match Bill’s (thinking best scene to verify will be the one where he is talking to the nurse on the cell phone when she is about to give the bride the needle and he is fingering his sword) no one checked on this?


this is why i love quentain tarantino , because he uses different movies and he blends them into one movie , and you have to really pay attention to the movies so you can get the refernces.


Anybody got anymore!? ;D I love this topic! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Thos i know have already been mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:


when the bride was in the casket and bangin on It and messing with the lighter kind of reminds me of the vanishing when hes in the casket.


Got any pics?


no sorry I cant seem to find one.


the scene before Oren fights B, when an ‘‘88’’ tells a story and he seems to imitate a giant cock growing and growing with his hands, and that reminds me of a Troma movie where a dude is in bed and gets a huge fuckin’ boner ;D


mmmm well i guess i do like what Quentin did in all Kill Bill Vol!!


what did you say to pai mei and make him snatch out your eye !! ha ha ha you guys know woooot! i can remeber all the script by heart !! i call him and old misearable fool !!




I read the reference to “Tokyo Drifter” is a glass floor.

Where is the glass floor scene?

I can’t remember…

By the way, I noticed others reference to this japanese movie:

  • It opens with a black and white scene just like KB
  • It’s about a hitman who wanted to change his life
  • the protagonist kills someone he used to love

    I uploaded the Samurai Fiction opening credits:

    enjoy :wink:


Sylvia, make sure to look for the center of the House of Blue Leaves (a glass floor over a Japanese rock garden). Also when The Bride picks up her sword off the floor in one shot, we see her from below the glass floor.

If you look really closely in that shot you can see the soles of her shoes read FUCK U.


Yes, but where is the glass floor in Tokyo Drifter?


Yes, but where is the glass floor in Tokyo Drifter?

Sorry, I misread what you meant. The shot of the glass floor in Tokyo Drifter that looks similar to the one in Kill Bill is when Tetsu is looking up from underneath the glass floor in one of the clubs where a bunch of dancers are. Thats the shot thats similar to the one I described above.


Thanks WinslowLeach! ;D

You mean this scene, right?



dont know If It has already been talked about…

Shogun Ninja:The way the sword has a part In the storyline. The name Hanzo Hattori comes from this movie.


no, it comes from the tv show ‘‘Kage No Gundan’’ with Sonny Chiba