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Kill Bill Fight Sequences

I am wondering if those that have read the scrip can talk some about the fighting.How descriptive is the script about the tecniques that will be used.

Does the script give much detail about the different kicks,punches,sword fights?

for all I know, and if you look at the participating people, there will be not much wire-action like in Iron Monkey. It’s mostly Kung Fu style you know from movies like Streetfighter (Sonny Chiba). And there’s lots of sword and knife fighting, too.

but I think, that’s a question for Mike (just tell us the kinds of fights, don’t describe them all, hehe)

I know that Quentin has said that Kill Bill will be the most historically important kung fu/samurai film to date. Dont expect anything like The Matrix or the other kung fu films that are being churned out these days. Its going to be more like The Streetfighter (Sonny Chiba) meets 70s Shaw Brothers kung fu films meets genuine Japanese Samurai films with the Tarantino twist mixed in. We will see alot of animal style kung fu in Kill Bill too, which we dont see alot in the action films these days. I really wanna see what the samurai fights are like. They should be insane to watch.

I dont know the details, but Im sure Mike will give us some ideas on the fighting scenes later on.

hey guys, a great website about Kung Fu movies:

they have lots of reviews and much more. great site.

I think Harry or someone said that there were 30 pages on the script only describing the fighting and that it was one of the best fight sequences ever written or something.

I dont know how it will be but maybe it will ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style. I adore every Bruce Lee i saw and i think saw most of them. I just love that dude. If there is fighiting close to that i can hardly wait!!!

Mike its ur turn, tell us about the fighting.


If you guys goto the site, look for Pai Mei. You’ll see what films hes in. Hes the white haired guy. Very cool site indeed.

Also check out the Fist Of Fury page (Bruce Lee). That is one of the films which influenced Kill Bill.

to Jules_Winfield: as far as we’ve all heard, it will NOT be wire-action as seen in Crouching Tiger.

It was Harry’s review that I think I got the idea that the script is longer than it will be presented because every move was written down, every thing choreographed on paper. The scene that epic fight takes place in, it is very detailed but I think there’s still room for choreography. It’s that scene that makes the final battle with Bill inferior. But the final battle with Bill is actually superior considering what technique the Bride saves for the end. I don’t know if I should be revealing this.

But what I think gives that epic fight in the middle its strength and length is not that every move is written down on paper, it isn’t, its just that as she takes on the Crazy 88, which is actually less then 30 people, we see her take on one single person at a time. It’s not like she kills a few and we cut to the end. For those of you that’ve seen Episode II, when Anakin kills the Tuskan Raiders, we only see him kill the first few, which is a convienient trick of the cinema but Quentin doesn’t cheat us out of the epic battle that we are all expecting. QT’s a better writer than that and understands how similar movies let us down so he doesn’t make the mistakes that those other writers make.

It’s a lenghthy battle, maybe it really is around 30 pages, I just don’t feel like checking right now. All I could say is I think of that cool bar fight in From Dusk Till Dawn. How we get to see everything, everyone. Sure, sometimes less is more but that idea has been overdone and its time to see what the Bride is capable of. I only hope that this sequence appears on film as it is written. And you might think a half hour fight might get a little boring but it isn’t. They takes breaks in the form of samurai stand offs where they’re waiting to attack and maybe share a few words. In one of these stand offs, the Bride actually talks someone, Mr. Barrell, out of fighting her and he splits. She may be a revenge seeking mama but she’s got heart.

This epic fight I’m talking about takes place in chapter 4: Showdown at house of blue leaves

hey Mike. Harry said, Mr Barrel was cut out (or: will not appear in the movie). how does that go? is Mr Barrel a character that influences the story, will we miss something important?

When did Harry say Barrel was cut? Barrel isn’t that important to the story but I like him. His moment during the showdown at house of blue leaves his a nice little moment. Ofcourse, in a script full of thousands of great moments, when one gets cut, it will be missed. He isn’t that important to the story meaning if you cut him out, it isn’t a serious rewrite that’ll get the script back together but I wish he would’ve stayed. Btw, did you get it yet? Let me know asap!

I heard Mr Barrel was cut out too. I was hoping Mr Barrel would be played by Tim Roth in a cameo or something. That would be great.

I thought the only one CAPABLE of posting cast-desires would be Mike ;D

… he’s the only one with a script, as far as I know :stuck_out_tongue:

i just had a chat with Moriarty, he’s also sad about the cutting-out of Mr Barrel. :-[

he’s not an important character but he had nice scenes.


I con’T like that rubber band, it fucks up my hair.”

Who was Mr Barrel? A hitman type guy?

no, he was like the bodyguard or the follower of Cottonmouth.

Does the script go into details about who would be choreographing what? I know Tarantino said Yuen would do the kung fu/wu shu jazz and Chiba would do the sword stuff, but certain scenes (House of Blue Leaves) seem to have the characters going at it with swords while under Yuen’s direction. Would this be a collaborative effort? (That would be grand – think of all the innovations and disagreements!) Or will Chiba only be responsible for his own scenes (whatever they may be)?

Yuen is definitely capable of both sword fights (even Japanese-ish shhhtuff) and fisticuffs, and Chiba’s not bad but shouldn’t be compared to Yuen’s work (they’re completely different – pace-wise and such). Ugh! I’m talking out of my ass!

i have to say i am a bit confused when it comes to who is doing what.

i thought Ping would choreograph the kung fu stuff, BUT watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, that’s his sword stuff!!

And Sonny Chiba is playing Hattori Hanzo, the old swordsmaster, who doesn’t fight in the movie.

i really don’t know who’s doing what, i suppose it’s quite mixed.

on the picture with Uma and swords you could see Chiba in the back, i think Chiba will be the main sword man, whilst Yuen Woo ping is responsible for choreoprahing it, in means of jumping, moving etc…

I think some of the fight scenes or hoopefully all of them will be choroegraphed by both masters: Woo Ping and Sonny Chiba. It sounds like House of Blue Leaves is a joint thing for them.

Yuen Woo Ping teaches each of his students Kung Fu, how to move, and look like martial artists. (Like in The Matrix).

Sonny Chiba will teach his students how to use a Samurai sword and probably Japanese style fighting.

Only Quentin would know how great it would be to have 2 legends working on one film. We are lucky as hell that hes doing it that way.

The only thing I can add to this is that QT said that the fight scenes alone were what took him forever to finish up the script… he wanted them as close to what he saw as possible. From what I gathered he went off and rewatched every Shaw Brothers Old School Kung Fu movie ever made… and watched many of the Kung Fu movies of the 80’s and 90’s that didn’t have obvious wire fu in them.

Someone asked QT at his past fest about Jet Li movies and he basically went on a rant about wire fu… and how he didn’t like it and wasn’t a fan of it. It sorta took him out of it. So when it came time for Kill Bill he didn’t want it to be like Crouching Tiger… he wouldn’t it to be badass old kung fu school style and organic… something as cool as something you’d expect from The Matrix or the Tsui Hark movie “The Blade”. He basically wanted to do something wire fu free it seemed… wire fu for QT seemed to be a total movie turn off for him… and he seemed to say he basically had it written and had a vision… but he was totally going to let Woo Ping and Sonny come into the circle and sorta collaborate between them to come up with some badass kung fu fighting we haven’t seen before.

I had some typo’s in prevous post… so part of it shoulda read:

It sorta took him out of it (wire fu in a kung fu flick). So when it came time for Kill Bill he didn’t want it to be like Crouching Tiger… So when it came time for Kill Bill he didn’t want it to be like Crouching Tiger… he wanted it to be badass old kung fu school style and organic… something that didn’t take you out of the scene but kept you even more engaged in it… as if you felt you had just been kicked over the head