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Kill Bill CCG (Fan-made)

If someone could get me a comprehensive list of the specific names of the weapons used in all of QT’s movies (only ones he directed), I’d appreciate it.  I need them for a game I want to make.

what’s the game?

PS-I only know a few. I think the guns in Res Dogs are colt.45s and there’s and Uzi in P-Fiction. and there’s an adreniline needle in PF…lol

That wasn’t an Uzi, it was a MAC-10

[quote]That wasn’t an Uzi, it was a MAC-10[/quote]

ok. I got it wrong. but I got the other two right! :smiley: lol

Not to mention a Katana in PF…

straight razor in Res. dogs

the gun that shot orange was a little revolver looking gun

nice guy had a snub nose and i think his dad did too

pumpkin had a revolver in pulp

butchs’s fists were lethal weapons

the pawnshop guy had a shotgun

plus all the weapons that butch put down till he got the sword

bat, hammer, chainsaw.

uma stabbed go-go’s foot with a piece of wood with a nail in it

The bride got shot with a handgun. :smiley:

That was an old fashioned “Cowboy” gun, I think it was a Colt .45

I’m trying to design a weapons based trading card game based on Kill Bill. I hope I can finish the rules and a card set for a Vol. 1 release before Vol. 2 comes out. And when it is released, make a Vol. 2 expansion pack. Then I will try to expand the game even more by incorporating the entire QT movie universe. Here is a quick gist of the game:

  • Supports 2-4 players
  • Each deck is comprised of 1 Character card, 10 Weapon cards, 30 Action Cards (all estimates at this point)
  • Character cards have 3 features. A Kill #, Hand #, and a Special. Kill # is kind of like your life meter. Hand # is your starting hand size. Specials are special features a card can perform.
  • Weapon cards are exactly that, weapons and they are used to deal damage. When attacking, the damage they deal out subtracts from your opponent’s Kill #. Whenever their Kill # is 0, they have to skip a turn (a combo). On their next turn, the Kill # is fully restored. You can only hold one weapon at a time.
  • Action cards will let you do certain functions within the game not possible through the Weapon cards. This includes adding more damage to a weapon, the ability to hold multiple weapons, reviving players, etc.

    Vague Gameplay (im still designing it):

  1. Let’s say 2 people are playing. Both lay their Character card down on the table. Then they draw however many cards their Character’s Hand # allows them to from their deck (which has a mix of Weapon and Action cards). If they don’t draw a Weapon within that hand, they put the hand back and reshuffle and deal again until they get at least one weapon.
  2. Whoever has the lower Kill # goes first. If the Kill is equal, it goes by the higher hand #.
  3. Now, Player 1 (who gets the first turn) puts down their weapon. It is a baseball bat and it deals +1 damage. Player 2 has a Kill # of 5. They can either: a) attack and end their turn or b) play Action cards. Player 1 decides to hell with it and attacks with the bat. Player 2 now has Kill #4. The bat had an attribute though: “When used on a player with an initial Kill # of 5 or higher, the bat breaks and is discarded.”. So now the bat can’t be used, but Player 1 can put another weapon in to replace it.
  4. Player 2 displays his weapon, a Mac-10. However, it reads “Roll a 6 sided die. If the result is higher than your opponent’s current Kill #, deal +3 damage. If it is lower, deal +1 damage.” Player 2 rolls and get’s a 4 which doesn’t beat Player 1’s Kill # of 4. Now Player 1’s Kill # is 3.

    Anyways, this goes back and forth until someone runs out of cards in their deck… that is when they lose and “die.” I’m still trying designing the game and a lot of stuff will probably change. And I probably won’t end up even completing 50% of it but it’s going to be fun anyways.

Wooooo… that sounds killer! I wouldn’t mind printing out my own set to play. I mean, if you’re not doing this for Wizards or something (which I doubt… right? No offense, just that I don’t think they do research using this unorthodox methodology).

Nope, I don’t work for Wizards. This is just a fan made game.

Some changes/updates (I’ll continually update this thread…note the change in the name):

  • Defeat is no longer based on whoever loses their cards first. That is stupid. I’m still not sure what it will be though.
  • I may try to simplfy the game a great deal so that it could easily be played online through AIM or any other instant messanger.
  • Combos, revivals, team beatings, invincibility, stealing weapons… all and more will be incorporated into the game.
  • If anyone has any questions or would like to help, just type so here or you can contact me through PM or AIM.

Here is a very early preview of what the card design may end up looking like:

The blank black bar under The Bride’s name usually holds information as to when her special ability can be performed, but since it is automatic, there is nothing there. I’m planning for three-four different Uma cards.

That looks yummy enough…

Just curious, how would the backside look like?

I haven’t really thought about the back design, because if you print them out, it’s tedious cutting 2 sides and putting them together (especially with flimsy paper). But I’ll make one soon now that you have reminded me but it won’t be anything too flashy.

When printing cards out, glue them to the front of playing cards. Or you could use sleeves or plastic protectors but cards are the best option.

Again, I want to make the game AIM friendly (mainly so you don’t waste ink printing out a bunch of cards) but I still haven’t figured out how.

Oh, if a mod could possibly move this thread to the Kill Bill thread, I’d appreciate it.

JDK, maybe you can negotiate a distribution deal with Miramax, you’d be a rich motherfucker! Kill Bill card game! how awesome is that?

Nah, I couldn’t do anything in trying to sell the game. It is Miramax’s property after all. Unless Quentin wanted to be nice ;D

i dunno i would buy the cards, i think alot of people might, i would also buy a kill bill video game :wink:

JDK this sounds like one fucking sweet card game. Looks pretty professional aswelll

Awesome 8)

This could be done as a computer game as well. Like Magic:The Gathering… you know?

I know Quentin loves board games but after he hears this he could fall in love with card games too… if not already :slight_smile: