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Kill Bill CCG (Fan-made)

Is this the first time, that you try to create a game, cuz it looks so professional?

I like Uma’s ass in that picture. Nice choice.

Making it online… that would require extensive programming knowledge, and, unfortunately, I don’t have that.

Anyways, development is going slow… I haven’t worked on it at all since I made that card, hah. Pitch any ideas you guys may have.

For the hell of it, here is a partial list of character cards for the Volume 1 set. More may be added later:

The Bride

  • The Bride
  • Black Mamba
  • Beatrix Kiddo

    O-Ren Ishii
  • Cotton Mouth
  • O-Ren Ishii
  • Young Assassin

    Vernita Green
  • The Housewife
  • Copperhead

    Elle Driver
  • Deadly Nurse

    Hattori Hanzo

    O-Ren subordinates
  • Go-Go Yubari
  • Johnny Mo
  • Crazy 88’s

[quote]Hattori Hanzo[/quote]

How about Hattori Hanzo’s assistant?

You could have Pai Mei as some kind of joker-card/wild-card/bonus-card ::slight_smile:

Pai Mei; definitely in the Vol. 2 set. Hanzo’s assistant… well, I don’t know his name (if he was ever given one). I think he is credited as simply “sushi bar assistant.”

Maybe Sophie Fatale could have her place in your game as one of O-Ren subordinates.

[quote]Maybe Sophie Fatale could have her place in your game as one of O-Ren subordinates.[/quote]
And her weapon would be annoying people with her cell phone.

And her weapon would be annoying people with her cell phone.[/quote]


Yeah or make it like a bonus card (A easy kill or gather info on opponents cards)

Rules are slowly starting to take shape. I encourage input!

General idea of the game is to take a character from Kill Bill, comprise a deck with them, and finish off your opponent with weapons-based game play by dealing 20 damage points.

There are three different types of cards:

  • []Character - Self explanatory, really. Kill # is used for many aspects of game play, Hand # is how many cards you draw at the beginning of the game from your .
  • [/list]
  • []Weapon - These are your source of attacks. All weapons deal out varying amounts of damage, some even having other abilities.
  • [/list]
  • [*]Stunt - Are cards to help aid you in defeating your opponent.
  • [/list]

    Two decks are used for play. One is your Stunt deck that has 40 Stunt cards. The other is your Inventory deck and must be comprised of 20 Weapon cards and is seperate from the Stunt deck. You shuffle both before the game begins.

    You draw cards from your Stunt deck that equal your Hand #. You draw one card from your Inventory. Each turn, you draw one additional card from your Stunt deck, but you may only draw a Weapon from your Inventory if you do not have a Weapon currently in play. Damage dealt from a weapon subtracts from the victim’s Rampage points. Rampage is pretty much your life points. You only have 20, so fight wisely. First person to deal out 20 points of damage, KILLS the other player. This doesn’t mean they are out of the game however, especially in multiplayer games. If a person is KILLED, they still draw cards normally, just not attack. Flip a coin to see who goes first. On a turn, you can decide to immediately play your Weapon card, or play Stunt cards first. Once you play your Weapon, your turn ends.

    Here is another mock game:

    JDK has 'The Bride" in play. Kill 7, Hand 3. Special ability: "Add +1 damage to all Hanzo weapons in your Inventory.

    Quentin has “California Mountain Snake” in play. Kill 5, Hand 4. Special ability: If your current opponent is a “The Bride” card, once per game, you can hold two weapons at once.

    JDK goes first. The weapon he drew was “Shuriken.” It reads, “Discard any number of cards from your hand to deal that many damage.” He doesn’t really feel this card is important right now and plays the Stunt card “Choose Wisely…” and puts it in his discard pile. It reads “You may discard your current Weapon card and draw one card from your Inventory.” He does, discards “Shuriken” and now he draws “Hanzo Steel”. Quite handy with The Bride’s special ability. “Hanzo Steel” reads, “+3 damage.” but with The Bride’s ability, it’s now +4. JDK plays “Hanzo Steel” and subtracts -4 from Quentin’s Rampage.

    Yeah… so I think I’m going to have it pretty much like that.

    More card previews soon.