Kb fan art


Do you like?




I’ll take that as a yes. ;D Yay! People like my artworks!


I second that. People like your artworks.

Can you show us some more?


Yes I can. Check out the thread I started called “Any artists around here?” In Chat rabbit slims. I put about 8 of my drawings in there.



WOW! Thats so cool, It looks really professional. I did mine in pencil, So it doesnt look as good as that one.

Did you draw it Dillontino?


I wish I did! although my dad is an artist… (he was once a contestant on ‘Water Colour Challange!’) I myself am not a bad artist when I try… but unfortunatly not that good, just something I found browsing around.




But that girl doesn’t look like Uma Thurman at all.


I agree, that she doesn’t look like Uma at all. Good work. But not like KB.


And yeah, can NOBODY really draw a katana normally? That one looks too long and thin. Even this compared to that is perfect:


I don’t think it was meant to be entirely realistic…


Very cool stuff. I am a writer of japanese manga for Tokyopop and i LOVE Kill Bill!

i have a new manga coming out in September that should be right up your alley. Check it out and let me know what you think about the art, ect.



Wow! Thats so cool waronflesh! ;D elkie likes!


thanks elkie! i really appreciate it!

keep checkin’.

keep in mind i’m not trying to pimp my comic, just perpetuating the Japanese/American genre that QT helped trailblaze! ;D


sorry elkie, forgot to give you props on the picture, very cool!!!


I posted these links in the Chat Rabbit area…but I thought I would post them here too, since this the KB fan art area. :slight_smile:

Bride toon - http://www.deviantart.com/view/7239310/

O-Ren-ish char - http://www.deviantart.com/view/6791322/

A toon of David Carradine, (whom I adore) but it seems rather “Billl-ish” Smiley - http://www.deviantart.com/view/9845919/

Some (very) rough sketches of KB chars. I hope to do a big toon of them all at some point. -


I’m hoping to do more stuff once school is out for the summer. :slight_smile:

I love seeing all of this cool KB art and design!!


I am still working on my Kill Bill room (will the project ever end?) and here is a photo of my Kill Bill tribute wall with O-Ren Ishii’s sword, a crazy 88 sword, the Go Go Ball, Go Go’s school patch, Go Go’s dagger, one of the bride’s shoes, and some photos from the film. I will post more photos of the project as it developes. Thanks for looking!


Shit, I thought I was obsessed! Awesome stuff! 8)


elkie is drooling all over the keyboard