Kb fan art


"I say GOD-DAMN!"

Where did you manage to get the Go-Go Ball?


All the stuff is easy to make … O-Ren Ishii sword: buy a plain shirasaya mounted repro sword from an internet martial arts supplier, and paint the sheath with black enamel; the Go Go Ball is a plastic ball to which you glue a spiked collar from a costume shop spray paint it silver, and add the chain; the Crazy 88 Sword is a repro World War II Japanese Officer’s sword (again available from an internet sword supplier) Tarentino outfitted all the Crazy 88’s with this type weapon; The Go Go dagger I picked up nine years ago in Kyoto and simply added the red and white beads; the Bride’s shoe is part of a pair

that was for sale on EBay last year from the official supplier; Go Go’s school patch I had made up; the 8x10 photos are from EBay; the Pussy wagon keychain is from the Miramax studio store as are the Kill Bill action figures, and that’s about it! If you search the internet even now you can find the material to make these items, and once they are displayed they sure look neat. Thanks for asking, and for the comments! More photos soon!


Yeah, your KB room looks great, a liitle obsession, but cool anywhay :wink:


nice room bonepile, when’s the last time you dusted?


got a bed in that room, so i could live there?


No , but I do have a life size Go Go Yubari that you can room with? Any takers???


Seriously though … Go Go is NOT for sale … neither is O-Ren Ishii …


you don’t happen to have a lifesize QT do ya??


yeh … I have him locked up in the basement with Uma!


reckon you could through uma out and lock me in with QT?


Me too me too!!! :- :-

mmm…fake quentin…the real one would be better though!!


Take a lokk at gallery 58, first image in the Third Row. You will see an interesting use of a Kill Bill message.










haha, brilliant


this is actually based on Kill Bill’s The Bride…

hope y’all like it

here’s larger version

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/7656 … dow3hz.jpg”>http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/7656/newlywidow3hz.jpg</LINK_TEXT>




if you drew that then you’re in my cool book :slight_smile:


very nice art.

last year, I encouraged a friend of mine to do some fan art, that combined Kill Bill with the characters of SSX.

if you’ve ever played any of the SSX games (not the recent one, which sucks balls, but the others), then I hope you appreciate them. Here’s the link: http://merqurycity.com/ssx_forum/viewtopic.php?t=2306

and one more (for the Seeiah/Vernita and Nate/Bill combos): http://merqurycity.com/ssx_forum/viewtopic.php?t=2830


Oooh cute :-*


A little red “x” in a box is cute? Boy, modern art sure has gotten weird lately… :wink:



Oooh cute :-*


Me number of posts is 666. Eeerie