Kb fan art


did you really do that?

oh man, that kicks asses!

fuckin’ cool!


I did the Kill Bea poster. Not the Tarantino drawing.


aw ok!

as I already said, the Kill Bea poster is cool too!


I was replying to your earlier question about the poster BTW. I didn’t even see the drawing when I posted the reply. It is pretty badass though!


really cool.


really cool.
which one? ElRay’s poster, or the Heinz Tomato Ketchup drawing?


So I had a brand new sketch book lying there for two months. I hadn’t even touched it, until I saw Kill Bill again after the umpteenth time. I started the usual stir of ideas and emotions. And so I once again searched for stills, got off my ass, and… well here you go.


great drawing man looks much better on unlined paper. do you or have you taken art classes.


When I was like 7 maybe. And then there was something on my junior high schedule. But nothing that would have influenced this. I think I’m just going insane about certain aspects of this character. Never before have I done something as what I have posted on this site, and of no other subject either. But again, I’m no artist, outside of this I can’t draw for shit.


damn you should take some classes or try to do this as a buissness maybe get a job doing are but you may have to take art classes to get the job.


Thanks, but I’m not planning on it. Too many hungry artists out there. And too many of them can do better than my silly sketches.


i dont know about that them scetchs are excellent.


for a sketch, yeah. For art? I don’t think so. But it is very rewarding to get complements from you and the rest of the members.


you should try messing with colored pencils.


I did, and I found out I didn’t have the right colours to make it look her. I do, however, have the urge to better contrast her clothes and hair with her skin.


shading faces with colored pencils is extremely hard.



I wish I could take any art class, I do have an art course at school but it really suuuuuucks; we don’t learn shit…

I love both drawing and photography, but when it comes to do some by myself…I fuckin’suck!


your a whole lot better than i am. i take one at my school i suck but i mainly took it to learn simple drawing mainly because i want to make movie for a living and learn how to draw to do my own story boards.


you don’t have to be a good drawer to do kickass story boards!

most story boards don’t go into detail, just basic camera movements (am I retarded? that’s kinda the point of a story board!)


I did one of those for a cinematography course. Because it was the only one that met requirements, made use of camera takes, angles, etc. and made sense, it got chosen to be filmed. It was pathetic, but funny.