John Woo


I added a poll to the topic.

Please inform me, if I forget an important movie (thought Paycheck wasn´t that good s). Are the chinese titles right?


The Killer

Hard Boiled

Face/Off (loved it back in '97, love it now)


Face off better than ABT 1?

But I have to admitt, that FO is definatly a very interessting movie.


The Killer

A Better Tomorrow

Bullet in the Head

Damn, I really wanted to vote for Last Hurrah for Chivalry…one of the best wuxia films ever…but Bullet is a better movie.


The Killer was awesome, but I think he’s done with good movies. Look at Hard to Kill, Face-Off and MI2. They all had flying doves during shootouts and the old standoff with them pointing their guns at each other. Material can only be original the first time you use it. And now he’s into these slow motion impossible stunts that are no better than that hack Mc G or whatever the hell his name is.


Old topic, I know…but John Woo pwns, w00t.

It’s hard to choose just three of his films…The Killer, A Better Tomorrow and Last Hurrah for Chivalry. All of his HK films (the ones that I’ve seen) have all been great films.

I think I even like Woo more than QT :o … As for his Hollywood films, they’re okay. The only one I haven’t seen is Broken Arrow. Face/Off and Windtalkers are his best Hollywood films IMO.


When the hell are they going to release a new r1 DVD of The Killer?


Good question…probably within a year if I’d to guess since Dragon Dynasty owns the rights, Hard Boiled is coming out JUly 24th atleast :slight_smile:




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