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Is Four Rooms worth buying?

I want to see it but none of my friends or any video stores have it, is it worth buying?

the DVD really has nothing to offer but i’d say, its good for the price. i mean, its a very entertaining and funny film. the 4 sequences vary in quality but all in all, why not watch it…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … k_code=as1”></LINK_TEXT> has it at 11 bucks. maybe you can order it cheaper (used!)

extremely funny, Quentin’s segment is entertaining and hilarious (fuck what people say) i LOVE the man from hollywood, that shits great, love seeing quentin acting like himself

I watched that movie about a year ago with a couple of friends and me and one of my friends loved it, everyone else was like WTF was that?! Quentin’s segement, “The Man From Hollywood”, was the best by far, but the rest were pretty fuckin funny too! It’s a pretty subjective movie I guess, but if you’re a fan of QT’s (and you must be, other wise you would be on here), you should like it!

Cool I’ll buy it then whenever I come across it.

Oh my god, you have to buy it! The first two sections aren’t anything special and the first one is TERRIBLE, but the last two are laugh out loud worthy! Quentin makes up for his continuity failurse in other films by messing up the order of the rooms. The third segment actually happens before and during the second one, I know this because of the phone call that you hardly take notice of the first time.

Other little querks I found includes the Jack Rabbit Slim’s logo through the curtains in The Man From Hollywood, also at the end when Quentin runs towards the lift he slips and mutters: ‘Fuck’ it’s absolutely hilarious because it was a genuine mistake and because he does such long takes he didn’t want to start it again! Also, Chester/Quentin is so clumsy in it: When he goes to open a new bottle of Cristal and takes a gulp out of it, it froths up all over him and goes everywhere and he smiles secretly, as does Tim Roth/Ted The Bellhop. The other clumsy mistake includes him knocking over a bottle of Jim Bean.

For anyone that has seen it what’s up with the black guy calling Quentin funny looking, obviously Quentin wrote it and looked genuinely upset when he says it in the film, why why why??? ???

I Really think its worth buying. after I saw it i was like “MMhmMmm, This is a tasty comedy”

spits out a big fountain of crystal its flat, the fucking crystal … is flat

This reminded me, I still havn’t seen it yet, my local dvd shop has it for around £5 so I’ll be sure to pick it up.

Very cool avatar, by the way, Johnny.

i just bought it off of for like 10 bucks(dvd), im waiting for it to come in

I’m pissed b/c I could only find this at Best Buy for about 11 bucks, and no one else had it or even heard of it. Then I found it at Virgin Megastore for like $15 so I felt smart having gotten it from Best Buy. But then a few weeks later I saw it at Wal Mart for like $7, and I cursed the Gods who’ve forsaken me.

I’ve got an old one in vhs and the movie is great! :smiley:

Rodriguez and Tarantinos parts are the best…

I agree, everyone I know hates it and refuses to watch it with me

But I think its one of the best films and best experiments to come out of Hollywood

How great is Antonio Banderas?

Plus if there were no four rooms there would be no Spy Kids which The Misbehavers inspired!

Banderas kids are great :smiley: The best part is when Sarah says to her brother that he should smell her feets !

i dont understand people that dont like this film, i really dont. I thought it was great. And even the Alison Anders segment at the start was bearable i thought, the Rockwell one was actually quite good i thought, but the best are obviously the Tarantino and Rodriguez ones!

I just bought it on dvd :slight_smile:

I love the movie but the first 2 parts aren’t that good. Quentin’s and Robert Rodriguez’s are the best.

It has its fun moments and Roth is actually pretty fucking good in it :stuck_out_tongue:

I LOVE the ending…the part SPOILER!!! where roth cuts and walks away in a few shots…very good built up to this and you’ll find yourself laughing and rewinding it instantly :stuck_out_tongue:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … &Itemid=48”></LINK_TEXT>

added that page. there’s a new German DVD out that might be superior to all available editions in terms of quality. I am still waiting for my copy. there’ll be a review

i personally really like it and would recommend it!! its a really good movie on Tarantino and Rodriguez s part but a bit enduring at the start! ;D :slight_smile: