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Slumber Party Massacre:

Slumber Party Massacre is 80’s gold. Slumber Party Massacre also known as “sleepless nights” was written by Ritta Mae Brown who happens to be an femist activist. Brown wrote Slumber Party Massacre as a parody for all the slasher movies of the past but it wasn’t filmed as a parody so they changed the name and this is the reason why you see alot of goofy humor(woman eating pizza off of the dead pizza boy)in the film.

The story starts with an eighteen year old girl who is having an slumber party but the new girl(who is better at playing basketball)isn’t invited so the new girl stays home which it happens(oddly enough)to be across the street from the party but when an psychopath escapes and starts killing people with his power drill I guess she’s real happy that she never got invited.

Like most films from this genre you see tons of eye candy to keep you entertained throughout the film and Slumber Party Massacre surely does that. You dont really know why this guy is going through the school killing people other than the obvious(he’s crazy!)but that makes it even more scarier. The killer is very scary not cheesy as you think he’s gonna be, you see him holding the drill looking for his next victim. Slumber Party Massacre is a great start if your new the slasher genre.

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Tagline: Close your eyes for a second… and sleep forever.

Director: Amy Holden Jones


Written By:Me 9/26/07



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not to be confused with “The Last Sumber Party”, which is a big stinking piece of monkey crap.

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Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess

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I was bout to say…You better have a shot of Yumiko Katayama in there! :-*

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I finished my review for The Crazies. I had to watch it twice, one with the commentary to get all the fun facts out of it. I’ll have The Creepshow review and Knightriders by the weekend.

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It takes a while for the posts to appear - freewebs is a piece of shit! Either that or there’s something wrong with my pc. If it dosen’t load right just pm me and I’ll send it to you.


Any progress on the cookie problem yet, Pete?

I’m gonna talk to Seb about opening up the site to a few people. Then you guys can start posting stuff yourselves. Id say next week it will be open.

Bio: Great review! I can see it fine.


Are you gonna start spreading the word? Like posting a link on imdb message boards and what not.


Me: Id like to keep it just a few QTA members for now. That way we can talk about the movies in here and know whats going on. Not sure when it’ll go public.

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We’ll i’ve already seen it posted on the dvd maniac forum. I guess thats a good idea to keep it on down low for the moment.


The QTA gets alot of traffic, so people who visit the site should give it a nice start for now. Im more focused on putting reviews etc into the site. Its going good so far.



  • Currently adding/cataloging film titles in all the diff genres.
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    Lots of work to do. Just finding all the exploitation films from the early days to the 80s is gonna take a long time. Plus I have to add videos, basic info, reviews, posters etc.

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Whoa. The “Classic Reels” section definetly got filled up a bit! I own a couple of the old sex hygeine/drugsploitation-type flicks so I could add a few reviews of those pretty soon.

Nice choice to include them 50’s monster flicks too!



Tokugawa onna keizu (1968)

Tokugawa onna keizu, released is 1968, marked a turning point on director Teruo Ishii’s career. After having worked for Shin-Toho and Toei for nearly two decades and having recently helmed no less than 10 Abashiri Prison yakuza film instalments, Ishii had started losing his interest for traditional film making. At the same time the audiences were requesting for more daring content and Toei was more than willing offer it. Ishii’s transform into a smut master was however two-part, and and the second half wouldn’t be complited until later the same year with Tokugawa onna keibatsu-shi (The Joy of Torture). Despite the mysterious ’18’ rating Tokugawa onna keizu is a thoroughly unshocking piece of exploitation cinema, not least because of the complete lack any sort of violence, save for one stabbing and some â€



Love and Crime (Menji, taisho, showa ryoki onna hanzaishi) (1969)

The graphic, maybe even slightly shocking introduction scene of Love and Crime is set in a mortuary. Naked body of a young woman is lying on a table, waiting for an autopsy. A doctor arrives, puts on his gloves and begins his work. Opening credits roll next to the blood spilling images.

What we see during the first few minutes of Teruo Ishii’s Love and Crime is almost like a celluloid depiction of the changes that were taking place in Japanese cinema in the late 60’s. Movie studios were losing their audiences to the television and had to come up with new strategies to attract people into cinemas. Sex, violence and directors like Ishii would be the answer. Starting with his Tokugawa series (kicking off with Tokugawa onna keizu in 1968) Ishii went looking for the limits, seeing how far the studio would allow him to go.

Love and Crime was released in 1969, the year when Ishii directed no less than eight feature length movies. He made brief visits to Nikkatsu studios in form of the Rising Dragon series (which concluded in 1970 with the Meiko Kaji starring Blind Woman’s Curse) but all of his Toei films fell strictly under the exploitation banner. Love and Crime follows the structure of Tokugawa onna keibatsu-shi (The Joy of Torture) (1968) by telling several short stories of love, passion and violence, all narrated by Ishii veteran Teruo Yoshida (Inferno of Torture, Yakuza’s Law).

The first story, which is also my favourite of the bunch, is a dark horror tale set in the early 1960’s. It follows a married woman (Aoi Mitsuko) who hooks up with a young man (Takashi Fujiki) and together they go for a killing spree. The characters are rather interesting and Ishii’s directing is captivating. He doesn’t hurry too much and allows some moody scenes. The use of music, and also the lack of it in certain scenes, creates nice old school horror movie atmosphere. The classic murder weapon, axe, is also used to a memorable effect.

In the second episode Ishii re-imagines the famous, often adapted Abe Sada story, later made familiar to international audiences by Nagisa Oshima in Ai no corrida (Real of the Senses) (1976). Ishii’s take unfortunately suffers in comparison because of the limited running time. The likes of Oshima, Tanaka (Jitsuroku Abe Sada) and Obayashi (Sada) would have the full running time for â€



Porno jidaigeki – Bohachi bushido (1973)

Forget about the title as it’s a bit misleading. Teruo Ishii’s Porno jidaigeki – Bohachi bushido isn’t nearly as much of a historical sex flick as it is first rate chambara exploitation film… Think of Lone Wolf and Cub directed by Teruo Ishii and you’ll get the image. The swordplay is there, the blood is there, the sword wielding naked chicks are there… The actual production values may be lower but it sure doesn’t show. This is definitely one of the best looking chambara films ever made, all the way from the sunset opening to the stunning final massacre in snow. And, Kazuo Koike, the creator of the Lone Wolf and Cub manga, is there too. Seems like all great chambara films are based on his mangas… The main star Tetsuro Tamba, who owned the rights, convinced director Teruo Ishii to helm the live action adaptation.

I personally consider Bohachi bushido not only one of my favourite exploitation films but also one of the best chambara films in genral. The only real flaws comes early on. The opening sequence is as wild and striking as you’d expect from Ishii but, also not so surprisingly, the following few scenes aren’t quite as good. Ishii has a nasty habit of relying too much on sex and nudity during the film’s first fourth. This time it’s not as problematic as we have Tetsuro Tamba here who dominates the image with his badass charisma whenever Ishii turns the focus on him and off some chick’s tits. The first 20 minutes is also where most of the film’s story is told. Mainly a problem if you watch it without subs… which wasn’t the case this time.

Once we’re through the back story part Ishii’s back on top of his game. Terrific, colorful set ups, violent and nicely choreographed swordplay scenes, maniac characters, naked female bodyguards, ninjas, naked female bodyguards fighting ninjas… The film was a blast when I first saw it without subtitles and watching it later with subs everything felt even more cool. There’s some excellent dialogue and the main character’s mumbling works on a whole new level when you can understand what he’s saying! â€


Hey guys, I was thinking about opening a new forum for The Deuce. The main reason really is because of the log in panel thing. If people signed up on that forum, it would be easier to moderate the members who contribute. Plus, theres always tons of DVD/Movie news to report, and that would be a nice place to start cataloguing movies that we’re missing, get info on stuff that people have seen.

I’m not sure if Seb would want to open it right now cuz hes very busy, but I figured if the site is gonna be a permanent database, why not? I like posting in this topic, but it often gets buried under all the other stuff going on in here.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought about the idea.

Ill post the new reviews/pics for ya Hung Fist. Thanks!


Yeah I recommended you open up a forum a couple posts a go and I think it would be an excellent thing for The Deuce.

Plus “Silent Night Deadly Night” comes out in Dec. so add it to the dvd section.